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The Republican County Convention

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The Repnblican Comity Conrention convened at t lic Comí Filduy forcikidn, mak ing Geoiffe S. VVtieeler, Sul , ;iml J. ('. Kuowtton, Aini Arlnir. tempoüiiy cliairimin iind sccfetary respectively. Th lollowiiif; coiiiiiiittecrvvcic uppointed: ou permanent orgaiiizatlon, .1. C. Knowlton, Samuel Post, Willium Jiulsou, V. H. Pottle, and J. VV. Blukeelee ; Credentials. 1. A. J'dst, V. J. Hardman, nul W. S. Yeckley; Resolutlons, Audrew Campbell, J. L. Ciilbcri, and Win. Clark; (Jomtnlttee to walt on speakers, Ueo. S. Wheeler, A. J. Sawyer, Jerome Freeinan, ü. A. Post, J. 11. Fox, Wm. Sge aud J. K. Buul. Kollowiiig tlW8a ippoiiilmuiils, the conventioii atljourned au til 1 :¦'!() p. m. On re-M8embliug, tlie tcmpoiary cbairmuu was niaüé pwuianeutj aud A. F Freeinan, Manchester, was made permanent secretary. Dr. W. J. Henlman preseuted the report of tlie comiuittee ou credeutials. The deleatcs to the conventioii were as followü, belng 120 in number: Aun Albor City, First Wura,W'.K.Cliilcls,A.. J. Sawyur.W'. (i. IVny, W. .1 . Herdman, J. K. Baal; wd.Ward, Ü. li. Abel, Titu Uutzel, Wm. I'"rauks,Wm. Heiz; ïliird W'aid, ( J.Castloman.Wiii.UliU'lc.M.S.l'ulciper; Fourth Ward, J. (J. Kii')Wlton, Ja. McMalion, Jas. Wilcoxeon, Joroine Kreemiiu ; Kiltli Ward, EU .S. Manly, Ctias. Barnbam, U. A. Matthewson ; .Sixlh Ward, W. H. Breunau, J. E. Feebl-.s, A. !'. Martin. Ana Albur 'J'own, F. B. Bi'iiuii, E. 11. ÖOOtt, Walter Wlntaker, Geo. H. Foster. Angiiüta, Watson Barr, Jas. B. Lord, P. 11. 1 larris, Wm. Sigcl. liridgewater, Ueo. . Kawbon, W. W. Hess, Jas. H. MartinDe-tter, Thos. Birkelt, Wm. Woson, Chas' Goodwill. Freedoni, llenry Jluenl, Jolm Hhofler. Lima, Natlian Pierce, üriiu Burkliardl, Dan. McLaien, Geo. H. Mitchell. Lodi, J. H. Wood, L. Bassett, F. U. Wood.lieo: Kasli Lyndou, no delegntes reported: Manchester] Ki.D. Vaudegiilt, .1. U. lleussler, W. H. PulUe, .Suin'i Davi.s, J. K. Kinsley, A. F. Fretiman# Mortlineld, Andiew Smitli, W. P Graves, Frank Barker, E. E. Leland. Piltsiield, llenry D. Plalt, N. C. Carpenter, Morton F. Case, AiKlrew Oampboll, .Salem, Geo. fS. Wheeler Wm. K. Haniiittm, 1. P. .Incksou, Henry C. Waldrou. Saline, Matthew Seegur, Kzra Hob inson, II. .1. Nichols, Lyman Kilby, A. B VauDuzer, K. II. Marsli. öcio, L. W. liriggs' Daniel Lyon, Arnot Phelps, Harris lïall, Jno, I.. Smith, A. H. Beal. Sliaron, M L. Raymoud W. S. Craits, Wm. Campbell. Superior, E. J Uuackenbnsh, Geo. D. Crippera, Geo. Wlibur, Wm. H. dippen, Orson A. Sober, sylvan, 'l'lios. S. Sears, Wm. Judson, W. J. Knapp, J. L. Gilbert, Fred Vogel, Jas. McLaren. Webster, Poster Litchrield, Alonzo Olsaver, Audrew Sawyer, J. B. Armes, Jr. York, Jno. WBlakeslee, Peter Cook, L. O. Allen, Frank Trnssell, Lyman W. Lak-i. Ypsilaati Clly First Ward, Samuel liarnard, L. C. Griltiu] Geo. Mctlcheran ; Second Ward, F. S.Fiuley, G. W. Hougli, .1. B. Wortley ; Third Ward, D. A. Post, F. K. Oweu, Samuel Post; Fourth Waru, II. .S. IJoutell, Bou Tlioinpsou, Maaly llolbrook ; Fililí Ward, Joliu Worden, J, N. W allace, John II. Fox, K P. Allen. Ypsilanti Towu, Samuel H. Fletclier, W, I. Yeckley T. A. Graves, B. D Looinis. On motion of A. J. tíawyer, tlie delegates proceeded to a secret ballot to ex press Washtenau's obolce lor Congressman ; Wm. B. Hamilton.O.A. Sober,and Peter Cook were appointed teller.-;. Out of 100 votes Capt. E. 1'. Allen, Ypsilanti, reoeired 05, and tbe Captain was tuacle the unanimous choice of the conveiition on motion oí Mr. S&vvyer. The iollowiug resolution, presented by Jas. McMahon, was adopted : Hesolved, Tliat the delegates from Waht6naw county to tlie Congressional Convention be and they are hereby requested to use all honorable ways and means for the nomina" tion of Capt. E. 1'. Allen to the ofHce of con. gressmau lor the Second Congressional District. The rules of the convention were susnemlfrl mul Jrn .4 ..-T-Jii(-tftv-n:-afC" at-lare to the Congressional Convention, following which a recess was taken for the selection of the district delegates; on being cal led to order, delegates as Ibllows to the Congressional Convention at Adrian, Aug 21, were reported : First Dlstrict.-J. F. Lawrence, Ann Arbor, Col. H. S. Dean, Ann Arbor, Chus. E. Hiscock' Ann Arbor, Wm. K. Childs, Ann Arbor.Thos H.Birkeit,,Dexter, L. W. Briggs, 8clo, E. h! Scott, Ann Arbor Town, Wm. Judson.Sylvan. Second District.- l)r. D. A. Post, Ypsilanli, F. K. uwen, Ypsilauti, G. ü. Vandegrilt,. Manchester, W. I. Y.ckley, Ypsilanti Town, M. F. Case, Pittsfleld, Wm. Dansingburg, Augusta. J. W. Blakeslee, York, II. J. Nlcboll, Saline. The rules of the convention were suspended, and W. H. Potlle. Manchester Í was, by acclamation, elected ' Urge to the State Convention in Detroit, Ang. 13. After tlie usual recess for the I i I f I 1 I ¦ i T I ,.i tl. ' .11 . - . ¦ seieciion ot tLe district delegföts, the following wei rsported : First Dlstrlct.-Wm. P. Groves, Nortlifleld, Alonzo Olsaver, Webster, James L. GUbert, Sylvan, Dr. W. F. Breakey, Ann Arbor.Harris Balt, Scio, George ;S. Wheeler, Salem, J. c Knowlton, Ann Albor City, Wm R. Hamllton, Salem. Second District. -H. D. Platt, Pittsfleld, John K. Campbell, Augusta, Morton L. Raymond, Shnron, Jabez B.Wortley, Ypsilanti City, C.F. Bellows.Ypsilanti City, J. H.Kingsley.Mauehester, Benj. D. Loomls, YpsiUmli Town, W. W. Hess. Bridgewater. Attluspoint tlie committec appointed to wait apon Hou. James E. O'Hara, Congiessiiüin from North Carolina, and Hon. E. P. Allen, Congressman-to-be frona Michigan, repaire-J to the hotel, and meanthne the committee on resolutions made the following report, which was adopted : We, the representan ve Republicans oí Washtenaw county In oonvenllon assembied uereby declare tliat we still beurtily bellcve in the fundamental principies of the Itepublican party. We are nol asuamed of lts record. It has refined the natlon, solldlfled our free lnatUaUoni and secured more perfectly the personal rightsaud Uberties of all under the goverumeut. During Hepublioauadmin. istratiou the uutiou passed triuniphantly through the flrey baptlsm of civil war; the good old xhip of state was guided througb the reets and shouls of recoustrucllon. We have been lifled oat of inany prejudicio and pro vinclalisms aud bronght lulo more acliv,J sympathy with the best thought of the world Our moral energy has been aroused ; our lutellisenoe qniokened and our material prosperlty has been without a parallel lu the anualsof history. WbüeweolU all lliis la ttie line of accomplished fact, the party as yet is in the vigor of its youth ; and with the courage and slrength ot renovatiug thought, stands ready to grupple with and as far as may be, to solve the problema, moral, social aud Individual, that will grow out of the ouward progress of the uatioual lifo. We believeitis for tliebest interestsof the nailon that Republicaii ruleshould be perpetuated therefore, Resolved- Tha.1 we doem it the díctate of the best conunon sense as well a.s sound polltical ethies to stand by and heartily gópport the regular DOmlueea of the party. Resolved- Tliat we lieurlily cndoi'Me tlie seutiments expresad In tlie uutionul platforni and also in Bluine's letter of ncceplunce. A resolution by J. C. Koowlton to select the delegates to the Couiity Convention herealter on tlie basis of one delégate forevery ceventy-tive votes, or fraetional vote, lieutenant-goveriioi-, waa Adoptad. The qnesiion of fillinj; VAcanclex n tlie lists of delej;;iles aftersonic dlscmslon wus tabled. Ilon. Jumes E. O'IIarn and Capt. Alien huvinj; arrived Beooiupanled by the commlttee, Mr. S .wyer introduoed the lirmer who then addreased the tioii. Mr. O'ITtiia's remarks ere lieartlly reoeired, end a vote "f thiin&s tend,erdl the gentleman on closlnfc, 'apt. Allen followcd, and after exteiuliufr hls tlmnks to the fonveiiticü for Ihcir cxitic.-sion of siii)oit, spoke ;i few momeiilft on the " situatlon." At the closfl of tbe Citptain's remarks, the conveiition adjonnied sive rit-:.


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