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NO POISON IN THE PAST R Y IF ffrgIarBFI , fa F YTT JHÖÈÊIfilT Q EiAijjirr#%yn i a J&.TVEZ "CTSED. Vanllla.Lemon.Oi-nnKc, ?(¦.. iliivor Cnket, CreiiniH,liicldliiKflttic.,aM dellcately and nutui'allyastbefVult Troiti vihlch they are made. FOK STRENGTH AM) TRDE FRUIT FLAVOK THEY STAJTO ALOSE. PfiEPAREO BY THE Price Baking Powder Co., Chicago, III. St. Louis, Mo. MAKERS OF Dr.Price's Cream Baking Powder -AND - WK MAKF, ITT COtto QTTA1.1TV L!GKT HEALTH Y BREAD üyeastgems The best dry hop yeast in the world. Bread raised by thisyeast is light, white and wholerome like our qrandmother's delicious bread, CROCERS SELL THEM. PREPARKD BY THS Price Baking Powder Co., ManTrs of Dr. Price's special FlaYoring; Extracis, Chicago, III. St. Louis, M The Detroit F ree Press snys tliat tliere aje more " Maiden's Rocks" Di tiiis country than in anyother country In the world. This is a comfortlng assurance for Impecunious jroung men vvho are on the lcwkout for arivantageous matches. - BuHinr'ton F ree l'ress. Business Notlces. De L A X I 'S $ u DeLand's Chem'l Powder. CO tú en BEST IN THE WORLD. ) Between seveiity-iive umi one hundred seer sucker coate and vests have been sold this snminer ly the singlo house iu this city hamliing tire goodg. Orders were sent a severa] times i,v telegraph, the (Iemand was so large. "Ah, ilon't come a wooiiig wifh your long, long face and your looger pursè beblnd : " Iiiri a poetess In Harpert Magaz:ne. That's it- the girls want your purse to occupy tlie front seat evciy time - Burlington Free Press. Form and Feature, Unless associated wiih good teeth, are ihorn of halt' the attractloiii they may otlierwïse poueu. Bearing this fact in mind, use SOZODON'I', which will prevent your teeth from loslng tlielr whlteness, andwll] render thetn spotless if specked and discolorad. The lint, and hardnesg of coral are lmparted to the goma by this inoomparable.preservative and beautlfylng agent and the brea tb is rendered fragrant aa honeysuckle by lts use. it is sae, besldoa being ( Ifective. Sold by drilggittl. f ui 1907-1210. IJ' CEÏ.EBRATEO 'U n n.,l i, promoto "nfiuiilallon of the r-tJfeJfiZdiPi " !N "."llment whirh ' PtíWOBKrS sU-i-p, and rowiug , ture decav, are P STOMACH Bpi'i-(lll) counternctKlWUI the Brcili in %& 3 ffí K v Kcrant, h i c h 1 1 I lil braownp thphy. ical anergiu and lortlflca tlm coiiPtitntlon apalnpt dlieus. rorula by all Dnis'Klit nud DkhIith oiiiTully.


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