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THTDS ÁNNÁRB0RSAY1MSEANK, ANN' ARDOR, MICHIGAN, Transacts General Banking Business, CAPITAL, $30,000. Orean ized under the General Bankin? Law nf this Slat, the stock hol don aiv indi idur.lly HaMe for un additioual timouut equal to the stock held hy them, tliereby creatina a oa.rantee Fnndiorlhr benefit of Depositara of $100000.00. Three per cent. interest is alloed on all S v'nj:? Deposite of one dollar and upwards, according to the rules of the Dank and interest coiud imded .¦nii- '- ub; vu ioHii uu unincurabered ieal estáte and other rood eecurity. DIREGTORS : CHRrSTIiN MA.CK, VM I). JIARRIMAX W. W. WlNKS. DANIEL IIIM'OCK, WILLIAM UEUBEL, WILLAKi) B. Mli H. 0PFICEE8: C. MACK, Pre. w. W. WINES Vloe-Pre, C. E. HISCOL'K, Oashier. gflRON QTONIC B "WÍH pnrlfy íitc BLOOD, repuIB l:iití tlieLIVER ::n KIDNEYS. "VM and Kk-ítohic tuf HEALTH WgWk and VIGOR of YOUTH. )Vr 3S BH0L pepsta. Want ot AppuUte, litÑ. MA digestión. I, ark Ul Síreiiplli, H MKlTiredFeeHnírabsoluwlf ." k curel. Bones, luusciesaoa Hj ncrvi-s receivtí íiew forcé. Knlivons the miiid and Tgr lm - supplics liniiu Powtr. A ÏS I Wm %2 SnfftTiiiKfrom couiplaints bMU I bO peculiar to üieirsex wlU find in DR. HARTER'8 IRON TONIC a nfe od speedy 0OT6 (i es a clcar. licaltln' oomplexioiu Frequent attemptt ;it ooontelfeitiiuc otih a'M to ilio popalarlty ut' the orffriiwl. lo not expert ment- get ihe Ohioikal and iii i . (Send youríiddre3toThe Dr. St. Louis, Mo., for onr "DREAM BO0K."i Fullof scruue and useful Information, frte. WISASS & STAFFORD, FIKE CustomTailors 'O. 19 MAI STREET, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Are showins1 ft flne line of SPRING SUITOfGS! vercoatings and Trouserings. l'liose sooJs are selected froiii the leadtng buslnésa hoocea of New York, Boston and Pliilailelphia, and Include HOYSLTIES OF THE SïiM WIHAHS STAFFORD, i tSoath Mnin ütrett, - Ann Arbor, Mk-h Kortgafe Sale. DKFAÜLT HA VING BEEN MADE IN THE condttlona of a ccrtatn mofteage execuied hy Lydia Klrohhofer, of Manchester, in the Courjty of Waahtenaw, and Stille of Michigan, to Jured S. Utpham. of Northville. Wayne Cutiuty, In aaid State hearing date the Seveuicenth tlny of April a. 1). i7'.i, and recordeil i:i the office of the Beslater of deeds lor aid i'ounty of Waihtenaw, 111 líber ,Vi of inortLagee, on paue ói'tï, ind by which default the power of sale coutaiued in said mortgage havini; becomo. oporatlve, and no suit or pn ceedlng at law or in chaucery havini; totlM tutcri to recover the ;imount due on sald niortpaL'e, or tlio note acconipanyinff the eame, and beint: now elaiiued ti be due on Huid note and mortfftge. the ran of Two Thoaeand Two Han dred and Seventy Dollars and Herent; cents f'J.'.TO 70]. Notue i tlu-rcioie horeby triven ttuil sald Bortsaso trlll be foreeloaed on' Frldai the Ntne[eentli d:iy of Beptember, 188Í, t in o'ciock in ihc Forenoonof tbatdar, bi ssle at public nuciion io thv biKhvst bidder at the sonth front door oi the Courl Heneo in the city of Ann Arbor in eaid coonty of Waahtenaw, (said O.uirt Honse heniL' the place of holding the Circuit Conti lor llM eounty) ut the moi tu.iL'e.i prembea deacrlbed iu sald mortgage, or Bo much tneraof as may h neteaaar; to the iiniiimit due on s;iid non and mortgage wlth rawooable n; and expen-e.-: wblcn sald mortKamd premi-es a'e descrl id iu satdmoru ige, is !.!io: ah those oortatn pticele o; i.,ikI Bltnateand belng in the Vi'la-e of .Manches], r. In Ihe louuly ol WaahKHMW. ud hiateot Michigan, known and daaerlbed ns lot rourU), Uve(ó), hIxm), seven (Tl and eirbt (8; I oiopk uoe .lm, Oranger and Morgan 'a additiou to theiliae oi Manekettor, accordlngto the record, d plat of satd additiou. Datad, June 17ih, A. D., ISU. e n rtm. JAHEl) S. LAI'HAM E.DKINNK. M,,r, , ,.,.. Atl y lor Mortff:i(.'ee. liMl-n'r)


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