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BALTS ¦"¦ Ijl; sLJfá k . COBSETS TiW OM,ï CUltSKT made that can be rrturnt'd by its purohaser utter three ireeki wear, If not foun'ü PERFECTUY 5ATISFACTORY in every respect, mul it pne refunaeaby Bellen Made in vari'ty of styles and prteea. Sold by Brst-claM dealen everywbere. Beware of woxihlaM imitations. genufne anlew ii bs Ball'a name on the box. CHICAGO CORSET CO., Chicago, III. Knrsaleonly by WINES& WORDEN kÊ ¦ B""E2 bga BB 1 Livsr and Kidney Eemedj, EjJ K (iiiii,,iiii1i'1 from the well known B' C'uvatives Hops, Malt, Buchu, Manédrake. Dandelion, Sarsaparilla, m cara Sagrada, etc., coinb'ned with an w aïreable Aromatic Elixir. M TUE CURE DISPEPSIA & IMGESTlOïïA Ait upou the Livor ral Kidteys, J9H REaXJLATïï THE BOWEL3, Sg They cure Rbeumatism, and all H nury troub:es. Thfy invigorate, uouiish, utrengthen and quiet m i the Nervous S3'stra. W J& As a Tonic they have r.o Fltm-I. ik. ffltt T:ike nor.e but Hon and Muit Bitters. Hk KR TOR SALE SY ALL DEALERS. BJ Hops and Malt 3itters Cc. Wft WÊÊ DETROIT, M1CH. jSH Thlrty A Endoraed Yeara EeoorJ. by Pliyaiciana. :HÖ-NTjS': [x'idney:-: ?j LI VER]':; :NEVERKKowM: CUBES By tho ubb of thi ALL REMEDT, tho 8tomDISEA8E3 nchandBowolB nT, spoodily regain thcir ui trenutk, and tha THE blood is purifled. KIDNEYS It is pronounced by IJVEU ' hundreda of tho best BLADDEN doctor to be tho ONAND " L Y C U R E for all TJTUN-AKY Uind" Ol mdney Di"Sïv H ta Puroly TeKeDUOPoY table, andcuroswhen OHAVEL othor inodioinou fail. DTABETKS It is preparod exBttIOHT'8 prosnly for theso dl. 3)I3EA82 oawos, and haa liever PAINS boon known to fail. IN One trial will oonmTjTp vinco you. For salo bck byalldruBKisto. LOIN9 PEIOE 1.26. OH. Ca Send fo BIDE Yl A &L Pamphlo NERvoua A liáy f Te"tu DISEASES liv"r raonlalsKEl'ENTION IJ 7nJ "'''T'M OH. t. RH.M15DY NON-HETENTION WTÍjM s, CO.,


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