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iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiminiimniiiiin ; ATOLOPH0R09 Is B iinvrM won! In BLOftt POOplB WllO H ( _¦ 1 k Uu ftlgliHb lAUlfUBg ' ' Greekfl uwd II centurias atfo, tueaning ly it w "TUK PRIZB-BBABBB." Ath lotiioros is the fust and onlv incliiinc wliich lias enrried off thu prie as the perfect remody for lïlien niatism and Neuralgia. # Like two relentless tyrants thoy lmve for affeH held thcir mfleiing1 victima iu uu irm 9 grip. These poor Huflerer hao boen :i llai e iu the power of their oppres3orK. ATHLOPnoROS lias enteredthearonn.en p-ajrod iii conflict with tüe moustern, and wou the vlotory. A tho oompetlton In Uie Grorian ïflinoH of old eotüd wiu only by the most severe triuia ui ihüity and eudurauce, no AlTCLOPHOnos íiaa w m the jTi.e, not alono byglvtiig temporary relief, but by biÍMKÍnt-r un enduriu cnre, aHwell, to thone jvho üave mffered tho exoruoiatliig aaroniea oí' lïhi-nnin. tisia aud Nourala. Athlopiioros is a novelty, notonly 0 in name, but in its elcments. It is unlike any preparation yet introducen!. ATHL0PH0K03 acts on the blood, musclea ' and Joints, the poÍBOD and acid froiu ! the blood, carriew them out of the syatein. ATnLOPnoRoa Is put up wil h consummate - pkill, and contains nothlfig that can possibly ; hum the mont delicate conntitution. Now, do yon want to suffer on and on? or do yoa want to be well ? 1 "Athlophoros"WILLCureYou If jou cannotget ATnLOrnoKos of yourdrugg Ist, we wlll senil It. exjiross pald, on reoBtpt o( regularprlce - one dollar per boitle. Wepreicr that } ou buy It froin your drugglst, but ir he i liasn't It, do not be persuaded to try sometlilng else, but order at oce Lrom U3 aa cUrected. ATHLOPHOROS CO., 112 WÍLL ST., NEW YORK. iiiiiimiiiimiiii H, R. iiimiiiiiiniiiiii Oi ds f Warnfog nnI Comfort , ¦ If vou are aiiflbrlng fi-"m !.!¦ heellb or iHngalslilng on betl of slclcnf s, inkt1 cbeei; il yon are slmply aiiluií. or ü yon li-el 1 wckIï umi dispii iti-l, 1 without olearly know Inx iiy, llcip liiiicis 'will siucly ciirc you. Il ynn ;irc ;i minister, mul hliVf veil:ixed yoilisell willi J'oUl' pigtoial ilulii-s, oí' a inotlier.worii out uitli c:ii( 1 wnrk, or man t' buftlness 01' labor, wcilkeiicl I)V tb si rain of your everyduv dutle. Of man of lence tulllng over your niiiliiiflit, woik, Ii'ii Bitten wlll most surely strengt hen you. If vou aii' MilfiM-inj; fi-om (ivcr-c.itinor drtoKlnjr, nny nülRcretlon or iliiipatlon, ¦ or are young aml giowln too tu-t, as s oftpn liie o.i.-c, "(.)r if' vou :t ic n tllu worksho)), 011 Ilic farm. it the dert ywlicrc, and feel j ' tliat your lyglem ihtiK clcaiint;. lijf, or stiniiilatill, witlioiit Intoxioat' Ing, if you are oïd, 'blood tlii'n and inipure, pulse ¦ fct'hli', nerves unsteatly, fncultm ' waniii;.'1, Hop Bitters U vvli il ym need tn ' gtve you new ftte, hrartli, ïntl vigor." It x o i ure costiTe. ir i Jvp'i't ie oj' sufferinj: f roi n any otluT ot'tlic di-casi s of the lomach or tiouils, it Uyour own fiiult il yoil rcniain III. If you ;ir' uastiiig aw:i3' willi :iuy l'onn of Kiditcy ilisfiist', stop temp! i n idea III tl lis moiiienl,and turn fora cnre to Hop Hittere If you are sicl with tlnit terrible fickBeas, Nei vousiK'ss, you uil! flnd :i "Biilni iu Gili'iid " In Hop Bitter. - If you are n frwjiwnter, or i ri'si- deiil of i miiisiiiaticdi.-li icl.hai i i- cade yoiir iyalein ftifiifrist tbc wonrjfe I i - of hII poiintries, Malaria, Epidemie, - Tl ons and Inlitiniltciit KVveis Uie u-e of IKM' BITTERS. If you l.avc l on eb, piuiply, or Ballow skin, liad brealli, Hop liilleis will ive. you fiir ski n, rioh hlood, the sneeteil breath and lioaltli. $."()((. will le pUI tor ! a ea.-e tin y will not cure or help. A Lady's Wisli. "Oh, how I do wish iny skin wasfU ctear i and soft as yours" said a lady to her frlond. " You eati easiiy make it 8o, anawered tiie I friend. How ? iuquired the liit lady. By nsini; Hop Bitters thal mak" s pure, rioh blood and blooming health. Il t it lor itie ¦ hs you observe.' t"None fénulne wllhoul a bunoh of green Hops on the white label. Muin all tue Vlle, poLsonons, stuft' with w Hop " or " Hops'1 lü ttieir name. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! '. i soul ii Main 8t., Ann Arbor. ÏUeoJdest ngency in the city. Eslaljllsheil a quarter oí a eeulnry ao. Reproseutiag the following (rst-ch.sscoin paules : Home Ins. (!o. of N.Y 17,488,646 Continental In. Co. of N. Y.... 4.MV7,442 Klagurii In. Co. of N. Y 1,874,024 Girard Ins. Co. of 1'biluiU-lpliia 1,259,967 Oriënt Ins. Co. of Hartford 1,419,529 Commercial Union of Lomlon . . 1 1,043,940 Liverpool, London and Cilobu. .34,40,085 Rales I,ow. Lwhi Liberally Atljusted and Promptly l'uid. C. H. MII.I.EN.


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