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Te'sdo, Aun Arloi & SorUi Miclifgnn Kailnnj. TIMK SCIIKDII-K. Tutükc effect ut 12 o'clock, noen, on Bunday, June 23d, I8S4. Traliu run hy Central Ttwe. (OP ÓN'TRTÏT (ioiMi BODTH. f -I -1 :':- óS. oi i-TATIONS. a.=a V M A Ml ¦ PMr,'2.5 7 06 Toledo 9 30 4 GS ï :)0 7 14 Manhilttuu JuBCtton 9 Ü6 4 4Ü ,". 40 7 23 Alexis .Juncliiin lii4 :1 f, 40 7 8 llawih'.rne 9 10 4 SOI .-. S5 7 4B Samarla Cr2 4 22 6 09 8 Ut) Lulu 8 47 4 04 li 14 8 ir Monroe Junction I 4 ¦ ¦¦' 8 23 k :to Diindce in 0 ro (i 38] 8 37 Macon B Mj8 45 8 88 g 4i Aznlia 8 flO8 1" i; 4 S 5 Milan .lunclion 8 0.'l 5 ft 4K il 08 Milan i Wlï 22 li 51 II 0 Nora 7 5H 8 17 li 58 0 K Urnnla 7 52 8 10 7 0 9 321 1'itBïlleld JuiiCtlon 1 4(1 3 02 17 20 9 .r0 Atm Arbnr 17 27 2 4 187 10 16 Ueland 7 12 2 tffl Í 45 10 Wl Worden 7 06 2 2T 8 00 110 S5 Souih Lvon 8 50 2 1U Connectlona: At Toledo, vrlth rallroada divergTijr ; at Manhattan Junction, wlth Wheeline & l.nke Erie H. R.; at Alexis Junction, with M. (.'. K 1! , L. S. & M. 8. By. and f. & H. M R. R.; at Moi. roe Junclion. with L. S. & M. S. Ry. at Uundea. with L. S. & M. S. Ry.. M. A O. Ky.; ar Milán .lunctimi. with Wabash, 8t. Louík 4 Paclic Hy.; al PituAeld.with L.s. M.S. Hy.; at Ann Arhor with Michigan Central K. K., umi at South Lyon with Detroit, Lanslng & Narthern 1(. R., and Urand Trunk Ky. II. W. AHHLEY, General Supl. W. H. BBNNE rT, Oen'l. Pass. A){eut. IH3 LIRE SELICTED BY TH-E V. S. OOV T0 CABBT THE FA8T MAIL GOING WEST. OHLY LIIÏE RUNHTÏTG TWO THE0UGH TRAINS SAILY FE0M CHICAGO, PEORÍA & ST. LOL IS, Ttirough the Heart of the Continent b way of Pacific JuDctlon or Oiuahu to DENVER, or via Kannas City and Atchieon to Denver, con nectliigln Uulon üepota at Kansaa City, Atchison, Ornaba aud leuver wlth tbroagh trains for SAN FRANCISCO, Hud sil poluta In the Far West. bhortest Llneto KANSAS CITY, And all polnts 1b the Houtk-Weat. TOURISTS ANO HEALTH-SEEKERS Siiould not forget tbe f&cttbat Round Trip tlcketa at reducid rates can be purenaaed vla ilus (rent Tfaroimh l.lnr, toall the Uealth and fleasurc Kesoru of the West and Wwt, lDClnding : w-i ,i.ium tal n.i of COLORADO, tae V'alley of tbe ïoaeullte, the CITY OF MEXICO, and all poluta In the Mexlcan Kepublic. HOME-SEEKERS Khould also remember that thl line lead direct to the heart of the Government and Kallroad Lands in N"hriuika, Kansas, Texas, Colorado aud Washington Territorv. Itis kiioifiiM thegreat THKOUOH CAK LINK er America, and Is uni versally admltted to be tbe I i ii.-i Equlpped Rallroad In the World fur all clanes ot Travel. Through TickeU na tbia Hoe for sale at all Hallroau Coupou Ticket Otüoe In iht Uuited States aud l 'anada. ' T. J. POTTKR, Miv l'rm. aud Uen. Mauacr. l'KKCKVAL LOWKU, Oen. Pass. Atf'l CUlctigu. JNO. vi. A. BKAN, Oen. Eaatern Ag't, M Broadway, New York, aud jou WaaMnglou W., lloutou. POST-OFFICE NEWS DEPOT. A Full Line Of Cheap Librarles! AND STATIONEEY A complete assoitment of coniinon and Fancy Note and Letter Paper. Knvelopes, Iuvitation, and lïcqnest eards. WiHinr PackeU, Fine Box Paper, snitible lor pieseuts and all kinds of Stationen' supp ifis. BLANK BOOKS Pass Books, Memorandum Hooks, Scratcb Books, Stndonts Note Books, Herums, Legal and Medical Indexes, Bill Books, and all grades of eonimon Note Books. WILLIS IE!, Proprietor, And Agent for all Newspapers, Magazines and perlodlcalf.


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