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THATDONTLIE! ? i The Royal Baking Powder Co. try to give tlie inference that their powder cotitains more Cream Tarlar and that its l. a iiinK Power Is greater tlmn iiny other mane, RS gtated In their advertisement on the " ('omparative Wortli of Baklng Powders, exhlblted by black lines. Dame was raentloned In oonnection with one ot enen per bramls. made of difieren t material as the trade niight ileinund. Onr Creiim I arlar brond of A ml r ' Pearl was omltted evidenöy tor a wry gaoá reason, judglng trom the relalivc merlls of Andkew's "Pearl and the Koynl, na clearly tiem-mstrated by the Government Chemist Dr Peter Collier of the Department of Agrlenltnre, at Washington, trom samples receiveil by liim trom dealera wlio furnUhed the samples trom their stocks on uand ld open market. 8 howlng excesa of Cream Tart ar In Andrewa' OD Ofl I I I ü D O AM Al Upip aSüg&fflgmr Qo" tULLItRS ANALYSIS s f v. U. S. Dept of Aoriculture ) i ¦- Washington D. C, Marcli 10, 1883. ( C. E. Andkews & Co.- Gentlemen : I reeeived by tt trom Thoe. Lydon and J. P. Harkins & Co , ï - Grand Ave, MiluanUee, and Harper Bros., Chica jsgsgjj u'", [11., samples of Andrews' Pearl and K.iyal Bak W. ¦:.-..¦ i"? Powders. The cans were in good condition J I. ¦ when reeeived at!t) theseals nnbioken. I find upon SSl ¦ I a"a'yiis tll:it Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder con E " S ¦ tains uboutfonr ind a hall (I1.,) per cent. more O ¦ I ¦ I cream lartar tliau the Koyal Baking Powder. 0! Bü?'"'' bil ¦ and n proporUonalcly largcr percentage I 0l I of oarbonic aeld au, and I Ond it to le Sre V i q ¦ í ree trom aluin, and any injiiriotis sub¦ I 2I I WHOO. II I' ' Sincerely yours, SsJ K?rïf) PETER COLLIER, m E ¦t' I . S. Chemist, Dept. of Agiicultuie. . . Government Chemist Collier's Analysis as to the Leavenina: Qnalities. ANDREWS' PEARLHH9EHra9HHfflHBK royal msfwmassaam Xo wonder the Royal Co. omitted Andrews' Pearl f rom their " Cotnparative List," as Government 'Chemist Collier's analysis shows eonclusively two things: lst, That Andrews' Pearl contains more Cream Tartar than the Royal, as shown by the euts above; 2d, That the Lcavening Power of Andrews' Pearl is greater than the Royal, as shown by the two black lines above. fTT ATT TTTCTTT We will osve the Koyal Co. or any one else $1.000 or $5,000 if they can prove by any fair mutual test that Andrews1 Pearl Baking Powder does, or ever dia, eontain alum or any Inluriooa substances, and this challenge is open forever. Andrews' Pearl Bakiug Powder 3 sustained by a testimonial is to itspurity ttnd l rcnui li by the only grenuine connnissioned Government chemist, such as the Royal Co. liever have published. Tey It. C. E. ANDREWS & CO., 28", 289 & 201 E. Water St., Mihvaukee. 45 Michigan Ave., Chicago.