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A Snake Yarn

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"Do you want a siuike tem J " aaked a man from Elk Neck at tlie sanctuin door of an Elkton newspaper. " Yes," said the editor, "come riglit in and teil us all about it." " Well, I killed it to-day 011 the nortlieast read. It was nineteen feet from liead to tail. J took out niv rulo and measured it." " How raany dritiks of pear eider hnve you taken to-day?" asked the editor. " Only two," 6aid the man from Elk Neck. "Wliat lias that todo wlth the snake item? " " Oh, a greatdeal,"answeied the editor. "Wealways deduct nine feet from the snake for eaoh drink of pear eider taken by the man who bringsiu the snake item. Muking the u=ual deduotions for Cecil county pear eider, your snake was twelve inches long. A good snake for the season. Come in again wlieu you have a sinike item." And the editor held the sanctum door wide open for the man from Elk Neek to pass out. - Middleton Transcript. '.' Father,1' queried young Fenderson, " what is a society event ? ' " 'A ' society event ' is what I cali one of your motiler-s crazy-quilt parties, if I can get the editor to put it in for nothing. If I can't get it in for nothing I cali it a shame, and ask liim when he's going to print


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