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- Arkansas has 1,200 white autl 80C colored school-teachors. - Tlie Springfield (Mass.) Eepublicati calis on trustees of öolfegrés to niaintain their standard of schol&rship bv withholding degrecs where they liavo not beeu earned. - At the oonferring of degrees at Oxford the other day the Dean of Chichester, who hasopposed women entering the university, was loudly hissed by the studeuts. - Krom the new catalogue of Middltbury College it appears that of the 1,288 graduates since the beginninL of the century, ÖOD liave become ministers of the gospel.- N. 1'. Examiner. -Rev. C. C. McCabe, I). D.. botter known as Ohaplain McCabe, who has been for more tlian tiftoen years n thfl employ of the Methodist Chureh Kxtension Board, was ehosen by the hisi General Conference one of the Missionary Secretarles of the Church. - Joseph'Cook prophesles asohism in the Congregational Church. Ho divides the sect into two classes, one of which "takes Plymouth Rock as corner stone," and the other "consists of theae who Hoat in the tides ii riso and rail in tne marshes about Plymouth Koek. -Boston Post. - Rev. Dr. Van Ilorne, of the First lieformed Church of Philadalphia, receutly preached a strongsermo i againsi the practico of cremation, which he. contended is eoutrary to the Holy Scripturos and the universal practioe f (iod's people in anciont times. The fjurning of tho dead, he atlirmed, Is a heathenish practice, andaniisuso of the temple of the soul.- Philadelphia Record. - The Educational Board of the Refornoed Church expressed great concern, in its last annual report, at the paucity of students for the ministry. The number of students, whether under the care of the Board or not, is smaller than for several years, and tUe earnest reconirnendation is made tli:it young men qualified for tho service should bo specially invited and urged by the churches to give theinselves to the work of the ministry. - Exchange. - A missionary of the American Sundajr School Union gives a sad picture of spiritual dostitution in one of the countiesof Kentucky: "Lastmonth," he writes, "I visited 102 families in which were 36;! childreu, more than half of whomhad no Bibleor Testament. In 23 families that I visited cousecutively (having 88 childrcn), there were only tour Bibles and a small Testament. A young womau of sixtecn vears was askod, 'Do yon road voui Iüble ?' She replied, 'I nover saw :i Bible.' 'When wore you n. chin-i.h ?' 'Never.' An old man said he had notseen a Bible in nine years. 1 gavo hiin mino, and to each family such bouks, papers, etc, as I had. 1 organi; od live Union schools in the mouth."'


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