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For the past year Mr. James A. Case lias...

For the past year Mr. James A. Case lias... image
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For the past year Mr. James A. Case lias been associated with Ihe Couiueh as city editor. Besitles liis work ia college and his labors as manager of The C'hronüie, lic has kept up witli tho march of events by recording thcni in these colurans. That he has done all these things well and faithfully many know. tío it is a pleasure now to testif'y to t, in that he lias severed these relations. Saturday night lie left for Washington to accept a $1,200 clerkship in the tieasury depaitment, which he obtained soon after passing a íirst-class exarnination uniler the civil service rules. Being of an energetic, untiring disposition he takes this position, which alone would satisfy many, only as a means to an end, that end being to fit hlmself by evemng study for the practice of the law which he intends to follow. Mr. George H. Pond, who was on this paper four years ago and was lately the editor of the Caro Advertiser, will take the place of city editor.


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