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What A Strait!

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ít s a pitliiblo thiiig when newipopers geí so carried away witli party zeal that they feel themselvcs conipdled to crawl down inlo tlie sewers and ceas-pools of i hunditd years agoto li.-h up vile oldslandera against eminent men just to excuse tlie moral rotten nesa of tlio candidatos of tbelr owi) party. Yet :i few of the basest oí' theiu are doing tliit despicable tli'm. Ainon}r them isthe Ypsilanti Sentinel. It c.innot deny tlie storiesagains-t Cleveland's cliaracter. tío it justities liiiii by gloatiii'i; over half-forgottun and never-believed tales circulated by the Tory enumies of Georjre Washington and Thomas Jeft'erson. Wliile these slanders are undoubtedly without foundation, even were they truc thcy would not justify such oonduct in any ol'owí" public men, The gaiiiit,attemiateda])pearanceofour contempoiaiy shows that the people will not support a sheet which defends shotgun raurders, ballot-box stuffing, libertinism.and fraud. Kventhough itisinitslast ditch, a little self-respect might help it to kiek a little longer.


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