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The Party To Belong To

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One of the best eftbrts Congressman ilorr ever made, was on Wednesdayevening of last week, at Detroit. His speech wa6 lilled with strong points as well as witty hits. The following closing remurks give au idea of the slrength and power of his argumente : '¦ Tow, rellow citizens, T Hke to balonfl ba a party that rejoices when the people rejoiee ; that grows Btronger wheu the people are happy. I told them at Grand Rapids, and let me repeat it here, I like to bclong to a party that is ahvays trying to benefit Mits great nation of ours, and has always stood by the American ñkg. [ Applause.] I like to belong to a party that originated the greenbacks when they were needed to save the nation, and stood by them until they were made as good as gold. I like to belong to a party wlio fouud the nation bankruptand to-dayhave placed it so that its credit is bettcr than that of any othcr.nation on the face of the globe. [ Applatise.] I kuow my democratie friends say that onc thing they charge us with is that we have got so much money in the treasury, and jtist let us come uto power, and we will empty your treasury for you. [Laughterandap)Iause.] I have up doubt my f riem!, you would do your best; but Hra jjail_y Im-ro been nblc to run the nation, and have money enough in the treasury to keep its credit good, and have paid ofl'so much of our debt that the greatest financier of Eugland, Gladstone, said the other day that the financia] management of the United States was the wonder of the civilizad world. [Applause] I like to belong to a party that stood by I the colored man after he iiad lielped to fight our batllc and save our nation. I like to belong to a party that since the war has stood by the soldier, their widows, and their little ones. [Applause.j As I told them at Grand Rapids. I like to belong to such a party, beeause alter I retire at night I am sometimes exhausted and restless, and tuinble about upon my pillow, unable to go to sleep; now, I like a party whose history will let me lie there for two hours and just get solid comfort thinking of what we have done with tilla nation and tuis people- [applause]- whereas, if I were a democrat, especially since this last nomination of Toni Hendricks, I would be hanged if I would dare blow my light out after dark. [Great applause.] Now, fellow-citizens, these great questions are before you. The question is again to bedecided in this country whether we will keep the destiny of this nation ia the hands of a party whose people have always loved it, have always sustained it, and who to-day understand so well the great business interests of our nation. To do that there is only one couise left open, and that is to vote forBlaine and Logan." [Applause.]


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