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Prohibition Convention

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The prohibition convention fur Washtenaw county, held at the court house Wpdneadaj last, was well attended. J. W. Wing, of Scio presided, with L{. 0. Reeves, of Webster, secretary. The usual preliniinanes were gone through with and comniittees appoiuted. The followlng delegates were wlectod by the convention : To the State Convention:- Jno SchuïïraCl!f-r' Guill". Anti Arbor; J ' W'ng. Scio ; I). B. Taylor, Che] . r. Gal pin, Superior; Win. Emmert, Jr., Chelsea; Win. B. Thompson, Salem B. J. Conrad, Ann Arbor; W F. Patterson, Ypsilaitti; Prof. Steere, Pittsfield; A. H. Aliller, Lodi ; G. C. Raymond, Sliaron; N. H. Saxton, Manchester; N 8 Every, Uridgewater; Wm. Dell, Saline i - Wortley, York. At, 0. M. fellowfi, Manchester. To tlie Congressional Gonvention:-Wm Emmert, Jr., Chelsea; John Sperry Ann Arbor town ; Wm Biggs, O. R. L. Crozier, Isaac Dunn, Ann Arbor; ilascall Laraway, Northfield; M.P.Üiiinon Paul Snauble, Ann Aibor; S. P. Bullan), Augusta ; B. P. Davenport, York;Thos. Lccles, Saline; Slade Lazelle, Lodi; C M Fellows, Manchester; VV. I). Allen' Sharoti; S. C. Hamblin, Ypsilantl; Pre ton Rouso, l'ittsiield. At lnrge, J H Hicks, Lodi, The following gentlemen were ( lected to act as a couuty conimittee : D. M. Joslin, Lyndoii; W. D. Smith, Dexter; H. C. Ree ves, Webster; S. M Ramsdell, Northfield; Jas. Murr-iy Salem j Dr. H. W. Champlaln, Sylvaii ' R. Guinon, Lima; Jas. W. Wing, Scio O. R. L. Crozler, Ann Arbor; Morris -:ilpiii, Superior; VV. D. Allen, Sliaron : VV 1 1 1 I i i) i I.' i -f, .. 1 1 ., . . 1,.1.. t m - . ¦¦uu, ivLuuiu 1 -T-jU wiirli vrlOVCl' JiOdi; Prof. Steere, PittsfieM; S. c' Hamlin, Yprtlantl; Kev. N. H. Saxton, Manchester; N. 8. Every, Brld se water; Harvey Benuett, Saline; Jiev. J. C Wortley, York; Auron Derbyshire Augusta i M. F. Guinon, A. II. u.Oys Pred Essliiifrer, Isaac Duim, L. IJ. Keli"Zg, B. J. Oonriu), Aun Albor city: John Kirk, J. J. Stcpliciison, W. p. puttnon, Chas. Miller, 8. w. Parsoni. rpgilanti city. The committee on resoliuions, through its chairnian, Prof. Steere, reported the following, which were udopted: Jtnolved, Tliat we re-afflrm faith in tlie platform of'theunioii party Of Ihestale of Michigan, as set forth in the declaiation of principies adopted at the fomiation of the party in the city of Jackson. Resolved, That the present attitude of the prominent parties towurd the prohibition of the liquor traille confirma us in our resolye to act ndcpendentlv of them. licijhúá, That while we are compelleil to stand forour principies as we tío, tuat we recognlge the iiict that in tlie rank and file of theother parties stlll remain m&ny who ore justas flrmly eonvinced as we are of the magnitude of the drink eyil, and who agree witli us that prohïbltion isitsonly remedy, butwlio do not yct see tliat our way tor uttuining this resul t is the best, and Resolved, That to this class wc offer our principie! and our plans, and ask their caref ui examination of the same, knowing that when wc who thlnk alike can see to act alike wc sliall drive tlie rum power lïorn our state. Raolved, That recOfTOlzIng the interest and aid of woinen in the temperance work, and in ctl'orts for tlie prohibition of tlie liquor trafile, we invite them to cooperale with us as a party and each local W. C. T. l. In Washtenaw county to send two tlelegates to eacli countj' convention of the union party to be held heroafter. It was the sense of the convention that David Preston, of Detroit, ghould be the candidato for governor. After listening to a few remarks by speakers present, the convention adjourned. Aun Albor ia gettingquitea reputation for its fine berries. We have had a six weeks' season airead}-, and the indications are that it wiü last tvvo weeks longer. The cntire raspberry and blackberry shlpment trom this city the present seafou will be 2,000 buahels, it Ís thought. Sevcnty-five per cent, of these go to the Detroit market, wliich is niuch better now than a few years ago, aDd for Ann Arbor berries especially. The remainder of the sliipments L0 principiílly to Toledo and Chiciigo. The shipment this year isabout one-third inore than last year's. In rates they can be got to Detroit at an expense oí 17.1c. per bushel, and to Chicago for 02.1 c. With a good market at Detroit, tliat city, of conrse, has the preference. Of the tliree largest shippers at this point, Benj, Day'a sale this season of raspberries and blackberries will be about 600 bushels; Evart II. Scott's, 400; and Dr. W. W. Nichols's, 310. By the bye, Dr. Nichols had ninety bushels of strawberries on ] acres of ground this year, for which he received from $-1.50 to $5. per bushel. It is said that the earliest sliipments of raspberrles this season netted $0.50 per busliel. The berry business is evideutlj' a good one, and much better tliuii peseta gi'owiupc. A speed contest between bicycles and liorses has been In progresa at Chicago this week, and tlie machines seem to liave tlie best of horse flesli so far. At the end of the 2d day, yesterday, the score stood: bicycles '317 miles; horses, 300 üiiles. The weather wns extremely hot.


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