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NO POÍSON IN THE PASTRY IF BwSS -A-IRE "CTSEID. Viiulll:i, I. ui. .11. il, -iiimc ¦¦-., flavnr ('iikri, l'i-i -a ' „s,. A-.-.,ii 1IHI1 Ivan.l nut. urally urn the fruit from vi hlch thcy ai e made, FOR STREXGTH AXD TRUE FRUIT FLAVOR THEY STAND ALONE. PREPAREO BY THB Price Baking Powder Co., Chicago, III. st. Louis, Mo. HAKER8 OF Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder -AND - Dr. Price's Lupulin Yoast Genis, H'-l Dry II.,,. Yrull. XXa SALE BY SBOCEÏSS. WK MAKK RUT ONE DIUI.ITV LTGHrHEALW BREAD @YEASTGEMS The best dry hop ycast In Ihe world. Bred raised by this yeast Is light. white and wholrome llke our randmother's dellclom breid. CROCER9 SELL THEM. PREPAREO BY IMS Price. Baking Powder Co.. ManTrs or Dr. Prics's Special Flavorinz Eitracts, Chicago. III. 8t. Louis, Mo AY?rTTllk Th0 feele grow if 1131 L I I FDV stronifwiien HostetW acfumT'nA[r;To%hSfi ' asslinilatlou of the -- jjíL-V í ín au ailrnent which fffmHM. IMay fflff 1-osB ot flugh uod ftpgfrH tfhi cídcii(í oí prelnji- iB-(- r[(-F tul,e (iecayi tre ¦W STOMACH - W sptedlly counteractNlmDN thcgreat In%J 3 P K4# vif.-i.riml, which l 1 Bjg B bruces up the phyaical energie and fortifles the connitution ngainst diseaee. For sale by all DruygietB aud Dealeri generally. lii lg fcl t wmKmêi li I DOES rA,n WONDERFUL lYLn( CURES OF tl l+H KIDNEYDISEASES ) AND X LjVER COMPLAINTS. ""''¦""" 't et on the 1,1 VKlt, BOWELS and KIDXEÏS at the same time. ¦nocnune It oleansM the .y.tem of th poisonoub humors that dovelope in Kldney and Urinary Di.ea.en Büiousne... Jaundice, Constipation. Pilca, or in Bneumatium, Neuralgia Ner. vuua Dúorders and all Femalo ComplaiaU. UTSOUD PROOF UF TUIS. IT WTLL BURELT CUSE CONSTIPATION, PILES, _"" - - and RHEUMATISM, By FHEE ACTION of all th oreaná and funotiona, thereby CLEANSINC the BLOOD restoring tho normal power to throw off diaeaae THOUSANDS OF CASES or the womt forma of thess terrible dl.ra.ea havo been quiokly reUeved, and in a .hort tiinS - t PERFECTLY CURED. CR' '¦ ''"Jl'I K Dllï, SOLD Bï DHV0GI8TS. rKMï,StS1JTcXmiinitton.V, 3 t..j ,l,,p für Dluy Al.ur,c for 1864. A good looking liorse nbout 1,100 or 1,500 pouiuls, duriug tlie winter for hls board. Llghtwork. I.mny buy the honra lf sulted. A. F. IIAN(19TEUFKR.


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