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Gratiot Journal: "Jas. Gillingham of this place has Oecided to move to Aun Arbor, having leased his property herc. He expects to leave in about four week?. Mr. G. is a good citizen, and his fiiends will rejfietthathe hasdecided to leave U'.' A rural Courikk poet furnishes the following idyl : " An liumble boy with a shining pail, went singinjr gaily down the dale, to where the cow with the brindle tail, on dover pasture did regale. An humille bee did gaily sai!, over the solt and shadowy vale, to where the boy with the shining pail, wis milking the cow with the brindle tail. The bee lit down on the cow's left ear, her heels flew up through the atmosphere. and through ' the leaves or a basswood tree, the boy soared away to eternity." According to the State erop report of Ang. lst, theestimated yielcl of wheat for Washtenaw county is 1(5.70 bu. per acre, and 5 per cent. of the old erop is still in the hands of the farmers. Corn is estimated at 80 per cent. of an average erop. The average yield of oats is estiruated at ;37.5O bu. per acre ; barley 31.50 ; the average of the timothy erop is put down at 83 and clover 85 per cent. The yield of apples is estimated at 5 per cent. The aun unit of land summer fallowed, as compared with 1883 is 86 per cent. The aruount of clover sown this year as conipared with last is 75 per cent , and its conditionas compared with average years, is 82 per cent. The report gives the num ! ber of bnshels of wheat marketed in Michigan during the year as 9,657,8fl.". linsiiifss Notlces. A lady died recently in one of our large cities who is said to have danced witli La Fayette. The great General must have devoted most of hls time to the this adds one more to the 50,000 reported to have danced with hiin. It requires a vivid iinagination to believe this, hut none at all to believe the assertion;that ten times that numberof ladies have used DeLand's Soda and Saleratus, and always with one result. Success in every particular. "Oh, mamma, if you will believe it," laughed a pretty girl, on her return from the picnic "the boat julted as we tuuched i the wharf and thretv me right into the lap Of a young gentleman." "Why,'' was the horrilied rejoinder, " wlmt did you do ? ' ' " I- I asked him if ha would please excuse my landing a little prematiirely."- Cambridge Tribune. ( Fomi and Feature, Unless associated with good teeth, nrc shorn of half the attractions they oiay otherwise possess. Hearing tltis fact iu uiind, use SOZODONT, which will prevent your teeth from losingtlieir whiteness, and will reader them spotless f specked and discolored. The tint and hardness of coral ure imparted to the gums by tliis incomparable pi eservatlve and beautify ing agent and the breath is rendered fragiant as honeysuckle by its use. It is safe, besides beingfffectivc. Sold by drnrgists. fr m 1207-1210. lieruarked by R. C. Joiner, of Allen P.O., Hillsdale 06., Mich.: "Nothlng gave my rheumatism such qolck relief a's Dr. Thomils' Eclectric 011. Many of onr exchanges mention the fac of largecropsof corn, wbent, oats, etc, this season, but none of them seem to rèalize Wblt an enormous erop of offleeseekers is springwg up all over the land. In some localities the yield will average 60 tons to the acre.- Chicago Sun. ('atarrli. The remarkable results in a diaease so universal and with such a variety of charactenstics as Catarrh, ])rove how etlVctually Hoods Sarsaparilla actinjj throuh tlie blood, reaches every part of the lmnian system. A medicine, like anythlmelsc, can be fairly jiulged ouly bv its results. We point with prlde t. the riorions record Hood's Sarsaparilla has entered pon the hearts of thousands of pcoiile it has cured of catarrh. "Whcn will you stop this stage aotlng and come down to the legal faets iu the case?" asked a dUjniued oíd judge of a young lawyer who was spouting in court theotherday. " When 1 get on the belich, your honor," was the reily. " In thatposition a man never uses wit or eloquence." - St. Louis Republican. Skiiiii) Meu. "Wells' irealth Itenewer" restores health and vigor, cures Dyspepsia Impotence, Sexual Debllity. fl.


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