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Compiled from Late Dispatches. DOMESTIC. It has been decided by.the Post-office Department at Washington to exhibit a oold-wave flag at every post-office in the United States when a cold wave i apprcaching. The flag will be of white, witli a black square in the center. M u-iiAi i. McDonald, engineer in a boxmill at Milford, Mass., caugut his sleeva recently in the serew of a -Imit , and for some time was whirled at the vate of four hundred revolutions per minute. Every stitch of clothing was torn trom his body, fout when he feil to the floor he was absolutely uninjured. Libutenant (treklt on the 13th made the admlssion that by his orders Private Charles P. Henry was shot dead on the Oth day of June, for having persisted in stealing from the limited supply of provisions held by the expedition. A detailed report of the execution had been forwarded to the Sccretary of War. With regard to tke rumors of cannibalism, Lieutenant Greely said if anything of the kind oct'urred it was an individual act. The American Bankers' Association mot in annual session at Saratoga Spriugs on the 13th. Lyman J. Gage, of Chicago, President of the association, called the meeting to order, and urged as a remedy for panies the keeping of cash reserves considerably larger than twenty-five per cent., a repeal of the usury laws, and the adoption of uniform rules as to loaning fieely in times cf distrust. A resolution was adopted favoring the discontinuance of the coinage of standard silver dollars. Texas fever was on the 13!h conceded to exit at eight scattered points in Kansas. Thk business portion of North East, Pa., was burned on the l-'h, including hotels, banks, a church and other structures, resulting in a loss of $200,000. Ik the ñual heat for senioifours at the National amateur regatta ai Watkins, N. Y., on the 13th the Argonaut crew, of Toronto, won in 8:22, beating the best record by ten seconds. The National Association of ex-Uuion Prisoners of the war began its annual convention on the 13th at Detroit. The annual reunión of the Army of the Tennessee commenced at Lake Minnetonka, Mimi., on the loth, General Sherman presiding. The Irish National League of America began its annual convention on the 13th in Fanueil Hall, Boston, the President, Alexander Bullirán, calling the conventiou to order. William Misnv. nf St. Vincent, Minn., was arrested a few days ago for arson, having burned his own stable. Eighteen horses were burned to death in the fire. At Elkhart, Ind., on the loth Mrs. F. Shaffer and Mrs. Andrew Swinehart, wives of prominent citizens, were killed while driving aaross the LakeShore track. A building on Beach streef, Boston, occupied by several manufacturers, was swept away by llames on the loth, and two firemen were burn&d to death. The loss of property was $70,900. Durino the month of July of this year $12,053,970 worth of breadstuffs was exported, against $10, 313,673 worth exported in July, 1883. During the flrst se ven months of this year the exports were valued at $79,548,251, against $9,420,916 exported during the eorresponding period of last year. Fifty convicts engaged in a murderous plot to escape from the Frankfort (Ky.) Pemtentiary on the 14th, and during the riot two guards and a prisoner were seriously wounded and three murderers made their escape. John McMahon, a porter at the Leather Manufacturers' National Bank of New York, absconded on the 14th with a package containing $20,000, with which he was sent to the Adams express office. The family of Charles Dickinson, living near Point Pleasant, W. Va., were poisoned reeently by drinking milk in which arsenic had been placed. Two of the victims had died, and others were not expected to recover. A colored servant girl had been arrested for the crime. Adüel at Emory Gap, Tenn., between a cripple named Staples and a drummer froin Cleveland named William H. Rogerson, fought at ten o'clock a few evenings ago, resulted in the death of both. Governor Murray, of Utah, telegraphed the Indian Office at Washington on the 14th that the Ute Indians were on the war-path, and had killed several men, stolen many cattle and burned several ranches. He asked that troops be sent to protect the whites. The value of exports of domestic cattle, hois, beef, pork and dairy products for 1884 is as follows: Se ven month ended July 31, $53,828,443; 1883, $67,582,103; beef and pork producís for the nine months endins July 31, $64,96D,018; 1883, $77,719,386; dairy products for the three months ended July 31, $5,253,912; 1883, $6,175,384. The remalus ot Lieutenant Klsllngbury , of the Greely expedition, were disinterred on the 14th at Kochester, N. Y., by friends and physicians, and it was found that the body had been mutilated. The surmise was that the missing portions bad been devoured by the starving explorers. Troops wore on the löth again asked for by Goveruor Murray, of Utah, to bd used to drive back from San Juan County Utes from Colorado who had killed two men, burned and destroyed property and threatened other outrages. AU the whites in the valley had been expelled by the marauding Indians. In an earne-it efïort on the 15th to lower all record, Jay-Eye-See made a niile in 2:10'4 at Philadelphia. ? Germán family of flve persons, the yougest a girl of five years, left New York May 28 for Janes ville, Wis., carryingtheir stores in a cart, and arrived at the latter place on the löth, having walked the entire distauce. At Manhattan, Kan., a few days ago M. P. Waters, a prominent citizen, ordered bis son Sherman to shoot a neighbor's dog. The boy refused and a quarrel ensued, whereupon the parent entered the house, returned with a pistol, and flred at hisson, who returned the fire with fatal effect. Olivkr Dalrymplk, the noted Dakota farmer, says he will harrest 32,000 acres of wheat this year, and that the average yield will be about nineteen bushels per acre. A fire set by incendiarles destroyed the business part of Lampasas, Tex., on the 15th. At the recent meeting of the Irish National League at Boston, the Treasmer reported receipts of 1)42,529, of which $29,762 had been remitted to Ireland, lea ving a balance of f12,767. The resolutions adopted indorse Parnell; protest against England's usurpation of power, and deeply regret the death of Wendell Phillips. For the seven days ended on the 15th 264 business failures were reported in the United States, against 276 the pre vious seven days and 174 in the corresponding period ol 1883. A fire in the eastern part of Cincinnati a few days ago destroyed the saw-mill of Hinton & Cole, the cattle-sheds of th Miami Road, and ten frame dwellings, the loases aggregating $00,003. Three negroes who flred at a freight train the other day at Cass Station, Tenn., were pursued and killed by a party of citizens. The lumber flrm of Blias & Elliott, of St. Paul, Minn., failed recently for $170,000. PERSONAL AÑD POLITICAL. The Michigan Republican State Conrention met at Detroit on the 13th and made the following nominations : For Governor, General R. A. Alger; Lieutenant-GoTernor, Archibald Butler; Secretary of State, H. A. Conant; Treasurer, E. H. Butler; Auditor-General, W. C. Stearns; Commissioner of Land, M. S. Newell; Attorney-Genral, Moses Taggart; Superintendent of Public Instruction, Herschei Glass; Meinber of the State Board of Education. James M. Ballou. The platform adopted recommends mor efficiënt laws for the protection of laboring men, and detnands that the next Legislatura submit a prohibitory constitutioual amendment to the direct vote of the people. ïhk Virginia Legislature met in extra session at ilicbraond on the 18th. Ukpublican Congressional Conventions on the 13th nominated W. E. Fuller in tlie Fourth Iowa District; Colonel Ralph Plumb in the Eighth Illinois ; E. H. Conger and H. Y. Smith in the Seventh Iowa; A. J. Holmes (renominated) in the Tenth lowa, and A. R. Barbee in the Fourth West Virginia District. The Demócrata placed in the field Preston S levenson in the Fifth District of New Jersey, and the Greenbackers of the Second Maine District nominated W. W. Berry. The Democratie State Convention of Georgia met at Atlanta on the loth and renominated Governor McDaniel and uearly all the other State offleers. The Arkansas Republican State Central Commiltee met at Little Rock on the 13th and noininated Thomas Boles for Governor, and a full State ticket. Patrick Eoan, formerly treasurer of the Land League in Ireland, was on the 14th chosen President of the Irish National League of America. At the session of the American Bankers' Associatiou in Saratoga Springs on the Hth Lyman J. Gage, of Chicago, was reelected President. In an essay on banking niethods, Mr. George, of Montreal, pronounced the practice of borrowing on single-named paper Ilegitímate, and contended that loans should only be made on personal application to the banker. The Connecticut Democratie State Convention will be held at New Haven on the 2d of September. The following Congressional nominations were made on the 14th: Kepublicans - ühio, TwelftU District. Alplionso Hart (renominated) ; Fonrth, Louis B. Guncket. Indiana, Tweltth District, Heron B. Keator. Tennessee, Third District, H. C. Evans. Democratie- Illinois, Tenth District, N. E. Worthington (renominatnd). Tennesgse, Fifth District, James D. Riehardsoi. Texas, Ninth District, Roger Q. Mills (reiumiinated); Tenth, JosepU D. Sayers. ProIjibil ionists - Illinois, Thirteenth District, (jeorge Herrington. ÏHK Society of the Array of the Teuessee, il) session a' Lake Minnetonka, Minn., on the 14lh re-eleeted General Shermau as Prosident, aud decided to meet in Chicago next year on the second Wednesday in September. Lieutenant GitEELY, the Are', ie explorer, was oflieially welcomed to bis old home, Newburypoi't, Mass., on the 14th, by a procession and reception. Mr. Blaine on the 14th telegraphed instructions to have the Indianapolis Sentinel prosecuted for libel, that journal baring charged, in a recent issue, that Mr. Blaine botrayed his wife, and only married her when threatened with death. Senator Harrison's law flrm flled the papers, placing the damages at ÍO0,O(W. The Kepublicans of Texas will hold a State Convention at Honston September 2 for the purpose of nominating State officers. Rev. Dr. John Brows, the oldest Episcopal minister of New York State, died on the 15th at Newburg, aged ninety-three y.'ars. He delivered an addres-i of welcome to Lafayette iu 1824. The will of Bishop Simpson, made public on the !5th, contains a couditional bequestof one-seventh of his estáte to endow a chair fora Methodist Bishop, to reside in Philadelphia, the remaining 100,U00 being left to the widow and children. Major Erxst Hoffman, who served under Garibaldi, and in the Union army during the rebollion, with distinction, died on tho 15th at. Rock Island, 111. The following Congressional nominations were made on the l'ith: Republican - Michigan, Fourth District, Julius C. Burrows. Democratie - North Carolina, First District, Thomas ü. Skinner (renominated); Arkansas, Second District, R. Breekenridge (renorainated). After taking 1,408 ballots in the Seeond Marj land District without a choice, the Demoerats left the selection to the State Central Committee. FOREIGN. A STORM which swept over Great Britain a few duys ago waa followed by the destruction of many tuiMings by lightning. Dundee was so wrapped in darkness that business was suspended, and the Earl of Lauderdale was killed while riding. At Marseilles during the twenty-four hours ended at nine p. m. on the 13th twelve deaths occurred trom cholera. There was one death at Rians and two at Toulon. At other points several deaths were reported. The second Duke oL Wellington, Arthur Richard Wellesley, dropped dead at Brighton, Eng., on the 13th, while entering a railway-coach. During the twenty-four hours ended at nine p. m. on the 14th there were twenty deaths from cholera at Marseilles, fifteen at Arles and two at Toulon. The epidemie seemed to be extending in the small towns of Southern Franco, but was dying out at Toulon and Marseilles. By the explosión of a powder-mill a few days aso at Knzau, Russia, ten persons were killed and flve buildings wero burned. Postmaster-Genkral Fawoett, of Great Britain, is not satisfied with the present postal arrangements btween the United States and England. He proposes to modify them for the better. Stanlet, tho explorer, pronounces in favor of the Congo country being declared a fre State. He denounces England's opposition to the project. The British Parliament was prorogued on the Hth. The Queen's speech announced the resumption of diplomatic relations with Mexico and the conclusión of an agreement for a treaty of commerce. The claim was made that agrariau crime in Ireland had diminished, and that there had been a substantial improvement in the condition of the people of that country. During the twenty-four hours ended at nine o'clock p. m. on the 15th fourteen death from cholera occurred at Marseilles, six at Carcassora, seven at Cette, three at Toulon and three at Toulouse. By the bursting of a gas-englne a few days ago in an envelope factory in London the building was set on fire, and escape being cut off, many women were injured by leaping from wmdows. The loss was estimated at $250,000. A Hong Kong dispatch of the l"th stated that China had declared war against France, and that the Chinese iron-clads at Foo Chow were ready for action. Three persons recently died near St. Petersburg, Russia, from the bite of flies which fhad fed on cattle infected with rinderpest. The spring wheat erop in Ontario wil!, t is said, exoeed last year's yield 10,500,KX) bushels. Corn in the Province is not promising, and hay will be 1,000,000 tons less than in 1883. Advices of the 15th from the City of Mexico stated that several prominent citizens had been arrested for conpiracy to depose President Gonzales and assas sinate General Diaz. LATEE NEWa Tuf Exeéuüve Cominittee of the Anti. Monopoly party assembled in Chicago on the lüth and nominated General A. M. West, of Mississippi, for President. It was resolved to issue an address urging vigorous efforts in close Congressional district, and a unión of all the Butler forcea, under the title of the People party, was advocated. The entire business portion of Anoka, Mum., was destroyed by flames, whicu broke out at two o'clock on the morning of the Kith. Seventy buildings were burned, and the total loss was placed at tl,600,000. Hanlaiï, the Canadian oarsman, was beaten in the sculling race for the championship of the world on the Paramatta River, near Sydney, New South Wales, on the lth, by Beacu, the Australian ehainpiou. Hanlan was soven lenglhs behind bis competitor at the llnish. Bevknty-eight buildings, ODmpiillng two-thirds of the business portion of Urenada. Miss., wem destroved by flre on -t i-.i& ot the ;fl ti. nía ioss vit= estimatod at $30:), 000. Ir waa announced mi the lülh that evideuce tondiag to pioT tbfl charges of cannilialisni made againgt the survivow of the Ureely expedition contiuued to aocuniulate. Tliere seenied to b" nod"ubiol their trutli, lu! it was plu ui il iliat undei' tlio circumstoncdi cauaibalism was [lusvitable A müb at Donibrovi! z, Kussia, 011 tlia lüth jilundored the (lwelliii in tlie Jt)vih quartr, and killed sjven pë!801l Duhinu the boma endod aC nicie p. m. uu th 17th thore wei'u sixteeu deatlis Í10111 cholera at Mari'-illea, nine at Toulon nnd five at Avies. The disease waa said to be slowly spieading ovtir Pranoa and Ilaly. About t'orty business housys, coiupFislii2 over oiie-half the businei-s portion of Gr?envillet Tex., were dcstroved hy fire early 011 the lüornfng of tho 17-li, causinjí a loss of í:U),000. Mixteen duuths froxn vellow fovor had occurred at Hermozillo, Mexico, up to the J7th, and oases werd reportad at five adjaceut cities. The disease appan-ntly originated in geruis rumainfng si nee last year. Thk ñrst balo of new ootton arrived on the Jtith at Selma, Ala., and brougbt twelve cents ]er pound at unction. Mit. Lybkook on tlie lüih Introduced in the Virginia tenate a resolution to repudíate the Htate deb% 011 tiie ground that the bondholders ï'üisted all effjrts lol' making a settlement. Gkorge Alsop and Theóphllm Graven, the two convic s who led the recent revolt in the Frankfort Fenltentiary, were killed in a corn field near Lexlngton, Ky., on the 17th. O:ie of the Shorift's posse, Georgo Jasell, was killed by the oonvicts ut the '.¦t fire.


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