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BALL'S COBSETS The OSilY (ORBKT made that can be roturned by its purchuKer after three wmks mar. if nut found PERFECTUY SATISFACTORY in evcry rMpect, aSd its pflca rafundeï by "hr. Made in a variety of styles and pnces. Sold by nrst-elass dealera everywhere. Beware of worthlesa imitations. iOne licinniK' unhss it lm IlnU's name on the box. CHICACO CORSET CO., Chicago, MÍ. FOT Bale only by WINEtSJt WORDEN [tR APE ' MARKnj THE GESAT BLOOS ?üfiinE&A Livor and Kidney Eemedy, EjS Compounded from the well known I Curatives Hops, Malt, Biicliu, Man- idrake, Dandelion, Sarsaparilla, ¦ cara Sagrada, etc., combined with an 9 agreeable Aromatic Elixir. I ÏHEY CURE BTSPEPSIATlMGÊsrai A Act upon the I.iicr and Kidrtjs, I REGÚLATE THE BOWELS.H They cure Rheumatism, and all 1 nary troubles. They invigorate, m Dourish, Rtrengthen and quiet m ¦ the Nervous System. 9 A As a Tonlc they have r,o Equal. A ffk Tako nor.e but Hops and Malt Bitters. A - FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS. WÊ B Hops and Malt Bitters Cc. U ¦H DETROIT, MICH. 9M mmm IT CTniES WHEN 11 actlon. It la a safe, ALL OTIIER JHl suro andspeody oum CHÍE3 PAIL, m lt v JIÈV AA and hunaotu DIRECTLY Vigk2fidreds havo and AT O NOB on YkfcjTbeen oured the KIDNEYS, IJVwé. , J by it wlim LIVEK and Jkff physiclansand ELS, reetorinR UK Ja friendB had thein to a healthy VjBF Jgiven thoin up ' IT IS BOTH A "SAFE CURE" and a " SPECIFIC." I It CURr.S all iHs.ums ..r i li.' Kiilneya, I-iver, lil,, ,!,!.,¦ nml Trlnary ilwim; Jropsy, Ci i . L, DiabetOH, Itrinln' JmaNc, Nervoua Dixcnnes, Excessen, l'cuiale Wraknemes, I .Imiiiiiüi i-, llilinnanesa, acüe, Soiir 8tninach, Dy8ppaia, Coiistipation, Pilc, Pnina in the Back, I. ii in., or slde, Ketention or n ¦ ii - i í . i i 1 1 i i ,, „ of Urine, 'j ? 1.23 iT DRIOOISTS. -TAKE NO OTHER.- a Sond for Illnstmted Pamphlet of Solid T Umonials of Absoluta Curoa. Iir.NT'S KKMEDY CO., 6 - ¦¦¦mmn !¦¦¦., 1.1. „.. R. I. '


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