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It is a fact tliat remedies alnaost without nnnitKM', iilruariy contfwt th' rl;iiui ti CUN nll th BIn Uut aJRict Hiitf.-riiiK liuuiunity. ThmiHiindH huv íound them powerUwH to work a rure for QhdL No disensos have ho Iu.I1m1 all attcmpts at permanent relief aH have lUieimiatiHin and Nural tria. A Ioiijí HiiuceHKiou of dÍHajiKintimintH hut mude ttitïir ajrouizcd viotÜXlfl donpJur oí' tho pnHHÏbility of euro. For ceuturiuH they have beeu couuidcrud beyoud tho power of meiiicul nkill to curu. And yet we sny botli can be cured, and that Athlophobos will do the busiiieBH. The beut proof thut it run do it iu that it han doun it. Rev. S. R. Dennen, P.D., pastor Tliird ConiiTCKational Clnircll, New Haven. Oonii. RheiimatlBín had kojit hiin froni the imll'it fonr or fivcj inoi.thH at time. He MVi !„¦ ha,l mü .'iel all that ouo c.Hil.l. and live. He took Iiim llrot dOM of AthLOPBOBOB cu Friilay Simday he i in üib pulpit : Mouday he wa well, and ha remained so stnee. ]{ev. William P. Corliit, D.D., pastor Gcorwe Rt M. E. Churnh. New Haven, Oonn., waH laiil DfortWO mmitliH witli Infuiimuatory liheiunatinm, BllfffriiiK mout eiorm-iatiii(f torture. Athlopuüko cured lniu, and he believes it to be intallible. ] [. S. ('handler, of the N. Y. " Independent " Kays Aïhlopbobor curl him of Rbeuniatinm f rom wbich he had euffered lor a year and a half. Rev. W. B. Evans, Washington. T). C, "I conaider itB vork almost in the liflit of a uuracle It is a moHt wonderful medioiue. It uiiKht to lic spread throutfhout the land." Tliepreatqiicstionis, Will Hónreme.' We beliove it will. iBitworthtryinif? You must decide. If yon cannot fret Athlophohoh of your druirtrist, we will Henil it exprena iaid. on receipt of recular liricc- one dollar r Imttle. We prefer that you buy lt froin your drUKiriflt, but if he hawn't H, douotbe pcrHuadcd to try KoiuüthiuK ele, but ordr at once froin uh uh directod. ATHLOPHOROS CO., 112 WALL ST., NEW YORK. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii The intense yearning of flies for bftW licads has it-ver yet liccn satisfncloti y exphiincd h scientisti. - Oil Glty Deirick. Tlie Secret art of Beauty lies nol in cosmeiks, lmt only in pure blood and healtiiy action of 1 1 ie vital orpins, to be oWained by Burüock Blood Iütters. Wlicn : 11 intelligent negro indules In H Y r'f, he is recorded as haviu invfslccl in a Uionzu bast. - Yonkers (Jaette. Don't Die in the " Rough on Rats.'1 Cléarsout rata, hilce, roaches, bed-bugs, fliös, ants, OioleS, chiimonks, gophers. 15c. New York girls ai e een kissing thelr liorses. They prefer it to kissing the donkeys of society. - New Orleana Ploayune. tSTPrelty as a Picture. Twenty-foiir ui colors of the DiainondJDyes, for Silk, Wool, Cotton, etc. lüc. each. A child can use with perfect succes:-. Get at once at your druggists. Wells, Rlchardson & Co., Burlington, Vt. "Say, waiter," called a jjentleinau at u city restaurant, "the milk in ihis stew is sour." " So ?" saiü the waiter, " that itew bad." - The Hosier. Just as (oud. Mimy unscrupulous dealen rnay tel! you they have remedies lor C'oughs and Colds equiil iu nierit aiul inevery lespeet just as jood as the old reliablc Dr. Busanko Cough and Lung Syrüp, milessyou insist upou tliis remedy and wil! take no otlier, you are liable to be jrently deceived. Price (0 ceuts and $1.00. Sold by itbon. Blastinjr paper ia a recent Austiian inveiilion. Goud paper tor editor to use when blowinr lip " (heir eateemed eonteiuporaiies." - Boston (JoUrler. Hünt's [Kidney and Liver] Rbmbuy is no "hit or miss" oompound, or old woman's mixture. It u prepared by a scientific pliannaciët, with a f uil knowledge of the poweis and viitues of each ingrediënt in the elass of diseases whicli it cares. It is puraly vegetable and cannot harm the youngest child or the most feeble iuvalid. " C itch on to tlii nevv drop of mine," said the $1200-a-yeai pitcher. And the battmen was laid ott' tor a week, with eight ribs bioken. - Boston Times. "Rongh on Rats." Clears out rats, mice, roaches, flies, ants, bed-bugs, skunks, cliipmuuUs, gopliers, 15c. Druggists. "Annex Canada! " cried ihe bank cashier. "Heavens, no ; 1 hope not, ItWOUld just take away all chances oí suceess in my piotession."- Lowell Citizen. Rev. Wm. Stout, Wiaiton, Ont., states: Being intffeetually treated by 17 doctors for Scrofula, 1 was cured by Burdoek Blood Bitters. Write for proof. Au exchange prints au article, "How to make ice creani." That sn't what's wanted. What the oppressed young men of this land W3nt to know 9 how to pay for it.- Breakfast Table. Eberbach & Sou the Druggists.who are always lookihï after the interests of their customers, lmve now secured the sale of Dr. Bosnnko's Cough and Lu"g Syrup, a remedy that never faüs to cure Colds, Pain in the Chest and all Lung Affections. For proof, try n tree sample bottle. Jte'ular size 50 cents and $1.00. "Wliat makes you loveme?" asked i young motlier of her little daiighter. "I doii't know mamma," was the reply, "but I think it s because I have known'you so long."- New York Graphic. "Biuluipaiba." Quick, complete, cures all annoying Kidney, Bladder and Urinary Discascs. $1. Druggist. A Boston critic declares that Walt Whitman is the "poet of the future." Now, if he will on 1 y desígnate Whitman's abode in the future, editors and otlier lovers of true poetry will take pleasure in going to the other place.- Norristown Berijd. Solitl Comrort. Bvery one likes to take solid comfort and it may be enjoyed by everyone who keeps Wort in the house and takes a few doses at the first symptoms of an attack of Malaria, Kheumatisin, Biliousness, Jaundiceor any alVection of theLivei, Kidneys or BowelB. It is a purely etable compomid of roots, leaves and berries known to have special value in kidney troubtéi. Added to tliese BTe remedies actlng directly on the Liver and Bowcls, It removes Ihe cause of disease and fortiiies the system against new attacks. "A six-year-old girl with thiok whiski ers on her cheeks has arrived in New York." She muy be a curiosity in New York, butsixteen-yeAr-old iris with thick vvliiskers on their cheeks are comnion enough in this town- at times.- Norristown Herald. "Mollier Swan's Worm Sjrup." tnfalllble, tasteless, harmleas, cathartlc, tot feverishneas, restlessness, wonns, constipation. 20c. I heard some one ask througb tbs talephone yesterday why a JNlother Ilubbiird dress was like a tOTChllght procession without muslc. The answer was so faint tliat 1 am not sure I got it, bat I thought he said "because it needs a band."- Hoston Times. The threeoutlets of diseaseare the bowels, tlie skin and the kidneys. Regúlate their action with the best purifying tonic, Burdock IJood Bitters. Stephen Whitlock, aced 18 years, of LyoiiH, N. Y'., " at'ter eating a quart of jieanutH, two quarts of cherries, pits and all, and drlnkfug several glasses of ice water, died In (freat agony." The cause of his death is unknown but heart dlsease is suspected; - Nonistown Herald.


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