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THATDONTLIE! ¦ ¦ The Royal Baking Powder Co. try to ;ive the infereuce tlmt tlieir powder conmins more Cream Tartar and that its l. n n in I'owcr is jrreater than any 01 her made, Btated in their advertlsetnent on the "Comparativa Worth öf Baklnjc Powders," xhibited by black Unes. Oiir name was mentioned in eonnectiou witli one of our chenpei' hrnniU, made of different materials as the trade might (Iemand. Uur Cream Tarlar brand of Andrew' Pearl was omltted, evidently tor a verv goud reaaon, judsinfr from the relativc nierils of Andkew's "Pbabl " and the lioyal. hs cleai ly demonstrated by the Government Chemisr, Dr, Peter ('om.ikh if the Department of Agi-icultnre, at Washington, trom samples received by bini trom dealers wlio furuished the samples trom their stocks on imnd ia open market. UK.LULLItKb ANAL Y bib - IJ. S. Df.PT. OF AORICrLTORE. ( _ k J Washington D. C, Marcli 10, 1883. f ¦ C. E. Andkhws & Co.- Gentlemen : I received by JT from Thos. Lydon and J. P. Harkins & Co., 5 Lgs===ss Grand Ave., MilwaukeO, and HarperBrog., Chicafei.. : "m'ít sro, 111 , samples of Andrews' Pearl and lioyal Bak. W H I inr Powders. The cana were in good condition J H I wlien received and theseals unbroken. 1 tind apon 4 ---„ (i) ¦ I analysis that Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder cony m I tains ahoiitfour and a halt (-Oj) per cent, mure 0 WBÉB I 58 I -'ream tarlar than the Koyal Bakiiijr Powder, l I and a proHrlionately lar$ier percentage E ' f r Bot' carlionio acid ïa. and I II rul if lo be q I I tree lrom aluin, and any injiirioiis üiii - i ¦ Mances. SS 1 l Sincerely joven, I ¦ PETER COLLIEH, Ifö BP '. 'i':' U. S. Chemist, Dept. of Agricultiire. GoveTument Chemist Collier's Análisis as to ík Lavenii Qualities. ANDREWS' PEAnlSÊÊBÊKKÊÊÊÊKÊÊKÊÊIÊÊÊÊÊÊ royal ¦BBBHBHBB No wonder the Royal Co. omltted Andrews' Pearl from their " Comparativo List," as Government Chemist Collier's analysis shows roiieliisively two things: lst, That Andrews' Pearl contalns more Cream Tartar than the Koyal, as hówn bytherntsahove; 2d, That the Lcavcning l'owcrof Andrews Pearl is greater than the lioyal, as shown by the two black hnes above. CEALLEÏTCE. We will Bsve the Koval Co. or any one else Sl.OOOor $5,000 if they can prove by anv fair mutual test that Andrews' Pearl Baking Powder does, or ever did eontain aliim or any ininrious suhstances, and this challenge is open forever. Andrews Pearl Baking Powder is sustained by a testimonial asto itspurityand Ut ren ff th by the only genuine commksioned Government chemist, such as the Royal Co. „ever have pub.ished. Tkv It. & AS1)REWS & CO., 287 289 & 291 E. Water St., Mihvaukee. 45 Michigan Ave.. Chicago.


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