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A saw mili wantecl it Cedar, O.-ceola county. A new grlítmill luis been started at Shtlby, by Wm. Banks. Howell is to have a new skating rink, to be built by home talent. Six bundred subscriben in tlie Grand Rápida teleplione exchancre. Cucumbers llave beei selling na low as (0 cents per barrel in Detroit. Flintstill boometh her manufactories. Slie hopi s tbey will employ 2,(jo Worktoen soon. Tvvelve tona of iron is nielted daily In Xichols, Sliepard & Üo.'sfoundry, al Battle Creek. TheG. A. H. camp at li.ittle Creek was a friMinl sucoess. Abom 15,000 veterans were tliere. With tlie exception of peaches.fallfrntts promiee an abnndant erop In most parts of the state. Forest tires have been devastating the noitbern counties agalu. Kspeclally a-round Tawas. Prof. W. L. Kellog, of Battle Creek, succeeds Prof. Forbes as principal ai tiie ¦ Brighton schools. Fast horscs and their admirara lmve a " meet" at East S.iginaw next week. eommcncing Tuesday. Battle Creek Cliapter han given tlie Mark Mnster'sdegree to lus puison.-, aud the Royal Aich to 159. The Fenton ladies' band took part In a tourhament at Terre Haute, Ind., receutly, and proved a bijr card. Soutli Lyon lias liad Cotnmandery o. 81, Knights of Samarla, nstltnted 'there. with 19 charter inembers. Whexit is low, but the farmer is eonsoled with the prospect of a bi; erop of clover seed.- Vermontville Havk. Governor Begole's second term candidacy is geologieally referred" to as the "azoicboom," beeause it is without life. Two children at Climax mistook wild parsnips for sweet flag, and carne near climbing tlie golden stairs in consequence. Albert Peterson broke jail at Howell on the 22d iust., and $200 Is offered for bis capture. Bigamy is whathe Ischarged with. The hay feverassociation held lts animal meeting at Petoskey yesterday. The feverites of thts aection, especial! y, weie not all there. Wm. Qreenfield.oí East Milán, thrashed a Boliemian oatcrop otl'froin four acres of land, whlch yielded I(j3 busbels ot ffraln. - Milán Journal Oakland county is credited with tlie largest acreageof beans of any county in the state. And there are soine pumpkin over in Oakland county, too. Ed Ilorn, of Detroit, has saved tliirtythree persons from drownlng - not in a Horn - but in Detroit rlver. lie is a sort of a darling. Grace Darling. The Plainwcll Independent man recen tly picked a quadruple water lily on the Allegan pond, and several doublé ones have been f'ound there tb is seuson. The Pinckney JDispatch gays that Jim Jurkee of Unadilla, can beat tlie Dutch )iiuling oats. A few dayg ago he buund iifty-i'our bundles In five minutes. Battle Creek división No. 33, Brotherïood ot' Locomotive Epglneers, lias been nstituted three years. The first year they nutnbered 13 members, the second year 4(5, and the thlrd year 55. A Marlette barber announces himself as "a professor of crinicuHin-al abdecission and craniolugical tripsis, tonsorial artist, physiognieal hair dresser, facial open1, tor, craniuin manipulator and capillary abridger." The latest hen yarn comes from the western part of the state. It is asserted that üliver Dalrympleof Buehanan, has a hen wliicli lays tvvo eggs 't a sitting. The eggs are connccted by a ligature about an inch in length. Pinckney üispatch: Mr. Auld, wliohas purchased the Jonas Young farm on the banks of Portagc Lake, lias 27 head of l'ull blood Aberdeeu caltle brought with bina from Scotlaud. He has mort; on the vvay froui the old country. The four statues, La Salie, Cadillac, Perre Murquette, md Per re Richard, presented by Bela lltibbaid to the city of Detroit, are now being placed on the city hall, In niches left for the purpose when the building was erected. The Ottawa iron works at Feriysburg, owned by ex-Senator Ferry and Andrew Thompson, have been sold at mortgaffe sale for $10,000 to Alex. Wheiden, the moitgagee. The property was appraUeá 15 nionths ago at $98,000. Extensive arrangements have been made by the citizens of South Lyons for the reunion of the old fightiug 5th regiment, which is to take place to-day. A splendid program has been arranged, and everythingbes[eaksa happy time. The D. II. & I. track between the Vpsilantl and Fort Wayne branches, will be taken up immediately. This track has been used to store freight cars since the new branches were put in. but will not be needed hereafter. - Hillsdale Leader. The annual reunión of the 18th Mich. Inft., together, with Snldiers and Sailors' association and the G. A. H. posts of Hillsdale and Lenawee counties, will be hehl at DeYll'S Lake, this week, conimeneing on the litli, and lasling three days. The Armada agricultural society have [ntroduced a somewhat novel but very commendable feature in their coming exhibition, to be held Oct. Ut-8d. Said feature is an old folk's day, when cvt-ry person over 75 years of age wlll be udmitted frec. The Grand Jïapids Ea;le says: The peach erop on the öwartz farm, Bpart townsliip, this year will anioiint to bilt very little. Last year the orchard bore 4 500 busliels,aiul the proprietors, received about $7,000 lor the erop. The orchard consistí of about 30 acres, con taina 4,500 trees, a large number ofwlüeli have borne for eight consecutive years. [r. F. E. Parkei of Wisconsin lias the contract with the Bt. Joteph Valley H. R. eornpany, (narrow ganse) and is to complete the road on or belbre Jannary l,18Sö. The ron is said to be bonght, and nuiles, men, ete. will be on hand In Millicient nuinbersto make üvely vvork. This road will have the distinction of being the only one building in the state at present. Hon. Chas. K. Carpenter, of Orion, who died recently at bis home. was one of the noted men of Michigan. He w.-is a native of New York, born In 1820, carne to Michigan in 1840, settling it Orion nhere he has resided ever since. Heieaves seven cliildren all grown, anti some of them finely educated. He bas ahv.-iys farmed it, and fonght hard to nmke Orion a beantiful slimmer resort. The Northeastern agricultura! society, the circuit heing enmposed of the counties of Geneaee, La peer, Saginaw, Bay, Tuscola, Hurón, etc., umounees its next ann nul exhlbition tor Sept. 32d to 26th, inclusivo, at Flint. The speed depaitment ])romises to come to tlie front prominently. 'J'luit genial newapaper man, Fred. Lcwis, ol the Hay City Cali, Is secretary. Eaton Iiapids Journal : Last Wednesday a man trom Potterville dropped liis pocket book, containing $105 and some papers, on Main street ii front of Al Newman'8 barber shop, Al happened to s"ee it lying in the load and pieked it up. He Inqulred of several persons tbr tlie purpose of flndlriK the owner and soon ran ucross tlie ohject of hissearch to wliom he lianded the pocket-book, and in return for his honesty and pains, was rewarded with thirtyfonr cents. Y e shades of Moses, what a magnanimons soul that man must possess ! Cliester Hazard, aged 90 years, of Genoa township, Livingston county, went to Loug lake, a few rods distant trom his, yesterdiiy mornlng to fisli, and an liour later was fouud lying dead on the ground by the side of his boat. He located his farm in 18ar and lived on it conti ii uously to the time of his death. He was supervisor of lus towuship several years, was elettad county trtaeUrer, and repreeentetl liis district at the liist scssion of the legislatme held in Lansing.- Eveniug News. The state troops didn'tcamp out a whole week without tinding out one of the eliief (JellgktS of a soldier's lite. So we judge trom the Plymouth side of the VVayne Heview : " (Juarter-master general Shakespeare was iu town this week, the guest of George A. Starkweather. Mr. ÖUakespcare's principal object in coming here was to investígate the recent ra W8 made byt he state troop? on Mr. Starkweather's eabbage lielils, which are in charre of Mr. George Burch, on whom the los will fall, and to lind ïf possible vvho the oflenders are. He spent some time here and left, promising such restitution as the military board deerns proper, for ilie damage done."


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