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The Berrieu Springs Era reinurks : Wehearofa republican frlend announcing that lie intends tr vote the proliibition :ioket, but have failed yetto Uear a single instunce of the kind lroni tlie democratie ranks. Beller obtain your " pair " before you tlirow aw.iy your vote or wliat is vvprse, ive the democracy on e ballot. Just interview a democrat and get his idea ïf this matter before allouingyour better ludgmebt to be tbus set aside. Pontlac Gazette: Among the chief llanderers of Blaiue, and the impugnen of his honesty, quoted by tiie democratie press everywliere, is John S. C. HarrUon of Indlanapolis, whose bank has jnst gone to piecea. The investigation novv going on proves this moral reformer, Harrison, to be a thief and seoundiel of the first water, his bank rotten to the bottom, and he personal ly in defattlt S!fñ,OOO, and his depositors think that lie will probably have little to say nbout Blaine in the future. It ean't be possible that there are any sour grapes aboutthis from the Ovid Register: After a Rip-Van-Wmkle sleep the people of Owosso have been aroused by sonie convulsión of human nature, and are making commendable efl'orts to sell their real estáte. They offer manufaeturing establisliments a bonus to comethere. The old, o!d story will be told igain sonie fine morning. The village property will chaiige hands, pay day will come with high taxes and smash-ups, and the bottom will be out of the whole business. On the back seats there wilt be weeping and wailiug and gnashing of ivories. Paste ttiis in your hat. The Allegan Journal aml Tribune bas been looking up Mr. Hendricks1 record, eviilently : The rebel sytnpathizer, Torn Ileiulrieks, tells U8 what he will do when he Í8 vieepresident. He is to be congratulated for his frankness. He says he will sive his casting vote againstall república measures. Republicana who do not want the reconstrucción acts of congressoverthrown and the results achieved by the boys in blue, make a note of tliis declaration by Mr. Hendrieks. Hendricks is a democratie ïefoimer, and during tlie war or' the rebellion all of his syrapathies were on tbe side of treason. Union men will not yet trust such a man with the casting vote on any question affectiug the nation's interests or growing out of the late war. Here is All item for the G. A R. boys, from the Hillsdale Leader: G. A. R. men have very little rcasoti for supporting Cleveland, as lie has op)osed tlieir inteiests every possible occasion. WtUla mayor of Buffalo he vetoed UI appropriation oi' $300 for the observance of Decoration Day. As governor hc vetoed the bill paned by the last leglslature making it a misdemeanor for any person but an honorably discharged soldier o wear a (í. A. IÍ. badge. Ilealso vetoed the bill allowing G. A. R. posts to use state muskets, and a bill allowing a gratuit}- of $1,200 to John Young, a soldier who lost an arm in the service, and who was made a helplesscripple by an accident while worklng in the capítol building in Albany. These bilis wcre passed on the petltlon of the G. A R. posts. BoèdlePf aud patriot all over the country may well ask if sucli a man is tit to be president. Thereare some bad boys iu Eaton llaptds, also, we should Judge by the following from tlie Journal : . Some cute boys put up a job on Billy Ransoin the other erening which afforded tliuni mueli sport. A see-saw arrangement was fixed to the round house on the laland - whicli serves as a domicile for liilly aml hU wü'e - a longstring attached to it and then concealed In the umlerbrusli at a safe distance from Billy's clubs tliey began operations. At the first liideous creaking and groaning set up, the innuites came out and iooked wildly about. All was quiet as the grave. No sooner had the door been closed when rip-spank-bang -ra-ta-tat, away she went again. Thistime Billy's liair begHn to raise and rushing to the door be yelled murder like a good fellow. One of bis near neighbors, hearing the racket, juinped out of bed and iuto bis pants, Imt whon lie reached the scène cf actiou the midnight marauders liad slid. The " boys " are said to be quite aged "boys." A s;ul and mnuruful tale s thus told by the 8t. Joseph Kepublican : And now it is the gloriou9 season ; wben the excursión boats are reaping their annual harvest; when the wicked threshlng macliine rets in ts work on the careless granger; when the colic producing cucutnber tempts the guileless; when the Sednctive watermelon doubles up the email boy with the gripes; when the detesteil house fly leaves his trade-mark, here, there and everywhere; when the musical mosquito sings bis sweetest, and presenta liig little bill; when the bucolic orator inounts the stuinp, and tellshis awestruL-k hearers the one and only way to save the country; when the city relatives o!' the country cousins come to see them, and work them for all they are woi th, and then go home and talk about what raw chompa they are, and arrange for a lockout on thein when they cometo return the vUitnext winter; and, when the poor, hard vrorktrie editor who considers himsclf in luck if he gels one square meal a month, is waiting and watcbing oh, so anxiously, for that money on subscription that was promised " after harvest "- tlie "after uuvest" which uever comes.


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