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" How to Teil tlie Age of a Horac," is the title of a valuable litïle publicatinn sent. out by M.T. Kichanlson, pnblteber, No .7 Warren street, N. Y. city. Trice 30 cents. The Boston school Bupply company, Boston, Mass., has publiahed a work by Lucretia Ooekei, entltled "Methoda of Teaching Georrapby." It is cloth bounrl, and contaius seventy-one pages. The receipt of a pamphlet by J. Schoenhofentitled "Wajcefi and Trade In Manufacturing Industries la America and in Eiirope," sellinjr at Üfteen cents, is hereby acknowledged. It Is published by G. I'. Putnam's Sons and is lir sale ly Andrews & Witherby. G. P. Putóam'8 Sons, New York, have bouml in cloth, one volume, the two volumes of ''English as Slie s Bpoke." Our readers are familiar with the works, and wlll remember they had quite a lanje sale when íirst published. Prtoe oO cents. Andrews & Witherby. No. ;!. of the Young Folks' Librarv, a rrceai departure of I). Loihrop : Co , Boston, in the line of good literature at low priees, is at hand. It is entitled ' Kitty Kent," by Julia A. Eastman, and serie ïbr twenty-five cents. A immber a mcinth is published, eaokhelngH complete volume. Tbs leading artlde in the September Popular Science Monthly will beon '-8cientilic Culture : its Spirit, its Aim, and its Metliods," hy l'rof. J. P. Cooke. Tlie paper ia i températe contribución to tliecurrent educattonal controversy, and all ulio wisli to learn what this new culture will do well to read it. Q. H. BarUett,throujrh Ci. P. Putnam's ¦Soms, ha gi ven the public a short story entitled "A Commercial Trip with an rjneommercral Eiidiny." tt is prjnted in handsome large type, and is ot just the sie to tempt one to ita pages for a short time on a leisure afternoon. Price 75 cents. Andrews & Wetherby. We are In recelpt of "Wlmt is to be Done," an emergency handbook for the nursery, with useful hints tor children and atlults by Robert B. Dixon, M. D. The book is paper bound and published by Lee & Sheppard. In its alphnbetical arrangement of subjects treateil the volume furnishes its own Index. Price 130 cents. Andrews & Witlierby. St. Nicholas for September is an especially attractive number, contalnlng a happy combiiii.tion of those features that go to makc up i successful child's magazine. The arttclet are all that could be desired. The illustrations are simi)ly perfect, and the pure tone and eteviiting tendeneies of the contenta are calculated to ranke every boy and girl who reads thein better. "Tbe Boys of Thirty-Five," by K. II. Elwell. froni the house ot Lee it Bhepard, Boston, is a charraing book and ot lackinjr a nice sprinkling of fun throiifrhout. One paper 6ays it is "as niuch like the the ad ventures of a live boy as thougli photographed." Mucli if its wortli may be said to be In tbe fact that it portrays customs and cliaracters purely American, and as sucli becomes of peculiar interest. Price $1.25. For sale by Andrews & Witherby. "Judith: A Chronicle of Oíd Virginia, " by Marión Harland, issued bjFords, Howard & Hulbert, N. Y., is a work that is of not a little interest to many. Furwer's insurreotion, the pleasures and di.sadvantages of Southern life, &c. are well brought out. "Únele Arcliie" will doubtless please more tlmn one who may read tbe story. As a late addition to "Our Continent Llbrury" the volume may be commended, Price $1.50. Ueo. Osius & Co. Capt. Parrar has reoenüy p ubi tañed through Lee & Sheppard, Boston, anothe" book for the Lake and Forest series ; it is entitled "Wild Woods Life : or, A Trip to Parmachenee." 'Tis the story of the adventures of some Boston boys in the woods of Maine. While there are features about it that detraet from the reader's enjoytnent somewhat, yet on the whole it makes a very readable book - tor the suminer months particularlv. Price $1.28. For sale by Andreus it Witherby. Lee & Shepard publislied a few weeks since " Twelve Months in an English Prison," by Susan W. Fletcher, which is an account of portions of the life of the aulhoress, especially relating to her con viction andimprisonment on the charge of robbery. Perhaps not so niuch of the book is devoted to the latter and to an account of the prison methods as we should expeet from its title ; in the course of the volume various auggestions are made as to prison reformo. Price Sl.."0. Andrews ik Witherby. One of Lee & Shepard's books tliis season is "Floyd Graudon's Honor," by Miss Amanda BI. Douglas. This lady ís tlie writer of a dozen otlier books, and also of the Katlie Stories for young people, beiiiff six in number. If there are portions of her latest volume that may disappoint, it is not without some merit in more particulars than one. The principal character moves In the upper circles of New York society, and in connectlon witli its porti'ayal are scènes and events well described. Price, $1 50. For sale by Andrews & Witherby. Lee & Shepard have lamed "Life at Puget Sound," by Caroline C. Leighton. It contains, also, sketches of travel in Washington Ty., British Colombia, Oregon and California. The work is from the pen of a lady who, ihiring the yeui from 1SC5 to 18S1, traveled with her'husband tbroughout. the portions of country she describes. Hisduties undir th government were such as to r-quire him to visit every point occupied b}r the United Htates in the Northwest. It 3 one of the j most Interesting records of travel publis.Ii for some time. Price fl.25. Andrewi & Witherby. A work entitled the "Elements of Poj litical Economy," by Einile de La ve Cye, J translated by A. V. Pollard, lias been handcd u. We find an introduction and supplementary cliapter by F. V. Tauislg, InatrucUon in political economy at Harvard. The volume is divided into foor books and contains thirty-seven cbapters systematically treating of the various topics under the general subject of political economy. Six aectlona in the tnpplementary cliaptersare devoied to economie questions in the United States. The dill'eientsubjects throughout have aiuong ihem many of much interest at the present time. G. P. Putnam's Sons, N. Y. Price, $1.50. For sale by Geo. Osius & Co.


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