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The Habits Of The Frog

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TliO frog spemls most of h!s timo a the water, when he loafs under astone, but he can hop across the country when his native pond dries up in a stylo that would discount an American camel making for an oasis. When he linda another pool of water he stays thoro and makes himself comforta'ule. üccasionaly ho will stop and spend some time in a moist locality, where there ia nothing but ooze or damp leaves. Ho has four non-palmated lingers, a rudimentary thumb, and enormous extensor muscles inhis hind legs. He livc.s apon bugs, and has been known to swallow small birds, but, like other amphibia, and unlike the ward politician, he can not drink. His tongue is fastened t the lowcr jaw at the tip instead of at the base, and he slings itoutafter acriokel or June bug like a lasso. The encyclopiodia states that the frog is peculiar for the presenco of occipital condyles and the development of the transverso processes of the sacrum, but most peopie do not believe this. His greatest peculiarity lies in the fact that there ia nothing to eat on his bones exeept tita muscles of his loga. The nuiuber of frogs sent Xortli during the s)ring and suinmer is eaormous. l-'rom the tributarios of the Chesapeake Bay alone the frog croj averages $100,000 a year. In tho salt marahea of the South' they grow larger than the)' do elsewhore, but tho me:it is coarserand not so odible. Krogsare as prolilic as herring. Millions of lilüc; black tadpoles infest every mudpuddle. The knowing fish esteeni them very higlily as food, but the tadpole who escapes consump! ion for Hiree weeks drops his tail, which is onlv a temporary affair Míjway, grows four ampie legs and goes out to be a "bloody" himself until ho U shot or hooked to satiate the invetérate maw of the lord


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