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What Shall The Name Be?

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The silii.ition of Gen. Butler in the politics of the day is i little peculiar, d say llie leaal, auil the views tuken of hitn and hU posttlon are mauy, and wldely at variunes. Some think one vvay, somc (hink anotlier way. Gen. All'recl Pleasanton, wlio is not often ciedited withtalklng politics In the coiiiinoii meanlng of that pbrase, says : " Butler, with the varlona elementa to whlch hu addrosses hlnuelf, stands to-day in just ibuiit the same relativo position that Kriniont ilid witli the Repllbllcan party. Fretnont was the candidate of the vaiious element! which, coinbined, constituted the republiean party. 'J'liat party was defeated the h'rst time; hut it succeeded in the next con test. Butler is gong to run DOW as the caudidate of the vanous organtzatloDB whloh, combine!, wHl niake the ' Pcople's party.' He will he defeated, bilt that new party will come in beUveen the two old paities and earry oft' the prise in the prealdential contest of 1888." But the elements that concentiated upon Fremont had atl allinity of sentiment. They could come logether without doinr violence to any of their professed princi" pies. The elements that unite upon Gen. Hutier are wldely at variance in their professions of faith. Some believe in a "fiif'dollar, sotne na'Miard" dollar, some believe In a good, atable formof governnient, some in soeialistie teachlogs - whieh is but another name for anarchy. And so on throiigh the list. They all combine upon Butler because he is the only man in the United States to-day that representa all shadow and shade of public opiniou. But to name the conglomeration, so that all will be satisfied, will be a task that will tax the ingenuity of even the fertile braln of Ben. hiniself. Gen. rieasanton's BUggestlon of the "People's party," is good but not significant, comprehensivo and far reaohing unoujfh. And their chances for Buccess will all he slauhtered for want of a name.


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