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TEST ÏOÜR BAKIMPOf DER TO-DAY! Branda Mlrartiaad M Kbaolataly pure COWTAIW AMMONIA. THE TEST : Plnpp a can trp down uu u bot stuvr until heated.the remove the cOTer and srni-ü. A cheniist uill nol bc rtttured to doteot tiio timtmm oí ammuniu. BOES NOT (ONTAIN AM3T0MA. ITS lltU.TMKl lAtHS HAS NEVER HH- "Ji I snr,KII In a mlltlon homes for a guarter of a century it hai tood conmnwrs' reiifttk tet, THE TESTJFJHE OVEM. PRICE BAKING POWDERCO., M UCBBt OF Dr. PiIcg's SDBcial FlavoriBE Extracts, TÍ ¦ rnnflrt . mtmt lIlllVlhM mtt nniiiralflor bnoMti.uid Dj Frice's Lupuün Yeast Gcms I Lleht, lkdlthv Iliviul. The Best Dry H p i Mot ui tha World. FOR SALE BY CROCERS. CHICACO. - ST. LOUIS. L'GHT HEALTHY BREAD ' YEA5TGEM5 Tha best dry hop yeast In the world. Brea( ralsed by this yeast Is light, white and wholerome like our grandmother's dellclous bread CROCERS SELL THEM. PREPAREQ BY THS Price Baking Powder Co-, Han'frs of Dr. rrice's special Flavoring Exiracts, Chicago, II!. Si. Louis, Mo CAIN Health andjiappiness. haKf j HAVE D0NE! Are your Kidneys disordered? ¦KidiH'y "Wort lir.mght me from my firftvi, ui it wen-, alu-rlhail bi-i-n ulvi-n 1111 l.v HM doctor la DMTQu11 M. W, Duvuraux, Mochaiiic, lonia.Mieü. Are your nerves weak? "Kiilnt-y Wort eured HM m'rv.ius wraknews O.,ftorI wus ,„,t .xpeite.l tolivo." Mia M.M.B. Ooodwm, KU. OhritttOM Xunitor, CluvclILnd, O. Have you Brighfs Disease? 'hjiliicyWort curcd me whpn my wnter wasjuat lilto thalk and tbwi like blond." Franlc Wilson, Poabody, Mass. Suf f ering from Diabetes ? "Kidik-y-Wort In TÏÏt Innrt ir l liHll I tliwilj I har eyer used. Ulves alinost immediat r'lit'f " Dr. Pluillp t'. BuUou, M. .uk [..u, vt. Have you Liver Complaint? "Ki.liii-y-Wort ciirod 1110 of chrouic Livc-r Disuast-s uí'ítT Iprayi'd t die." neury VVard, late Col. 69(h Nat. Ouard, N. Y. Is your Back lame and aching? "Kldnny-Wort, il bnttlt-) -urcd mo when I wiihso lame I had tu roll uut of bed." O. M. Talluiatfi', Mi]wauki-e, Wis. Have you' Kidney Disease? "Kidmy-Wort madn mo sound in llver and kidnayi aft.-l' Vfiirs oí UltfiXOOQMfQ] il.n'lorillji. J t H worlh ilUubux'-Sam1! Ilodeaa, Williainstow n, Wtst Vu. Are you Constipated? "Kidiiry-Wort causea easy cvacuations and cured DU at' ter 16 yvars uso of other ïnrüicineH." lson Kaü-cbild, Öt. Albans, Yt. Have you Malaria? "Kidney-Wort han done bi'tter than any ollnr ramsdy L liavo ever used in my praotire." Dr. lt. K. Clark, SuutU lloro, Vt. . Are you Büious? 'Kiilncy-AVart has donóme moro K'od than íiny Otber icnn.'ily I li;iv ever taken." Mi-. J. T. Ualloway, Elk Flat, Oroon. Are you tormented with Piles? "Kliinvy-Wtrtpennnriently üUTêd Die of hlovdiuif pllt?. Dr. w. 0. ivlun' racommended it to me." Gvo. II, Horst, C'aahiur M. Bank, Myerstown, Pa. Are you Rheumatism racked? "Kidnty Wort OOTOd mo. after i vu ovB p to diu Jjy iiliywkiaiisiind 1 hd suiVered thirty vearft." Elbridgo Mulcolui, W'val Buth, Malno. Ladies. are you suffering? "Kidney-Wort cnred ïiio of peculiar troubles if Rfvcrulyc-arststanditm. Many friend une and prniso it." lira. H. Lainoreaux, lalu La Motte, Vt. If you would Banish Disease i and gain Health, Take The Blood Cleanser. A Kooil looking abuut 1,100 or 1,200 pouDdl, dorlng the winter tor hls board. Llght work. i;may buy the liorse if sultcd. A. K. IIANdSTKHKER.


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