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Here Is a big berry story. The other liy wliile 11 Evart .Snott's blackberry patch we saw sorae liue ones, as a great many of them would weigli thrce or lour ouuces.- Anu Arbor, Michigan, Courier. Novv see here, we know from personal experience all about that berry patch, and we just rise to enqulre what hour of' the night it was when you were there. There used to be a water-melon patch not far from that locality and we'll stake our last year's board bill on the fact that in your eseitement (over the dog) you got tilinga a Httle mixed and mistook a watermelon tor a blackberry, or else wiü take you at your word and believe what you say, that "a great müiiy of them weigit three or four ounces," but allow us to sugge8t that it would piobably take a goud many to weigh three or four ounces! Catch 't - Ñorwood Review. We are glad to sec our friend, the editor of the Review, ackuowledge his acquaintance with the mclon-patch, and speaking of dogs, we wonder whether he also rcmembers the buil pup that went for nim one dark night. As he suddenly meandered for the fence it was a sight to see which would iïrstgo "over the gardenwall.1' It was nip and tuck until the dog made a nip and tuck away the bosom of his paats. "What a howl was there, my countrymen ! Then when he did get home with the water-melons and fouud ODe was a pumpkin and the other, aftel eating, he discovered had been doctored with tartar emetic- but let us draw a veil over the harrowing details. We presume he remembers them.


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