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Real Estate Transfers

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M. Cowan to John H. Cowan, lot Ann Arbor $1,000 IX O, Rose, assignee, to J. D. Corey, executor, lot Manchester . 750 Rachel Gridley to Ellen L. Upson, lot Ann Arbor , 1750 Ellen L. Upson to Ninette B. Smltli" lot Ann Arbor „, 1 200 Ira L. Grunnell to John C. Jones, lot Manchester 300 Mark Ayres to i;has. E. K ing, Yjwilanti., 185 Kraucis M. Palmer to Olive L. Palmer, ö0 acres, Bridgewater 4 000 Chas. Gadd to John P. Williams, 3 acres ' lïridgewater qqq Samuel D. Frederick to Alice Denlo, lot Salem ifo William Wilson to D. L. uavis, Ypsilanti , 2 00 W. E. Ward to John W. Megan, V x' 28 ' rods, Augusta 450 Thos. L. Spaford to H. A. S. Chubbucli Manchester 2,000 Anna Winans to Christian Rentz lot Manchester 125 Thos. .1. Farrell to Luther L. Merriman lot Manchester 300 Abram Cooper to Catherine Benedict, lot Ypsilanti 4,000 John K. öoodale by sheriff to executors of Hiram Arnold, lot Ann Arbor 1,000 Geo. H. Chipman to Sarah H. Vaughn lot Ann Arbor 770 (,'halon Lyon to Henry Uuettger, 40 acres Saline 1,600 Robt. G. Trip to Chalón lyon 40 acres Saline 1,000 Geo. Stall to Chas. Yomton lot Ann Arbor 125 Wm. H. Cook to Frederic Foreman, 2% acres, Lyndon C00 Wm. II. Hack to Lyman Burnham, lot Milan 150 Philip Bach to Felch& Speechly,lot Ann Arbor 700