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Everybody had something In their P. O. boxes this morning. m m ¦ - ¦ Schools will close Thuisdaytoallow the cliildren to attend the fair. The iufant sou of Jas. and Julia Ricketts, of the 5th ward, died on Monday of last week. _______ The nest meeting of the state Horticultural society will be In this city the iirst eek n December. The new dwelllag for the janitor of the high school building will cost $1,600, and is to be completad by May lst. Don't fa il to attend the rendering of the drama by the G. A. R. post at the opera hofse to-night. Help the boys along. Jas. Kelley, of Northfleld, left for Desotu, Mo„ Tuesdny, taking all of liis lioufehold ííoods, farming iinpléinents, etc. Anna Schand burned her hand and wiïst quite seriously Monday afternoon hile making starch on a gasoline stove, at the St. James hotel. Mrs. Jesse A. Budgley, daughter of H. C. and Maiy J. Van Slyck, of the 3d ward, died Sept. 2-kh, aged 27 years, 9 months, of hemorrhage. The democrats of the second representatire district have noininated Egbert P. Harper, of Lodi, to represent that district in the next legislattire. Myron G. Still will keep still for the ïjext 90 days, having beeu sent to the Detroit house of correction by Justice ïrcaufl'for being drank and disorderly. Prof. Steere raised 480 bushels of onions ofl'of one-half acre of ground, and has a potatoe whlch weighs 2 Iba. 3 ozs. on exliibition in Winans & Staftbrd's show uinduw. On Satnrday last ex-Gov. Alpheus Felch celebrated lus 78th birthday, and a reception of neighbors and friemls remlnded hlm of the regard n which lie s held bj' tlie community. On Wednesday of last week the prohibitionists raised a pole out on Lodi plains, and Thursday night some miscreant eut it down. Friday anotber pole 40 feet taller tlian the first one was put up. The henery and egg factory of W. Foote Hall, on the South Ypsilanti road has been purchased by J. R. Miner, who' is going to raise seven-year old spring chickens for the students' boardiug liouses. G. H. Wlnslow had his chest of carpenter tools stolen Thursday night last trom the dwelllng house of Mr. Taylor, on División st., on which he was working. The loss he estimates at about S100. An unfortiinate eventfor the " Col." Ifn. Harriec Mooie, for many years a resident of this city, mother of Stephen Mooie, of the 5tU ward, died at the home of her dftughtêr In Detroit on the 24th of September, aged 85 years. Her remains were brought to Ana Arbor for interment. Acting Postinaster General Frank Hatton has hbued general orders requiring all lirst-class postofflces in the United States -and their branches- to keep open every week day until six o'clock p. m., for the issue and payment of money orders, and registercd mail. Miss Della MeCl'eitoad, draghtei of Judge McClelland, of Auburn, Ind., who h;is been taking painting lessons in tfafe. % for sorae time, exhibited lier work at tlie recent county fair held at Auburn andcaptured every first premium oiïered in that department. Somethingnew onder the san, notwtthstanding the assertion of that ancient gentleman to the contravy. A coinpany has been formed which insures propcrtv against cyclones. Ia a frïendly way we should advise the democratie party to takeout a blanket policy in that company Ijefore Nov. 4th J AVinans & Stafford have bouht 20 crcsof swampor muck land adfoininthe farmof rrof. Stoere, in PHtsfieid, and 'Pose to have the samo c.eared u}, this a foracecry fa,ni. The black muck o 1 ranges toeJjrht foet makuyf ii practically ine.xhanstih]e for cöltlvation. The nèmei of Trac QreeiffliB, who WcMttfc role of "the scout," and of JMhJaco!)iw,tl.eeonücmned private," we omitte,! from the printed programs l f the G. A. R. drama, entitled, "The Bine and the G.ay," through a mistake of 1 he compiler, but tlicy will be there, jllst m same. Go and see them. Mr. S. Moran, of the State University f Iowa School of Shorthand, has declded 10 lócate at Ann Arbor, and open upa Stenographic Instituto here. Short hand 18 worthy of every yonng person's 'tcntion and we hope that the Institute "1 meet with liberal patronage. Dion Boucicault was nat ereeted with ra an audtence as hls fame deserved, on rtJ night, and In turn he ditapPointed those present In not comingnp to "eir pectatlong. But of conree the nntive, the inspiration which asea of as presentí toan actor was not there, ana he s entitle,! to forgiveness. A singular freak of nature is exliibited JU". Ilnylcy.of thi8 city, who lias a nuUutn of the horseshoe variety which ¦ WO dtotlnct varieties of blossoins, m the „„e staik. One is a brilliant ¦mson, the other a light varigated pink exhihv 'te Tlie l)lllllt is o .onforafcivd ys at the Couhieb Unlverslty and Cas Chita ut the fai grounds Saturday afternoon. The annual rentinTof pews at the M E. clmrch takes place Monday night. The Ohktud Weit Virginia ftata uiCc tionsoccuronTiiesday.Oet. Utli. It W1 be a grcüt day. There will be a meeting of the citizen' league at the flreman's hall Friday even ing, at 7: 30 p. m. The Democrat wants to knovv wliicl party W. Allison S. straddles now t Give 'er up. Ask gomething easy. A. C. Smith, a farmer who lives n the northein part of Pittsfield, had se ven slieep killed by dotrs last Saturday night. Kd. A. Gott has been allowed $350 per mouth by Judge Chambers, for his services as asalgnee of Joseph Kuhn In Detroit. Fifteen voters were made at the county clerk's office Tuesday, by iifteen men declanngtheir intention to become cltlzeus of this great republic. Kafael Josetfy, the oelebrated pianist, will come bere this winter, probably in' : December, f.o play under the auspices of the musical people of the place. ? . A certain very musically inclineü family in the city have it in miud to give a concert this winter with that melodious instrument called the whangdoodle. Judge Uooley, of this city, has been appointed arbitrator on dressed beef and live cattle rates to the seaboard, (on the pooled railroads), by Commissioner Fink. The young men who buy peanuts and come to the Courier steps to muncli tliem, will confer a favor on the boy who does the sweeping;, by swallowing the shucks. The irrepressible Tim Tarsney, of East Saginaw, will leave the political fences in hts own district long enough to make one speech b ere, on Saturday evening, Oct. 4tli. Abrum Meyers, a man well advanced in years, who lived a few miles from Saline, committed suicide last Sunday, by shooting himself in the head with a revolver. He was not of sound mind. Isn't it just a little singular that every prominent prohibitionist in Michigan is running for some office ? And doesn't that fact prove, conclusively that all these leaders are seekiug is notorety ? " At Ann Arbor the force was sufflclent to break windows in the postofflce," gaya the Albion Itepublican, speaking of the recent earthquake. That's a li-velier shake up than we had any idea of. The Adrián Record In last Saturday's issue was so kind as to say of us: " The ConniER wields tlie most influence of Washtenaw's papers, is brlgbt and spicy and has lately been much improved." Two cases on the siipreme court docket of the October term : No. 1G, Henry C. Waldron vs. T. A. A. & N. M. R. R.Co. and No. 18, Josiah S. Case vs. Martin Dewey, garnishee, etc, are froin this coimty. Tlie squirrels have come down i n to this section for the acorns and nnts which are not plenty in the north woods this fall, and hunters are going for the squirrels'. We have seen some fine ones brouffht in recentiy. County Clerk Robisou received official notilication thisA. si., that tuéstate tax apportioned to Washtenaw county for Iá84, would be $33,660.62. Last year the amoiint apportioned to this countv was $55,072.85. The firm of R. K. Ailes & Co., of the central milis, changed yesterday. Mr. Ailes retires and Frank Almendingerand Gottleib Schneider will run the business hereafter, under the firm name of Almendinger ifc Schiieider. Andstillthetideof disappointraent rolls in. Here is wliat the Saline Observer obseryes : " Saline has not a represen tati ve on any of the tickets. Yet Saline is expected to roll up a good vote for several of the candidates. Saline may surprise 3ome of the politicians. We hope she will." Wm. Walsli, democratie nominee for sheriff', made histwelfthannual visitto the COürikr office yesterday, and reuewed his subscription for anotlier year. " Billy " says he is doing the best lie can for Walsh In this campaign, and no one can blame liim therefor, that's certain. Col. Eldridge is the man who sii])ported the outrageous horizontal tariffreduction bill of Morrisoii's Ia congress, which proposed to take off 20 per cent. additional on wool, thus reducing the farmers' profits on thit conimodity fully five cents per pound. Farmers have not forgotten it, either. There seems to be a great cry amongst a certain class of people of " hard times," "no work to do," etc., etc. Now we know of a gentleman who searched ten days for a man to saw two or three cords of wood for him. The disposition to laziness overcomes some peoples' honesty and sense of shame both. f - - It Is whispered arouud in democratie circles that Hon; Daniel W. Voorheis, of Indiana, " the tall sycaniore of the Wabash," will wake up the sleeping democracy of Ann Arbor in a political speech during the campaign. It would be pleasant to have Daniel expound the domocratic tarifl' plank trom his standIoint. The Germán military band, imder the auspices of the Beethoven Gesangverein, gave a concert at the opera house last Mondny nigbt, which was riclily enjoyed by lovers of good music. The band is an excellent one, and tlioroughly uuderstands music. After the concert a social hop was enjoyed by the membeis of the society at their hall. The " maple louse " has made its ap. pearance and many of our beautiful shade trees are certainly iloomed, unless something can be found that will extermínate the pests. The streets of many western cities, Peona, 111., for instance, liave been entirely denuded of shade trees by these little nsects. What would our fair city do without her abundance of grand maples ? The Argus glves the name of its candidate lor register of deeds as Thos. Kearns, and makcsthe statement that he was a soldier. Both wrong. The democratie candidate for register of deeds is James Kearns - he is a resident of Dextsr villnge, - has been for many years - a blacksmith by trade- about 40 years old- pretty good sort of a fellow - never was a soldier, however - is treasurer of Scoi towii8hip - servlng second term as such - was also census taker last July- in comfortable eircumstances. As oelery ís noted as a nerve fooi], H has been observed by ye local tliat certain CftOdldatM (democratie, of course), are purchasing large quantities of it just non-, The skating i iuk opened np last Weduesdayevening with a select and picasant andiencc present. The floor was in admirable condition, and the skaters in admirable inood, and everything enjoyable about it. Of 'Confusión," which is to be brouht out at the Grand Opera House Saturday mgl.t, by Nat. C. Goodwill and ComPany, the N. Y. Mail and Express of Jan. SOïh, says: ' Confusión is not noTcl; it is Ot witty; but t is humorous, clever and jolly." In looking over thé 'list of prohibition speakers just sent out, we notice that not one of them are serving the cause for the good they may do, or the glory there b m it. They all receive from $3 to $25 per night and expenses, accordingto tl.eir abihty. i„ the list, nine hail from Ann Arbor, two from Manchester, one each from Ypsilanti and Whitmore Lake ITominent democratie lawyerto prominent democratie polltletan- Friday last : 'Itellyou, looks as though we were beatón again, by gracious. I have watched tor tlie old war horses in this campalgn, and have not seen or heard of them. Where's Thurman, aud Bayard and Pendleton, and Ewingf Eren Ranlaü has httletosay. I don't iike the looks of It." And " liob - rcflected A committee of investiu;ation sliould be appomted at ! Where's the board of supervisors? Where's the authorities? Who has been rentiiiff out privileges Iike this in the county buildings? But if the man who wrotethat item should goto the location referred to lie would find liimself unable to get a shave. Right across the street is tlie place. Nest. The Ypsllantian doesn't seein to effervesce very mucli over the democratie ticket: ' from the apathy whlch a studied neiiUct ef STw!?rMhede5i?srbutS1S bupeiior, Ypsllunti town, Augnsta and York! Kot many ofour citizenswent to Toledo Monday, thougU theT., A. A. & X. M. R. E., ran in extra train back aftcr thé proceedings were through with. Station Agent Phillips says that Mr. Blaine híid a magDlflcoot reception, and that the spectacle in the evening was one of the finest he ever witnessed. The democrats had a turn out and torchllght procession the saine night, but the republicana beat o SR by fafl " II is estimited that fully 8,000 torches were in line in the procession. Rev. II. Biiddenbiium, the new pastor of the Gcrrnan Methodist Church, moved liere last Wednesday and beging his ministry. For the past year he was located at Bay City and preyious to that atLawrencebnrg', Indiana, where he was twice flooded out by the spring freshets of the Ohio river. By esposure then his health was soinewhat impaired. He was boni in l'russia and educated at the rol. lege of Beiea, O., where Rev. R. B. Pope was professor of Latin and Greek at that time. A scholaiïv, Christin gentleman we know he will be welcomed by the church lie is called upon to minister unto. Arrangements have been perfected for lie 19th annual reunión of the 20tli Mich. infanlry, to be held at Clielsea, Oct.l5th, 1884. Kach comrade is invited to bring his lady with him ; and all relatives of deceased comrades are also invited. The oration will be delivered by Michigan's old war governor, Austin Blair, of Jackson. Tlie Clielsea cornet band will furnish the music, and comrades wlll be escorted to and from trains by tlie post drum corps. Much to their disappointment, the commitee have been refused any reduction of railroad fare by the M. C. R. H., whicli s said to be the first road that lias ever refused to grant a like request. As the P. O. address of many members are not known, it has been impossible to send invitations to all, but they can consider themselves inyited if not ofBcially, and will be made welcome.