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BUSINESS CARDS. WIIXIAH BIGGS, Contractor and Builder. SHOP : Corner G'liurcli aud Orlcans Síreet, 1 ARBOR, l i ¦ I!. W. II. JACKSON, 3DIIESII1WIITIIII1SIITIL OFFICE : Over Buchs Abel's Dry Ooods Store. Entrakce bt First National Bank. WILLIAM HERZ, House, Si jn, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! Papcring, Glazing, Gilding, and Calcimlntn?, and work ot every deecrintion done in the best Btyle, and warranted to give satisfaction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St.( Ann Arbor. C. SCHAEBERLE, Kesidekce, 57 Soutu Main St., Teacher of Piano, Vicïin and Theory of Music. UsTSTTJCTIOlÑrS Givea on Plan of Ihe Royal Conservaiory of Music at Leipsic, Saxony. V. W. & A. C. NICIIOLS, New Dental Rooms, over Joe T. Jacob's Store. GAS or VITILIZED AIR Admlnisterad for the painless traction of teeth. " "¦ - --- - - __ A CLU5 rvo,D rAQE ' HAAvb Vitfs't The above dcpit'U a very pluiuwnt feature of wycliiig as n iport. The club have riddcn f rom jnelr bmdqaarten in the city, to a suburban vil'¦'ge Home twi-nty nult-H away, where tlioy await anivul of the racing membcra who weru to Urtjuit tliirty minutes later. J minutea more nnd the two foremost of tlio neta mn- Frl.oo hi " Uarvard," nnd Yonaon i Ina" i ale," nppeur in sight. The pace is irc-mundoHs : the men aro neck and neck, and "uaijen, the captain of the club, whom you obhïVÏÏ '? k'"ni"K n his " tíhadow "light roadstcr, .. ,?,;"r!{''oun(l, declares the race a tie. ¦n, re nre "awr nm! " hc :ik. i(Y'i, Deblodi fiornewhere," is the repiy. ,„,A,re 'hi're uny ' Ilarvard'a ' or 'Yalc-'n'or Mow among thom? not one." 'Ah ! thüt accounts for it," pays the captain. ainoncan bicyclern as a body will reulize the .Ka ,"le caPla'n's last remark, but the thouirtfl of ncw riders which the coming vear will "¦C"lu,-e, should cach o' of them rcalize that e oniy true twonomy in choosing a bieyele i to m contont wiih nothlng lens than the very bi-st 'nat raoncy will procure. Eaeb should (ind out " "e can about bicycles beforo making hi.i n Í' ini '" oriler to o'8' enquirers in their ';'rch 'T information, wc will, on receipt of a Hnt-MDt stamp, send to any address, a copy m our large illustrated catalogue by return mail. THE CUNNINGHAM COMPANY, iae Pioneer Bioyolo House of America. [Kütablished 1877.] portlng Manufacturé of Bicycles & Tricycto% Oob i'Etiowa' Hall, Uoston, Uasc. CHARLES W. WAGNER, Agent, 21 South Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich.


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