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lijitteiajfl POWDER Absolutely Pure. ri?v"s8trPB'nhr„!"iVer A marvel !¦ oini'poi ?{ !8 .? wholesomeness. MoreeconA POSITIVE CURE For Every Form of Skin and Blood Disease, from Pimple to Scrofula. 1 have had the Proriaels Cor nine months. Ationt Sve inonthe aso 1 applied ,0 a doclor b'"1 whohelDe Netutunlortnnatelylhadtoleave bri continúen lakinu medicine for nea ly three rnouih, bnttlie disease did Dot leave 1 saw Mr Carpenter's letter i., the Philade'phia KecorrtTand hm case periectly described mine. I tiied thé Cd ticuea Kkmedies, usiDg two bottles Rnsolvent andCuticnraandCuticuraSoapin proportion and' cali mysel! complete cured. f"'"oc,ana,rd,N,J. L-F.BARNARD. KCZUMA TWKKTY YEAKS Cured. Kot a Slgn of lts Iteappearance. Your Cuticura has done a wonderl'nl cure Cor me more iba two yeurs ago. Not a sign of its reappearance eii.ce. It cured me of a very bad Eczema which had troubled me for more than tweut, years nSHaW weU or Cutlcura { Bell Havorhi,,, kJ ' 8WA!Í' D' BEST FOK ASiïTHL. Ilaving ueed your Outicnra Remedies for eighteen months for Tetter, and rhially cured it I am anxious to ni it to sell on commission. I can reconimend it beyond any remedies 1 bave ever ued for 'l'etter, Burijs, Cuta, etc. In fact, it is the best mediciue I have ever tricd for anyihing Myrtle, Mi9s. K S. lioRTON. SOtOl'l !,!( s SORES. I had a dozen bad sores upon my body. and tried all reind'es I cDald hear of. and t lant tried your Cuticura Kemedies aud tbey have cured me. JNO. GASK1LL. Hebron, Thaycr County, Penn. Every species of Itching, Scalv, Pimply, Scrolulous.Inberited and Cnntaiüiig Humors, with Ijosí of Huir, cured by Cuticura Recolveut t!ie new Blood Punfier mtcrnally, aud Cuticura and Cuticura Soap the great Suin Cures cxterually. Sold everywhere. Price : Cuticura, 50 ceute Soap, 25 cents ; Reeolnent, $1.00. Pot ' r Drng and Chemical To., Boston. U X X Skir, Cuticura Soap. SNEEZE! SKEEZE! prr% SNEEZS nntil your PP S-w bead seems ready to fly v "r. ofl'; until your noeeand - V i i n ƒ t'yes discharge exceps" - fWCSk, ive ïllauMies of thin AW ,Xj7 uritaiing, watery fluid: VSvLivfc"-11""' yur nead aches, UWv''ViAx' "'o"'11 and tliroatparch . O= WlTed'and hlod at lever V JJ Ti W h' at. Thiaisan Acutu X VF K Catarrh, and is instant V í 'y 'l'eved liy a single -fv- - doee, and pernianently Ir -V cured by oue bottle üf Sanford's Radical Cure for C'atarrli. Complete Treatment with inhaler for One Dollar. One bottle Hadic.l Cure, one box Catarrh Solvc-iit, and one Improved Inhaler, in one packaue, may uow be had of all druggists for $1.00 Ask for SANFORD'S RADICAL CURE. "The only absolute specific we know of."-Afcd. Times. "The beet we bye foond in a lifetime of sufferiiip."- Rev. Dr. Wcggln, Boston. "Alter a long struinde with Catarrh the Kadical Oüre hae conquered."- Rcv. S. Monroe, Lewisburg, Pa. I have not found a case rhat it did not relieve at once." - Andrew Lee, Manchester, Mass. POTTEK ÜBL'G AND CHEMICAI, Co., liOStOn. Al I Ikj. For the relief and prevention. ,UL-L.ffV7tlieiiistantit is applied, V VOLTAÍO of Kheumatipm, Nenraliria, ScivNvvlii iJyiO Coughs, Colds, Weak back, Stomach, and Bowele, ShootiiiK -U 'T --- PaiiiH, NumbncKS, Hysteria, Fe-"C'%;Jv maIc fotns, Palpitation, DyspepVVS'v f'"' Liver Complalnt, Billlous r Fever, Malaria and Epjdemics, le'ctRI C u?e CollliiH' I'lasters (an i 'ïli Elecrle liatfry combined ASTER wiih a lkorou rianter) and laugh at pain. Ü5o. everyvvhere. Pili 0 TEE I Establised 1851 I Merrill UstU Setter! DETROIT, MICH. ) Biocku MMRSS9pV Thr reïïularold eptabllsricd ÏISSvlï rhylcin and Surpcon IK. wuf E'ra4Sïilcl'AKKIC at thc old number ffil_lis.;ÏJ Ui continúes to treat wilh his usual Iff UTÏSV ÏBK"-150 kl1 private, 611 3 Ol Wflchronlo.nervou and special VS-éZcA. JliBoasea. UB. CLAKKE is Ck aBre!llth.-nl(lcstAJvcrtisingPhvsicÍ3n, jgSBÉaJijs files of Papers show and all old Residcnts know. Age and experlence important. y Nervons dlsease (with or without drcfm ) or deblllty and loss of nerTe power you have S=n or who has failed to cure you. r" Youniï men and middle-aBecl men and alPwho suffer should consult the celebrated D Cla?keaïon. t The terrible potaon. oL Ml bad blood and kin dlseae8 of ewW, name and n:.ture compUtelv eradicated. Kemember that ooe horrible dlsase, if neglccted or MÊÈÊmËM umïcr taken. iídAJeoM.: DETROIT, MICH. 1211-120J


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