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Milán still sighs for a roller rink. Dexter glories in a gymnasium club- vnth [lidian clubs. Tbe great sports of Manchester en joyed a gratul huiit lust Saturday. A Milán poultry man shipped a car load of clnckens a few dayssince. o,J!!IUyalkei''of Freedom, died Oct. 80, ot bilhous rever, aged 53 years. Mis A. Alexauder has returned to her home in Webster, trom Tennessee. Geo. Wacker, of Lima, died at his home on Oct. üd, after being ni ouly oue Geo. C. Jwslyii.of Milán, has gonc to ue au end mm iu a minttrei show. A luuny end. Chas, and Geo. Cooper, of Chelsea, have returned to tlicir homes fiom a trip through Dakota. Tile golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pierce, of Augusta, was celebrated by them Oct. lst. T,,VV,AlIsti" WardeI1 of Augusta, and Miss Clara Belle Ilooker, of Milán, were mnrried Oct. 2d. Miss Clara Wilcox, of Milán, and Dr Millard P, Phillips, of York township'. were mamed Oct. 8th. Miss Mattie Buckelew was married at her mother's residence in Dexter, on Oct. 8th to Geo. 15. Pless, of Genoa, Livingston coiinty. The Free Methodist church at Milán will be supplied by Rev. A. G. Bartle, who will also preach at Mooreville and and Uidgeway. Monday evening, Oct. 25th, at Manchester,Sau Ah-Brah, a native of Burmah, will give an entertainment under tlie auspices of the alumni association. Tvvo passenger trains have been put on the Wabash road, on Sunday. The flrst goes east at 10.50 a. m., and the othergoes west at 4.24 p. m.- Milan Journal. A new departure at the Congregational bundaj'-school, is the introduction of an orchestra of six pieces. Four pieces were ived at their evening service Sunday with gond effect.- Dexter Lender. Churches in Dextei commence Sunday evening services at 7 o'tlock now, instead of 1%. Bo}'s who stand on the door steps while the congregaron pasaes out, will please take notice of tuis cliange. It was laughable to see a lady driving through the streets a few days ago vvith a parasol wliichthe wind had turn ed wrong side out, held over her. Did she laugh wheu she saw it?- Manchester Enterpiise. J. B. Lanphear, who has been in the hardware trade at Dexter about oneyear, has made an assignment for the beuetit of his creditors to John L. Smith. It ia thought the assets will pay 100 cents on the dollar. E. A. Reynolds has just received a patent on an invention of his- an impioved clieese box with a knife armnged to cut any size slice before the cover is lifted. He talks of starting a factory here in the spring, to manufacture the same for the trade. - Milau Journal. Authorities at Lnnsing have decided thst no library money can be given to school districts having less than 100 childien. tímall distiicts will have to beg, borrow or secure chilUren some other way - or go without books. It is a notorious fact, however, thut the library money is in nearly every instiince pcrverted froin its legitímate uses and given to some other fund thut Is short. The apple erop this year is of an excel leut quahty, and judging from the price, one dollar a barrel, it must be abundant. Every housekeeper ought to lay inagood supply of apples for the winter. There is no healthier fruit. We think it will be found that tlie erop is not as large as expected, and that a raoid rise in urice


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