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How Many Know?

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In these days of campaigu vituperaron and lyuching, and these democratie atteaipts to cunstruL-t mountains out of mole-hllls, Jt men of sense stop and think ! Head the whole Fisher and Mullican senes of letters and Uien ask yourselt what there is n tliem ? Mr. Jilaiue is nobly vindicated by their publicaron. Huw many know - 1. That Little Koek and Fort Smit). Kuilroad bill passed both houaes of cougress unanimously. 9. That Mr. Blaine's ruling on it was rifítit and just and could nol have been wnhlield in honor. 3. That when it was made he did not have the acquanitance of a single person mterested lu the road or instrumental in promoting the passage of the bill Jm ,Tll;lt,!le"1Iutled to coimeetion t?t' t Tuat,tue Wíl "'as a declaratory statute merely, notgranting la.ids nor revivinga dormant or lapsed grant, and conferring no original nor BUbstantial rights nor beneh'ts. S" ,he in,vestlaent was a losing one. JL ui if Y' Blaiae hü'-ly shouldered all the oss and restored to hU friends every cent they had inve-sted in the bonds on his representations. H That in the letters addrened to t Isl er he said he had done the friends of f, -r ,"a servi!e ioilwut knowing it." J. Ihat nistead of obtaining a favor iirough the managers of the road he suftered a sevoie pecuniary loss 10. That his ruling as a speaker was u no sense caused by his interest In the road, uut was six months antecedent to his obtaining a share in it. 1 I 'I1 1... u _ ,1.1 h 7-n, ,ülUnotrulc '" favor of the bill (wlncli passedboth houses iinaiiimously) because he was inteiested In the road, but became interested in the road because lus altentiou was directed to it con ess pasSage of tUe bil1 through 12. That the land-giant was simnlv nestored to the state of Arkansus, w2 contened it upon tlie rond 13. That justice of the bill continuing thegraut and the riglitfi.lness of Mr! Blaine s ruhng in point of law have not cannofbellteCl frm m t0 an(J Tlie American people possess an inherent abiding love lor taiï plajr and as surely as election day comes, will teil these slanderers at the polls what their opinión is ot this species of cainpaign warfare.


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