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Hypocrisy And Demagogism

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Michael Faumng, the prohibition candklate forcongress iu the ad district, Iets the democratie cut out of the prohibition bag in a very bungling way. He must liave been born without the wit usually possessed by his race. Hear him, and then judge for yourselves : Now we never put a prlsoner on trial when he pleads gullty. The democratie party pleads guilty to Deing a whisky party. The ïepublicun party pleads not guilty- not iu Ui paper, but whenever lt can get a prohibitioulst alone in private. Blalne-a pnysicat coward because he dki not o to the war- has proved himsolf a moral coward as well by retusing to expresa his convlctlous by votlng In wiiat he says is a non-partisan conflict, because he has attempled by letters to prove hlmself both pronibitionist and frleud of the whisky man. The republlcan party in Michigan, which Iricked us in 1882, has a prohibition plank in lts platform this year Humph ! Josh Bilüngs says that a man who wlll be klcked twice lu the same place by a mulé is better fltted to be klcked by that mule than anything eise. They seek the suffrages of the people of the state on false preteuses when they put H in. Now, one thlng more, and I am not personal, ir there are tnree candidates for a posltion and one is an houest man, the secoud a thief, and the thlrd a licentious man- are we to blame if we preler votlng for the bonen man to votlng for the thief, and as a result thereof the licentious man gets elccled 1 Commcnt on the above ishardly necessarj-, the cloven foot of the democratie party is to plainly discernible. Because that party pleads guilty to being a whisky party, the proliibitionists nnist beud all their energies toward putting it Infwwer, 60 that all tempeiance legislatiou will be nullified and all progress in that direclion be surely eloggad and impeded. Whether sincere te in pera nee people will be led iuto the democratie trap by euch leaders is extremely doubtful. The assertion that Mr. Blaine is a thief is on a par with the other argumenta brought forwanl, and in keeping with the rest of the barefaced falsehoods and hypocritica! cant he uses in the hoje of electlng a democratie president.


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