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The Lake City New Era exposes a popular delusiou : Some of the cleverest detectives of the modern school are women. This enforces aiiother Idea almut the female of the perioil benig unable to keep a secret. The BHghton Citizen believes in telling We tnith and tharatog the (printer's) devil : SÜfV6 j"3t Bdd t0 e editorial staöof this paper a braad new pair of 50centshearp. Our readen may look ter vast miprovemeiits In the editorial department. Fenton Independent : Gov. Befóle is all over Michigan on passes accepted lrom tlie various railroads, makinjr speeches asralnst state officials using pass" es. Honesty and coiisistency are minus quantlttes ia Mr. liegole's make A qnestion for the soldiers from theSt Louis Leader : How niany unión soldiers feel like votng for A. JI. West, who was a rebel brigadier eneral, in order thattliev mav vote tor Butler, who was a unión major general ! Tliey can't vote for one without votlllg for the other. Capt. Allen touched one tender cord says the Adnan Record : Capt. Allen pefee at üeerlield last evennifr. As usual ' Uncle Thomas " was on hand and pretty f uil of- patriotism. ïhe speaker In the conrse of LU remtrks appealerl to the audience with, "Isnot tliat so?" "Uncle Thomas" arose and remarked that, " S-s-ssince you've asked me the question (hie) I-i-i-i'll take fifteen minutes to to-to answer't." Somebody yauked hiin down and the meeting went on. The Dexter Leader gives to a guileless public tlie fbllowlng : " Henry Neeb, of the township of Dexter, brought to the Leader ollice last week a buiich of rasrberi-y bushes on wliich wereripe bevries green berries and biossoms. Another curiosity is in our own garden; a pear tree, set out a year ago last spring, about the muidle of August last shed all its leaves. Two weeks ago new foliage appeared, and upon ïuésday of tliis week live blosoms put lo au appèarance." ïhe Ilowell Kepublican tells the true story in a few words : One of Howell"s bartenders casts his vote solid for democratie pole raisings forsayshe, " Xow, when you republü cans raise a pole you go out and buy watennelonsand that sort of stuif, but when these demócrata lift or cheer a little thev come right up squaiely and take tliei'r whisky straljrht at 10 cents a drink. Repubheans are n. g. for our business." Hiere s logio and candor lo the remarle The Hillsdale Standard has thU vei-y sensible adrice to tlie farmers : " Why, sir," said a prosperous, wideawake farmer, tlie other day, " if wheat is only 75 cents and other farm producís equully low, wliat's the use ot grumbling? Withthe labor-saving faciiities we have now I can murket my grain at half the foriner cost. I eau malee money selling wneat at 75 cents, and I never knew tlie time wheu one dollar would buy asmuch as it wül to day. But farming is like breathiug- you have gQt to keep at it and that right steatlily, or you can't live." The Cadillac News remarks: The brilliant leader of the "Independent" movement, seeks out one of bis own party, proceedB to interview him and tlieu givea it out to the people that the boltiiijr movement is growfng. So it is- growing less. Why don't the bolting party o;o aud interview them iigJrt liere in this city, who joined tbem iirst, but eiokeued by thoir bypocricy have joined the regular republicana, and will support that ticket. We have decided and well established intbrination trom those in sympatby with the bolters that the movement is on the wnne. i" Clieap times are seldom goort times, as s remarked by the Charlotte Republican : The argument for tlie íree trader lias fur its córner stone tliat to bny cheap is the supreme object in Jife. Experience shows us that clieap times are hard times For instance, wool and wheit are clieap now. Does that make the country thrifty and prosperous ? Far f rom it. The producer anti the consuiner alike would both be the gainer if wheat was a dollar a bushel and wool forty cents a pound. There is no more delusive cry in all the clap trap of demagogues, than that of " buy where yon can buy the cheapest." It is wheu all the products and commodities of life find a rcady and profitable market that the people protper. South America's trade is bound to be courted, according to the Wyandotte Herald: Both parties seem to be agreed upon the desnability of establlshing closer commercial relations with the South American republic, though they dilFer widely In their plans of wresting the enormous pro fits of tlüs trade trom Great Bntam. These provinces are amonothe wealthiest on the face of the eartlf, and a reciprocal policy tliat would give' our country the precedence In their markets would be of incalculable benefit to the United States. As each of the parties is now engagrd in showing that the suc cess of its organization will bring the desired result, we niay reasonably expect that as soon as anothcr adiiiiiiistration is started on its way our comruercc will be iinmuasurubly iucreased. The Adrián Titnes has the right of it : In tliis state the frreat majority of the politicul prohibitioinsts are íroin the republican party. The votes witbdnwn trom the republican party and "firedin th air," tor the proliibition ticket, will weaken the republican party by so much, and inciense in üke dezree the chances ot electiuL a democratie ticket. Democratie euccess In Michigan means free whisky, that tlie democratie party says. Republicans who vote the prohibition ticket will help the democratie party to power, and in the erent of its success, the responsibility will rest on them. It don't seem possible tliut an honest, intelligent temperance man will volnntarily take on hlmselfsuch a responsibility as that. C'ertainly he cannot and be consistent. It is now said that the crazy qullt onginated with the wife of a country editor. She got the idea from the patches on her


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