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Dr. Hatfield On Prohibition

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Rev. Dr. Hatfield, of Chicago, doesu't minee matters much wlien talking to his temperance bretheren "Perhaps I sliould npologize for bein here as a minister, but I never tinderstood tliat I surrendered all my rights and rid myself of all responsibilities as a Citizen in becoming a minister of the gospel. All my mterests in political questions tor tlnrty years are eeutered around the moral issues involved. I don't pretend to understaud linances nor am I competent to discuss tariff and free trade. Tiie moral issues have been slavery and whisky lam here to-night because some of our fnends are coraniitting a great blunder 1 hey are knifing the eame of temperance and prohibitiou in the house of its friendo and il' I do not live to see the time when scalding tears will run down their cheeks because of this blunder, it is because I do not underst.uid the situation. Thechoice is between Cleveland and Blaine. I know tuier is talked off, and St. John, and Mrs. Lockvvood [tpplause and laughteri and how many more of the different sexes I don't kuow, but they are notofany consequence. They have not the weight of a feutber. You have got to take your choice between Cleveland and Blaine, else stand side by side with the hypothetical ass of the old metaphysica] theologiuns- that is, the donkey beftveeii two bundie of hay, who could not rnake a choice and starved to dcath. U'ith regard to tLese democrats, they have put upa candidate for president o"f a moral acter so utterly bad that it is an insult to all the decent men and virtuous women of the United Sutes. I would rather not inention tbc name of Grover Cleveland. I teel that one wants to take a brush and wnsh out Iris mouth and clean it after J mentioning that name."


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