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Cleveland Has A Record

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It is all a mtoUke tlüit Cleveland h;is no record. He lias one. Cleveland was a jcntccl young man, broujihi up lor society. He Bever did a days' work in his life. Cleveland, as sheriff of Erio couuty, dld nol hire an cxeeutioner to hang prioners seutonoed to deatb, is liis predecewora and succeMors, havo always Uone, but preferred to do the repugnaut work hlmself for the paltry siim of money to be galned thereby. Cleveland has spent the days of his youth and manhood in riotous living- preferrlng hlgb wlne and fast romen to the society of vlrtuoui woinen and honorable men. Cleveland was ut one time the chicf spirit and organizer of a Know Nothing lodire- whlch is asserted, and not denied er 3v hiin or lus friends. Cleveland as governor of Xew York has ihown great aversión to laboring men m their Interest. He vetoed a bilí to reduce the bours ('f labor of car diivcrs froin U to 12 hours a day. He vetoed a bilí to reduce the Street car fare on the elevated rallroail from ten to five cents. He vetoed a bilí which was intended to do away with the pernicious teiicment house cigar manufactorics. He has alvvays proved by his acts, both as a citizen and as an official, that he dispises the poor and toadies to the rich. It is all a giaud mistake that he has no record, lie lias one. A brilliant (?) one. A billious one. Better look it up btfore you conduele to vote for him. The good citizens of tliis district wlio vote for Eldredge, vote to proteet EngltaB trade. But by casting a ballot tor Allen they help to proteet American industries. Washtenaw county grows more wool than any other county in the state, henee it can least afford to jeopavdize that interest by lielping a fice trade whieh will flood the country with clieap Australlan wool. Every onc knows how Capt. Allen stands on that subject but nu one knows how Eldredge will stand the pressure which would be broujrlit to bear upon liiin by the majority of kis party. It is uot sufe to risk the welfare of oor people In the banda of Hnglish mannfacturers and English sympathizers who do not pny taxes here but want to live easilv and luxuriously off the clieap labor of ourcitizens or the grinding poverty of the Kritish mane. Thousands of hardy Britons, Seots and Celts have left their homes and come to this country to escape wkat free traden are trying to impose upon us- clieap labor. A vote for Allen puts up a bar for our defense. Mr. "Wm. G. Thompson, who sonie nioitths ago published an "open letter" to the public, annbuncins in a bombastic way his complete wit);drawal from the republican party, now poses asan " independent republican." Wliat cheek. Every sorehead Id the country is now dubbed " independent republican." It is well known that Thompson left tlie republican party because he failed to getthe appointraeut of collector of the port of Detroit. It is furthermore well known that he failed In that because he was not considered competent to hold the ofnVe. It is further well known that he is as "dudeish" in politics, as he is foppllh In dress. And it will be further well known, should the calamity of a democratie victory happen tothls country, that this same Thompson will be an ' independent i'emocrat" ti less than two years, for he never will be given the fat position he has set his heart upon. What there 18 in Mr. Cramert ranch nuud ininp supuración to ni mm ror the suite senate we can not see. The trump nulsiuice would have been abated without him, and the promiuenee he received was sufflcieut for the work doue - Ypsilantian. It is uuderstood that Mr. Cramer is rnaking a big haiulle of that scheme. But he is entitled to 110 credit in the niutter at all. He was liircJ to do what he (lid by the board of supervisors, the same is any lawyer would do. The credit for breaking up the " tramp business " aa it is termed, belongs to the Ann Arbor Democrat, if to any one. That paper was the fust to expose the practica of the offlcers, after which the supervisors took it up, hi:el Mr. Cramer as an attorney to enforce the laws, which any other lawyer would h:ive donu as well, and been glad of the job. Give the devil liis due, but don't give him anytliing unless it is due. The supervisors asseinbled Monday, according to law, andorganized by electing Patrick S. Purtell as temporary chairnian. The board stands politically 13 demócrata 10 .republicans and 2 greenbackers. It was the purpose of the deruocrats to elect Chas. S. Gregory, of Scio, as permanent chainnan, but asone of their n amber remarked, " the best laid plans of mice and men aft gang aglee," so did theirs. Wben the vote was taken the ballot stood : Chas. S. Gregory, of Scio, 11; Patrick S. Purtell, of Northtield, 13. The republicans and greenbackers stole the march on the sleepy democrats and elected the man they (the democrats) dldn't want. Two democrats refrained from voting- probably Gregory and Purtell. Well, it seems to be a bad year, for politie?, anyway. It is all mixed up, you Senator Grady, of New York, who recently withdrew to support Tammany because it votetl to support the democratie noniinees, had rotten eggs thrown at hlin by Glpeland"s supporters in Búllalo, while making a speech there recently, in favor of Gen. Butler's candklacy. That shows the nobleness, manhood, truc gentlemanly Instlncts ofsome of Cleveland's supporters. If a man bas the temerity to dlffer with them, they throw rotten eggs at hlm. Free speech and free thouglit must be put down in some way. It is not safe for the wool growers, llie farmers and the manufacturera of this district to trust the tarifï question in tlie bandsofa democrat, no matter whatmay be liis promises. Michigan, least of any state, and Washlenaw, least of any county, can aftord to have free traders In congress. Ohio has sliut them out. Michigan is about to follow. Put none on guard but lovers of the American republlc and lier varied industries. 11 Turn the niscalu out." The blggest inscal Is reully out, without any prospect of gettlng In.- Liinslng Journal. The Journal is very fiank, to bc sure. Ofcourse the fusión candidato for auditor general is refened to. The democratie ticket is said to retemblé the Star bicycle, because it has ita little wheel In front. Begolewill be like Leónidas at ThermopyliB who was overthrown but still reaolutoly holding the Pan,