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Lait Bftturday evenlng the annuai meeting of the Oltlzen's LeaK'ie was held al flremaii' hall. Tlicrc were aboMt 75 persons present. Letters of regret were rcail froin Pretfclent Aogril nul Jiulge Cooley. The first thiu in order was the regvlar electionofofflcers. Afterseveral nomlninations and declinations for president, the foHowIng oflicers were electeii: Presiden t-rrof. Wra. ... lsi Vlce l'resldent- l'rot. A. B. Palmet. id Vice lTesllent-N. W. Uheever. Beoretary-Prot W. H. Payne. ¦1 reaHurer-t'lias. H. Worden. trB Bzeaatlve Oommlttee-Prot J. B. jW, Trof V. W. lieutnan, J. M. Wheeler, 1 hos. J. Keeoh, and Rev. K. B. Pope. ÍJearly all of whom were re-electeu. Prof. Herdman deoltaed positively, a reelectiou to the presidency, but ftnally concluded to accept. A letter from a similar organlzatlon at Schoolcrnft was read, proposing a state organi.ation. After miich discussion it was resolved to seud three delegates to perfect a state organization, a meeting for sucli purpose having been callea tor Oct. 21st, at Grand Raplds. Prof. J. V,. Srp-re.Rev. Ií. B. Pope, and Prof. W. II. Payne were selectecl as üelegates Af ter the business part ot the meeting remarka were made by several gentlemen present upon the best methods to purgue in sec.uring the enforcement of the laws. NOTES BT THE WAT, Accordlng to the priuted conslitution of the league, . the president, first and second vice-presidents, secretary and treasurer of the league, together with the president of the university, superintendent of the city schools, and the mayor of the city are cx-officio ineinbers of the exccuüve comniilter. In looking over the list of offleera one might cnsily be h-cl into the error of thinking the organlzntlon nitonamed. Tliey might eonsider '; univeisity league" more approprinte as a title. The statement was made Unit the organizatlon was in no sense a temperauce organizatiéD, and thil two or threeof the Ann Arbor saloon keepers had expressed a desire to join the league. The constitution say the otlieers " shall be elected by ballot," bot tliey were not. Was the etection legal ? Marshall Statesman : "Ann Arbor citizens are Indignan at the conduct of Sopt. Corbet in removlngMHo Pulcipher, who bas managet! their Western Union telegraph ollice satisfactirily for seventeeó years. The charge agalnat hlm was slmply that he had DOtifled peopk of the change in office hours instead of letting them ascertain for themselves. A petition will be sent to headqnarters at Kew York deinaiuling Pulcipher's rc-instatement. Mr. Puldpher married a former Marahall foung lady, MissDrakc, aniece of Mr. Benjamin Drake, and bas msny frtends here who will learn of his renioval, wilhout caute, with regret." In dectJTng upon j-our vote for prosecuting attorney would it not be well to remember tliat f the repulican candidate is elected be will keep the office open at the county seat all the time? You will be obliged to go away to one Blde of tlie county to consult the peopte'l attorney should he not be eleetol.


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