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A Peculiar Point Of HoocPs Sarsaparilla, obvious to al), is 100 doses One Dollar, an unanswerable argument as to ceonomy, while thousunds testií'y to its superior strengt h and positive remedial virtues. ÑO PO I SON IN THE PASTRY IF Vnnlllu,I..Mnoii,Oranq;, etc., fluvur í'akoi, ('ri-iiniN, l'utldlii'M, ,Vf.,:iH dcllcately and uuturally u the fruit l'rom t)ilch they are mude. FOR STREXGTH AD TRUE FRLIT ILAVOR THEY STAND ALOSE. Price Baking Powder Co., Chicago, IM. St. Louis, Mo. M1KER8 OF Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder - AND - Dr. Price's Lupulin Yeast Geins, Ilul Dry Hop Yeuil. fok s.x.e B-y s-saocEïse. WK MAKT. niTT OKR OFTAT.1TV LSGHT KEALTHY BREAD ÖYEASTGEMS The best dry hop yeast In the world. Bread ralsed by thls yeast Is light, white and wholecome like our grandmother's dellclous_bread. CROCERS SELL THENI. PREPAHKO BY THH Price Baking Powder Co., MaiTra of Dr. price's special riaTorlna Extracts, Chicago, III. 8t.Loula.M0 THE SURE CURE " FOK ,""""" KIDNEY DISEASES LIVER COMPLAINTS. CONSTIPATION, PILES, AND BLOOP DISEASES. PHYS1C1ANS ENDORSE 1THEARTILY. 'Kidnoy-Wort ie the most oucceaaful reniedy lover weed." Dr. P. C. Ballou, Monkton,Vt. "KidBey-Wort is always reliable." Dr. R. N. Clark, Bo. Hero, Vt. 'Kidncy-Wort has oxired my w ifo after two ycat-s aufforing." Dr. C. M. Summerlin, 8uu HUI, Ga. IN THOUSANDS OF CASES It hou cured whcre all olse had failed. It Is mild, but efficiënt, CEKTAI3 IN IT8 ACTION but harmless in all canes. ; ' II .Inin-r. 1 h - Itluoil himI t r.'n,( ii fflven New to all the important organe of the body. The natural aotíoa of the Kidneys is rostored. The Liver is oloansod of aUdiseaao, and the Bowela movo froely and hoalthfully. In thls way the worst difleaucB aro eradioatcd from the Bystem. g run i:, $1.00 UQUID oa imv, i m.n BT inu ((ihts. Dry can bo sent by mail. WKLLS, RICIIAUD8ON AO.Ilurllnton Vt.


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