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Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Warner celebrated

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Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Warner celébrate! j their golden wedding at their comfort;ible lióme in Pittsfield, on Tuesdayla?t. 'l'heir friends and neighbors heartily joined j them in inaking glad tbla, tl.e orowning day of fifty years of married life. In commemoration of thejevent, the "man clothed with autlioiity," wUo on tliis occasion was their neiglibor, Mr. George Heuion, began to give the yontliful couple tbe usual premonltiona in regard to the Importance of the step that they wereabout to take, bul, presently ended with a few well chosen woids bestowlng upon them the benedictions of their . sembled friends. Althougli the invitations had said "no preseiits,'"yetthe good wishes and kindly regards of their fiiends and neiglibors materializcd in the shape of a nuraber of handsome present?. A bounteous repast in whieli not one liesitated to partake, was served in a marnier which showed that those wlio liad it in hand well uiulerstood the cravings of the inner man. Thus the day, which but comparatively few have the privilege of so celebrating, was filled up witli pleasant reminders of the eveiitful day of iifty years igo. and their friends left them leellng that the occasion liad been one which would niake lighter the welgtlt of the decllnlng years of the fortúnate couple, with wlióm time lias dealt kindly in the past, and still proniises niuch in the tuture. _ Mr. Meyer, a gentleman 73 years old, f ither of Rev. A. Meyer, formeily pastor of the Gemían M. E. cliurch, was met by of tlireedrunken ruflians Sunday p. m. on the bridge across the mili creek on Miller ave., near the T. A. A. & N. AI. coal sheds, and was by I hem pushed off the bridge into the creek. The great wonder was that the old gentleman wal not killed. In this connection it niight be well to cali the attention of the city fathers to the extremely dangerous condition of this bridge for foot passengere as there is no railing upon either side The truth is there sliould be a sidewalk made over the creek for pedestrian;-'. Ann Arbor people Hre iiidtgnant over the discharge of the manager nf the Western Union telegraph offlce, umi the cuttlng of the force down to one mau.- Mllau Journiil. The Journal niight have went furlher and then not told all. The people are not only iüdignant, tliey are mad at the pusiianimous course the little conteniptible tyrant Corbett, of Detroit, has taken in the 'whole afiUir. He has not only done an act of rank injustice toward as faitliful an official as ever sent a message, but has sliown his extreme spite toward the Ann Arbor office by trylnft to reduce it iu raük to a llaj; station on a railroad. _ Kora Latchshaw, wife ot' Job Latchshaw, of the 3d ward, died Sunday, Oct 12th, mul funeral services were held yesterday trom St. Thomas" church. The Detroit Evening News credltt Mr. Honey with holding the postolllce at Dexter still. He does not liold it still - or any other way, nor has not for the past two years, at least. The grand opening of the Suline roller skating rink takel place on the aftoriioons and evenings of Oct. lTth aiul 18th. The rink thereafter will be open to the pnblic on Mondays, Wednesdays nul Saturdays. Mr. James Carrlgan, of Brighton, Mich., was marrled at St. Thomas1 cboroh yesterday, Tuesday, Oot. 14th, to Miss Nellle Boward, of this city, Hcv. Fr. Fierle officiating. Fockd. - By Deliand & Co., Fairport, N. Y., the secret of making the hest Baleratusand Soda in the worhl. They surpass all the inventors of the age, because by these avticles they insure sueeess to the ladies in making line pastry.