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The VanDepoele arc-light having been n operation in the city some two months hirty-six of the lights are placed in stores md streets. While opiniĆ³n s dift'er conliderably as to its being the best arc-light ind a satislactory one, those who uae it irefer it to gas and would uot cbange unless a better light offered itself. A numaer of merchants who objected to tuk ing it because of the sissing, sputtering and evanescent biilliancy, have been waiting for an incandescent electric light. To supply that want a plant will be put in the Courier building to ligbt the printing office, tlie post-office and some of the stores on Main Street. No difflculty was inet with in getting subscribers tothe two liundred lamps, because of the wellknown efficiency of the Edison liglit, whlch is everywhere recognized as the best. It gives a steady, pure white light, without noise, heat or attending danger. It can be turned ofF at will and is ebeaper tlian gas. Those who have studied the subject, confidently predict that in a few years it will almost entirely supercede the yellow flickering blaze of gas with all its accompanying mysteries of metre registration, leakage and pressurc. Fearing this, the gascompany of this city have reduced their price to $2.25 per thousand fect. But even now electricity can be pnrchased cheaper, and in the end will conquer. Already the two electric companies will make no small inroad upon the gas receipts of the Ann Arbor company and to maintain themselves thev must go stil[ lower in price.


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