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Senior medie quizzes commence this week. Oh, dear ! Foot baü betweeu the fresh. and sophs. again next Saturday. The Univeisity Chronicle eonimences the issue with an excellent number. Miss Eva Hamlin, homeop. class of '8G, died at her home in Wisconsin recentlv. Several of the Ohio boys went home to vote- but sonie of the Ohio boys are not voters. Prof. John Dewey reids a paper toni:ht before the Philosopliical Society, on " Mental Evolution. The October nuraber of the Microeeope coutains an article by Mrs. Stowell, witli two full-pagc illustrations. At tlieir iirst meeting last week the Alpha Ka's knew more of Chas. Dickena than they ever Nu before. J. L. Stewart, law '84, died at Louisa, Ky., on the lSth of July last. The first break in the ranksof that class. A meeting will be held on Friday evening by the students in practical anatomy to grade the classes and select work. The freshmen have been invited to a social, to be held for their especial delectation at the house of J.Q. A. Sessions,Esq., on Friday evening. Dr. O. R. Long, of Ionia, filis the place of Dr. Wilson, iu the homeopathie depart. ment, who is not sufflciently reeovered to resume his duties again. The lirst social of the Freshman class of the university will be held at the residence of J. Q. A. Sessions, on Williams st., on Friday evening, Oct. lTth. Dr. .Stowell has just snpplied the university of Nebraska with a number of copies of his Histology. It is used as a text-book in the medical department. There are 20 ladies in the medical freshman class, and more gentlemen than ever before, making it the largest class ever entering tliat department. There are 330 medies altogether. The junior pharuiacy class haveelected the fol lowing office is for the ensuing year : Pres., C. A. Bowdish ; v. pres., C. S. Stinchcomb ; secy., A. J. Buckhain; treas. E. W. Clark ; foot ball captain, A. Iv. Eaton. Tlie Hahnemann societj', a social order, has made the following selection of offlcers for the year : President, Prof. T. P. Wilson; vice-pres., Mr. Ed. Brooks; sec. Mr. Carrón ; treas.. Miss Swathel; cor. sec, Mr. J. C. Gibbs. The junior medical class held a meeting on Saturday last, at 10:30 a. m., and elected the following officers : Piesident, E. L. Mooney, N. Y.; v. pres., H. Mereness; sec. Miss Thompson ; treas. F. Bonine, Niles; foot ball capt. F. Bonine. The university musical society elected ofticers Tuesday of last week, with the following result: Prof. Frieze, president; Prof. W. W. Beaman, secretary Prof. L. D. Wines, treasurer. The place of A. B. Storms, on the board of directors was filled by electing A. A. Boyer. Whyforesuch a dearth of good umpires in the university ? Let every '87 man con siderhimself "cutout" foran umpire and practice on the scrub games this fall, that we may not experience the trouble next spring that we did last year in having "line points" settled.- Clironicle. Wm. IJ' McGrorty, lit class of '79 is a candidato íbr judge of probate at St. Paul, Minn.,his ñamo being upon two tickets. The girls in Wellesly college, Mass., took a presideutial prefcrence vote, and this is the way it stood according to the Norwood, (Mass ) Heview : For Blaine 487 Cleveland 58, St. John 43, Mrs. Lockwood 1, Butler 0. Showing a sensible lot of girls. The Rugby association commences the year with renewed vigor, and many new member?. The following offleers have been elected : Pres., E. A. Rosenthal; v. pres., F. G. Higgins; cor. sec., E. L. Dorn : ree. sec J L Skinner: manager, W. J. Killilea; treas., K. S. Mahon. Theexecutive cotnmittee are to be appointtd by the president. The initiatory game of foot ball be. ween the freshmen and sophomores on ,he college grouuds. Satúrela}' afternoon, tvas attended by a very enthusiastic crowd. Two o-ames out of the necessary live vvere olayed, the sophomores winning both. tuo-bv rules were adopted. The first game lastcd one liour and fifteen minutes, and the second but fifly-four minutes. The senior medical class held theirelection last Friday, and the following offlcers were choseu; President, Martin L. Eaton, A. R-, Iowa; v.-pres., Iloward Carey, Michigan; sec, Andrew J. Hosmer, EcUgan; treas.. Giles B. Pease. Michigan; marshal, John H. Andrus, Ohio ; orator John Wm. Bosman, jr., Michigan, hsto ian? Alva N. Collins Michigan; prophet, Wm. E. Ely, Michigan; poet, Jmes H. Scott, Michigan. The secret societies have mades a choice ofPaliadium editors, as follows : Sigma Phi Delos Thompson : Delta Kappa Epsilon Qeo. B. Sheehy: Alpha Delta Phi, A. H Williams ; Chi Psi, D. C. Corbett; a pi T J Ballinger; Psi Upsilon, ít F EUlridíc ; BetaTheta Pi, T.C. Phillip" Pui KaPPa P& Uenney ; T) a T u Delta. A. G. PIttt. The mauinedHorwill be A. G.PItts; tinanoUl dltor, T. C. Phillips; .secretary, Delos Thompson. The following are the newly electedoflicer of the freshman medical class: President, E. S. Blalr; vice-president, E. M Iliff; second vice-presldent, Miss H. i secretary, A.L. Stevens; treasn r sergeanl-at-arms, "oh W DeckTr U orlan? Wltawtt F. be suocessful by the next meeting. The amount certified to by City Recorder Durheim as necessary for the supervisors to place upon the assesment roll of this city, is $10,084, divided as foliows : Court house aid bonds $2,000; interest on same, f584 ; for general purposes, $0,000 ; for general strect funcl, $2,000 ; and for the strect fund for each ward $1,000 with the exception of the öth ward, which calis for only $500.


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