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FAC-SIMILES OF U. S. TREASURY l M MTIIIMI. BANK IIILLS, Conslstlng of nine exact imltations of United States Treasury Notes, and nine of National Bank Bills, eighteen In all, of various denominations. As a rare means of detectlng counterfei" money they are iuvaluaule. ' Postal cards not answered. A. LANSING, 381 Bowery, New-York City. H. U PTU H. "El ! m EGAN'S IMPERIAL TBUSS. E& This now Trusa ha a 'piral iprina and graduSBSST TKt PEK8SURK ; to mollou, rewinint: v - - the hernia ilwavï. Worn day Andniplit wilh romL?P5 ( rt Soni on Trial, i-.'i' !¦ Si niip fur OrruLtr. Uwd in brtth Uiiivcrtity Hospitals. EOAN'S IMPERIAL TRUSS CO., Bo'x 2288, nn Arbor, Mie. Office, Humilton Block. Ann Arbor. ATTENTIDN FARMERS I 500,000 ACRES OF FIRST-CLASS TIMBER LANDS In Northern Wisconsin For sale on easy terms to Actual Settlers. Rich soil,- healthful climate- good drinking waterfine market facuities - stcady demand for labor at good wages. NO DROUTHS. N0 GRASSHOPPER PLAGUES, NO CYCLONES. l'nll inform ition, with maps, pamphlets, etc, furnished FREE. Address CHAS. L. COLBY, Land Com'r, W. C. K. R., Milwaut#e. Wis. 1216-1219 LIJMBERÏ LXJMBEK! LÏÏMBSR! lf yon contémplate building, cali at FERDON Lui iiii Comer Fourth and Depot Sts., and ge our ligures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our oivn Lambei and guarantee VERY LOW PRICES j(-Give us a cali and we will make t lo your interest, as our Iarge and wcll graded stock lully sustains our assertion. Telephone Connections with Office. T.J. KESKCII Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, PropTEPORT OF THE COXDITION -OP THE- mm & mm un AT ANS ARBOR, MICHIGAN, On Monday July. 7, 1884. Made in accordance with the General Baukiug Lw oí Michigan. KKSOURCES. Loans and Discouuts 1133,243 7S üverdrafts - ' "f Furniture and Fixtures 8,7 00 Checksand other Cash Items 1,17-2 0 Dae from Banks and Bankers líj,960 6S Legal Tender and Bank Notes MN 00 qo(J 8,44!t M) Sllvepi'Siokela, etc 1,421 IW Bouds, U. 8 3,800 00 School bonds 97 31 Premium on U. ö. Bonds 592 o 1178,668 57 LIABILITIES. Capital paid in S 50,000 00 Surplus Fuud 1,303 77 Profltand Loss Oo Due Deposltors 125,5b l o Dividends unpaid 1.760 00 tl74,668 57 I do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, to the best of my knowledge and belief. . ¦William A. Tolchard, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to belore me, this seventh day of July, 1884. Wji. W. Whedox, Notary Public.


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