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To:eK Aun Arbor & Horfll Michigan Itnllwa.v. Tl.MK SCIIKDI LB. 1 To tufce effect at o'clock, nooii, on Biiuday, Junè23d, 1884. Traius run by Central Time, (orvGNRTir i 1 NG SOUTH. US w -„ cl. Ó STATIONS. S.o" pg ? & 5 T.M. A.M I.MP.M. 5 25 7 (15 Toledo I 30 i 6G 5 80 7 II Manhattnn Janctlon 9 2tí 4 4H 5 40 7 28 Alexia Junclion 9 1U 4 85 4 7 :t" Hawrhorne 9 104 30i 5 55 7 4fi' Sainarla !t 02 4 22 0 09 8 00 Lulu 8 47 4 01 (i 14 H 15 Mouroo Junction S 42 3 5M tí 28] 8 80 Dundue 8 80(11 50 1 ( 28 8 871 Macou 8 '2j3 4.r B 88 8 4 Azalia 8 201 40 ti 4: 8 f Milán .1 uncí Ion 8 Ma 29 4( fl O.1) Milán 8 Oti 8 22 H 51 !t 09 Nora 7 50 3 17 i 68 H 22 Urania 7 52 i 10 7 0: 9 32 Piíssiield Junction 7 40 8 02 7 20 9 50 Ann Arbor 7 272 49 7 37 10 16 Lelaiid 7 12 2 80 7 45 10 Li Worden 7 08 2 L5 8 00 10 5 SouibLon 8 50 'I 10 ConnectioDs: At Toledo, wlth railroads dlverginir- at Manhattan JuuctioD, wilh Wheeline & Lalti: Erie K. !(.; at Alexis Junction, with M. O. K. lí., h. S. & M. S. Ry. and V. & P. M K. R.; at Monroe Junction. with h. S. & W. S. Ry.; at Uundee, with L. . & M. S. Ky.. M. fc O. Ry.; at Milán Junction. with Wabash, St. Louík & Pucittc liy.; at Pittsfield.with L. s. & M. Bi BJr.! at Ann Arbor wlth Michi;an Central lí. K., aim at Sotitli Lyon with Deiroit, I-aneing & Northern H. R., and Qiand Trunk Ry. H. W. ASHLEY, General Supt. W. H. BENNETT, Gen'l. Pasa. Agunt. THE LI1ÍE SELICTED BT THrE U. S. GOT'T T0 CAESY THE FAST MAIL COITVG WEST. ONLT LIWE EÜNiniíG TWO THK0UGH 1 TBAI1ÍS DAILY FB0M CHICAGO, PEORÍA & ST. LOUIS, Tbrougb the Heartof theCoTitlnent b way of I'iuiüc junction or Omaha to DENVER, or via Kansas City and Atchieoj to Denver, conoectingln Union Depots a t KaiLsaa City, Atclnson, Ornaba uuü Denver wlth tlirough trama for SAN FRANCISCO, and all polnts In the Far West, bhortest Llneto K ANSAS CITY, And all poluta Ib tbe Bouth-Wet. TOURISTS AND HEALTH-SEEKERS Kliould not forget the facttnat Round Trip tickets at reduced ratcs can be purcüased vla this Greivt Through Uiif. to all Hit Health and PleaHurt lteaort of the West and Soath-Weat, lncluding tlieMountalns of COLORADO, ttae Valle; or Ihe Yusenilte, the CITY OF MEXICO, and all polats In the Mexican Kepubllc. HOME-SEEKERS Shonld also remember that tbis Une leads direct to tüe heart of the Government and Kallroad Lands Ín Nebraska. Kansas, Texas, Colorado and Washington Terrítocy. Itis knoiínas thegreat THROUOH CAR LIKE ef America, ajid Ís uní versal ly adinltted to be tne Finest Equlppeil Ruilroad in the World for all rlamiM of Travel. Through Tickets vía thls Une for sale at all Rallroaú Uoupou Ticket Ollicea iu Ihe UulteU otates and Canada. T. J. POTTER, Vice-Pres. and Gen. Manager. HiBCEVAL LOWELL, Qen. Pasa. Ag'i Chicago. J XO. y. A. BKAN, Gen. Kastern Ag"t, J17 Broadway, New York, and Mi Washington él. , Uuslou. -T THE POST-OFFIGE NEWS BEPOT. A Full Line Of Cheap Librarles! AND STATIONEEY A complete assortment of common and Faney Note and Letter Paper. Envelopcs, Inritation, and Request cards. Writing Packets, Fine Box Papers, suitible lor presents and all kinds of Stationers' suppües. BLAHK BOOKS Pass Books, Memorandum Books, Scratcli Books, Studenrs Note Books, Rerums, Leal and Medical Indexes. Bill Books, and n 11 grades of common Note Books. WILLIS mm, Froprietor, And Agent for all Newspapeis, Magazines and periodicalf. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! Tío. 4 South Main St., Aun Arbor. Theotdest agenpy in the city. Establlshed a qnarler if a coulury ago. Kepreseuting the following flist-classcumpanios : Home Ins. Cío. of N. Y S7,-)8S,C45 Continental Ins. Co.ofN. Y 4,807,442 Niágara Ins. Co.ofN. Y 1,874,024 Girard Ins. Co. of Philadelpliia. 1,259,967 Oriënt Ins. Co. of Hartford 1,419,522 Commercial Union of London. .11,043,943 Liverpool, I.oiulon ind Globe. .34,402,085 Itatcs Low. Ijosses Liberally A dj usted anti Promptly Paid. C. H. MIIjLEN. Womaii's and Relief. These lanpuid, ttreeome sensations, cauBing yon to feel scarcely ablf to be on your feet ; that constant draiu thut is taking from your eyetem all its former elasticity ; drivitu; the bloom fr,in your clicckB ; tltat continua! Htraiu upon your vital forcea, rendcrlng you irritable and fretfiil, cuneasily be removed by Ihe use ofthat marvelous reraedy Hop Bitters. Irrcmularities and obstructions of your íyslem, are rallareis at once while the special cause of periodical pain are permanently removedNoue rvceive eo murh benefit, and none are poprolonndly grateful, and show such au interest in recouimendiüg Uop Bitters as women. A Postal Card Story. I m (tffected wlth kldney and nrlbary trouble - 1 wel ve venís!" After trylng ill th'e doctora :uu patent medicines 1 could henrof, I used two bottles of IIop "Bitters;" And 1 ana pprfectly cured. I keep it "All the time !" respectfiilly, B.F.Booth, Saulibury, Teñir. - May -1, 1863. BitADFORD, Pa., May 8, 1875. It has cured me of several diseases, such as nervousnens, aicknessat tho stomach, monthly troubles, etc. I have not ecen h sick day in a year. since I took Hop Biltere. All my neighbora use tltem. Mus. Kannik GnüEN. $8,004 Lost. "A tour to Europe thit co"t me $!,'(), done me leas Kood than one bottie of Hop Bitters : Ihey also cured iny wife of fifteen yeai's' nervoua weaknes, slei'plessneKa and dyupepsla," R. M., Atiburn, N, Y, So. Bi.oomsiiMi.LE, O. May 1, 19. SIRS--I havo been sufferlnK ten yoars, and I tried your llop BiiterB, and it doue me more Rood thau all tile doctor?. Mi?s S. H. Boone. IJaby Savcd. We areno thanklul to )iy that our unn-ine baby wn permaneutly cured ufa Unnigerou and protracted courttloailon nd irri-ularlty of the Howels by the use ol Hop Bitters by its molher, whlch at tho same t'iüu restored ht-rto perfect health and 8treu;th. The I'iu'eutfl, líocheyter, N. Y. fïfNone trenulne wltliouta buncli of groen IIopH on the white label, fjhuti uil the vlle, polsonotiK, Htulí wltli "Hop" or " Hops" Ín tlielr ii ii in r.


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