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At Toledo : The Republican party has governed tbe couutry fur twtnty-four jeara in Ihe spirit and accordlng to the meaures of u broad nationallty. The progresa uniler our government in that spirit has far transcendtd 11 the progross made in all the previous years oí the Natiou's hletory. To rcmaud the eovernment uow to ihe cintrol of our opponents, who do not believe in the ,conscltut!onalitv of tbo ineasures whlch have given this progress, would be a step backwnrd into the dark. There ie not oi;e great mensure tbat the Republican party adopted, iior oue great ftep the party has taKen fince the jnnuguration of Abraham Lincoln In 1SC1, that the Democratie party bas not opposcd and has not considered unconftitutional. So that to-day to iemand thO governaient of tha Unitrd States to the control of the Democraey is not merely an ordlnary chango of parttes. It is a total rcversal of the eniire polioy that has dlf-tinguished the government of the Unllod States since 1S01. WOKDS TO YOUNG MES. At Uolumbus: The glants of mytholgy typified tbe strength of young men. In tue enlightened era of tbe Cbristian dispensation young men were called to the work because they were strong. To-day the ttrength of the Kepubllcan party is in the young men of the country, of hora ir. pt ssesses a Vist niajority. [Cheers.J The }oung man is always good for two votes - his own and the ore he brings. [Cheers.] No party In the hisioryof this country wa8 ever heaten ttia'. had the sym pstby and support of tbe ycmg men of the country. [Clieeis ] And it has been the chiif gra'iricarion of a tour which 1 haye made frútu the greit commercial metroDolis to your city thnt everywhere I have foun'1 ibe young men on our side. [Cheers.] You ure in .the morning of life. The day is before you aod your etrengtb tsequal to it. [Cbeers.] You ilí have tbe fashionlug of the repu - lic, o( its Btrength, I's pres'iLe, its glory, its rtestlny, long aftcr the generation to which I belong ehall have pafsed avvay. See to it tbat It is kept in your power, nvd that your hardss clear, pure and roug fhall bear up tbe ark of the covenant. [En thusiastic and prolonsed cbeeriDg] I bid you good moiuinir. Lot us turn together to ihedutifs of a tew uay ith its repol'sibilities and I hope wito its rewai-ds. . [Reuewtd cheerlng ] THB PBOTECTIVE TAEIFP. At Míssillorj : In a procession of our politïcal oppononts at Youngstown, receutly, there appeaied aman and woman inrags and apparent wretchedness bearing the insenption. "This is what proteetion has doce for us." [Derislve laughter.l This was intended to typi f y aud denounca the resulis of proteetion ïn'Onlo. 1 want to present the other slde of the pic;ure. In Ohio to-day theie are 21,ü0ü manuScturtng establishments. They cose $200.)IK),(IOO, hiid they turn out aénually a pro.iuoc wo th ?2.")U,Ü00,ü()ü out of the rtsulrs of that investment. I observe a;ig1reat niauy people in Uhio who a?éL sfiot in raga and not in wre'chedu-sp. ILaii'ihing andereat chfering.] ThirtyfWe and iorty yi ars ago tbe entire westera country was called upon, as an agricultura! comtnunity, to o)poe the protectlve tanff t ecnuse ir. unjus'ly favored the manufacturer of the East. Since then the tnarufacturiui.' udustrles of the country bave traveled westward until Ohto has becoine one of the arrest manufacturiug statts in the Union cheere.], uud, couibinlng vvithin herself a, rrat ugriculturol interest and great mauifacturing Interest, slie presents all the elements of comfort and material progress. I'KOTECTION rOH FaRMEUS. Steadily as the atricul'ural ttates hecome settled, nibunfaciures oljow. ludían and üllnois and Michigan are cotuing oa rapidïy alter Ohio. lown, Kansas and Minnesota will come along in due time, the result being hat the protective policy now upheld by the lopublican party operato3 so as to carry nanufactures into every st te -ind ultiuiateljuto everv county in tbe Union It never was desitned tbat ooe part of the countrv sboukl be permanently agricultural and tbe ther part iuabufacturing, but it was deigni d that aericultuie and manufac'ures ttould go haii'1 in band [cheers], and wherever tbey do go hand in hand you liave hnrt, jrugresa aud huppiuess. [Reuewad cbeering ] THE DEMOCRATIC POLIOT. If this Industrial syetem, which combines he hlgbest elemente of human pro?perity by mi tuig the agricultural acd themanufacturug interests, is worth preserving, you should ïot forget that our polittcal opponeits have never failed in the last fifty-oneyears- never siuce 1838, when thoy bad the power in cinirresí - eitherto repeal theprottctive tarlff, if oue existcd, or try to repeal ir, or to prevent the cuactment of such a tariff. In otn-r words, Bii.ce I8SS the Democratie pariy in congress hss never sustamed by its vote s. Ijioiective tirüï, uot ouce. f A voiee: "Aud k never wül."J EXPLODINO A UISSTATEMEIÍT. "W e are met with the accuatioa that a prottctive tariiï injures the commeree of the country. That Is moto frequently made in tbe, East than in the West. The answer to it ie, töat siuce the protecüve tariff was.'enacted iu 1S01 the exporta (rom the United States have been vactly eres.ter in amount and valuo tban all the exuons from tbo flrt rettlement of an English colonist ou Hila continent down to the inaugu raTion of l'ividtint Lincoln. [Great cheerlng ] 1 think that is worth repeating. ["Yes!" "Yes!.'] If 'ou take evcry export that WO6 eVL-r linde from the territory whih now coustituf.eii the United otates from the time of the setttement at. Jame-town and Ht XTymouth Rock In 1607 and 1620 clear down to 1880, una ld them togetber, they fail by sevu'al tbousatjd milliuu dollars 10 he as greit in amount as our exporta íroni lSül to ibis time. 'Rene wed cheering.j B . thai the nssert' on that the yrotective tariit hinder the éovelopinect of th commerctï of tue couutry is uot ouly dinproved by thè facts, but directly the contrary is true, for agricuf ture and manufactures and commnce go hand in hand - were doslgned to go hand in hand. They are the triple co'ds which, bour.d togother, mnke up the streimth of uational prosperity.


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