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Now, fellow eltizens, a word before I leuve you, on the vtry eve of twfholy day of God- a (it moment to consécrate ourselves finally to the creat work of Boxt Taefday ïnorning. I seo in th's great uudience tonlght a great maDy young men- young men who are about to eist tbeirfirst volO. I want to give you a word of suegestion and advice. I heard a very brilliant thk'g sald by a boy the other day up iu one of our northwest.-rn counties. He Eaid to me: ''General, I have a great mind to vote the Democratie ticket." That was not the brilliaut tlilng. I sald to bim: "Wbyf Hesaid: "My fnther is a Republlcan, and my brothers are Republicana, and 1 ¦u a Republican all over, but 1 want to be an independent man, and I don't want anfbodytosay: 'That f ello w votes the Republican ticket just beciuse his dad doe?,' and I have half a mind to vote the Democratie ticket just to prove my indtpendenee." I rlid uot like the thing the boy sugg93ted, but. I d'd admire the spirit of the boy that want ed to have some iudependenc of his own. BE INDEPENDENT. Now, I teil you, you Dg man, don't vote the Republican ticket just lecause jour father votei it. Don't vote the Democratie ticket, even if be does vote it. But kt me give you th!s one word of advice, as you are about to pttch your tent in one of the great political eamps. Your life is full und buoyant with hope now, and I bee you, wben you pitch jour tent, pitch it amoDg the living and not among the dead. If you are at all Inelined to puch it aniong the Democratie people nd with that party let me eo with you for a monie t irblle we survey the ground where I hope }ou will not shortly Ho. It is a sad place, young man, for you to put your youug life iuto. It ie to me far more ïike a graveyard than like a camp for the living. Look at It! It is billowed all over with the graves of dead ifsuef, of buried opinions, of exploded tbejries, of di-graced d ictrines. You cmnot live iu comfort in such a place. Why, look here! Utre is a liitle doublé mound. 1 look down on it and read: "Sacred to the memory of squatter sovfréiguty snd the Dred Scom decisión."' A mlllion aurJaüalf" of Demócrata vo'ed for that, hut It bas been deal fifteeu years, died by tbe band of Abraham Lincoln, aud here it Mes. Young umu, tüat is not the place for you. NOTHING BUT GRAVES. But look a Httle farther. Here Is another monument - a black tomb - and beside it, as our disünguished frieud said, there towers to the sky a monument of 4.000.000 pairs of human fetters taken frum the artns of slaves, and I reíd on its Httle beadstone tbls: "Sacred to tbe menior.v of human slavery. " For years of lts infamous life the Deinocraüc party taught tbat It was divine - (ied's iottitutiun. Thoy dt-feoded it, tbey stood around it, they followed ú to lts grave as a tnourcer. Bu. here it lies, deid by the hand ot Abiabtin Lincoln. Dead by tbe power of the Republican party. Dead by tbe justice of Alwigbty God. Doa't camp there, young man. STILL ANOTHER TOMB. But here'i another - a litlle brimstor.e tomb - ai.d I read acroes its yellow face in hirid, bloody Unes these words: "Sacrrd to the memory of stito sovereUnty and secession." Twelve millious of Demoi rats must tere'l atound it In aans to ka-p it alive; but here it lies, shot to dea'h by the millton euns ot the re public. H re it lies, its shrine burnt, to ashes under the blazing rafters of the burning Confederjcy. It is dead! I would not bave }rou etay In there a minute, een iu this baluay uignt air, to look at sucb a place. THE RAG BABY'S MOURNERS, But just betore I leave it I discover a newinaje grave, a lltt'e mouud - short. Tbe grasBhas hardly sprouted over it, and around It I see torn pieces of piper with the word "iia1 " on them, and I look down in curiosity, wondering w bat the grave ií, and I read on it: "Sacred to the memory of the baby, nursed iu tbe bram of all th fauhti'lism of the world; rocteel by Thomas Ewiny, Georg'í H. Pendleton, Saaiu-1 Cary and a few othurs throughout the land. " But it di-d the lst ot Junuary, 1879, and the $140,000 000 of gold thit God made, and not üat power, lie upon its little carcass to keep it down forever. THE CAMP OF LIBERTY. O, young man, come out of tbat! That ia no t-lace in which to put your youug life. Come out, and come over into this camp of llberty, of order, of law, of justice, of freedom, of all that is glorious under these nlght stars. Is there any death here in our camp? Yes! yes! Three hundre Í aud rif cv ihonsand soldlers, the noblest band tbat ever tiod the earth, died to niuke this camp a camp of glory and of hberty forever. But there are no aead i.-su-s Ju re. re are no dead Ideas here. Huns our our banner trom under the blue cky this riigh' until it shall sweep the green turf uuder your feet! lc bauga over our camp. Read away up under the 6tars tbe inscripción we have writieu on it, lol tliose twentv -flve years. THE REPUBLICAN 6ILVER WEDDING. Twentyfive )-earsago the Republican party was married to Liberty, and this is our silver wedding, fellow-cltizens. A worthily married pair love each otber bett-r tbo day of their silver weddina than the day or their espousals; au.l w are tiuer to Liberty to duv ïiiicideaier to God than we were when we spoko mir lirit word of libtrty. Reaü away upunder tlie pky cross our sturry uanuer that iirst word we u'.tertd tweuiy-flve yeir ao! What waj It! "álavery sball never extend over anotiwr foot of tho territori- s of the ureat. W. st. " Is that dead or live? Allve, thank üod, forevermore! Aud truer to nlght tLan it was the day it was wriitenl ïht-n It was a Ir pe, a proinlse, a purpose. To-aight ie is equul with t'.ie stars - mi .norial bist iry and limnortal truth. Como down the glorióos tteps of our bnnntr. Every great ïecord we have maile we baie vindicated with our blod anil with our truh. ltsee;isthe urouuds aud it t juches the stars. Como theri', youug mau, nod put. in y ur youug l:fc liere -411 is living, nd where nulbiue it dead but the boroos thut dtiended it! 1 thiuk tin sa youug men will do that- Frotn a spetch dcUvcred Saturday, November 4, 1879,.


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