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Protection's Benefits

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Here you meet one advautage of the system of protiction; it inereases the numbsr of tho e wbo leave the ranks of aEriculture and engage In othtr pursults. How the tncouraeemi ut whlcb this system gives to manufactures and othev branches teida to this result, may be beit seea by taking n arx of eouutrs' as it would be eirly lu its selement, and tlion noticing its transforuiasiou under this economie applicatioo. The land will be found at first filleó with. farmers and noother?. Theso will all be engaged in the production of tüe larger crops. 'fhey are ralsiug corn and co too. Toey have no ujarkot, fxcept that whicb they ü d by expnrr, They stnd ihetr t'iaiu midc:.ou to Liverpool. To get tüetr corn cos s íl, and tho cora whicli they scll t tbelr - - tiou for 86 cents a bushoi brings ïl 8S in Livtrpool. 1c adds 20 per een', to j the price whicli they nceive to put tbeir fccotton in tüe same mark t. Tlie Wliifílishineu consume the coro and mauut'acLur the cottou at these mcieased pricos. Tlien they send thcir culico bek to lúe Ameritan f truiar, and in buylnR it he buys back lus eorn and his cot on at this iucroís'ui valU'' ai d pas in addiiiun tlie wages and other expenses of manufactura, of tr tusponatiou aud insurance. ISome ono amone their number, wise enough to recosnize that the .-trutyle to live Qttder f-uch oooditiom is R'inc agaicst; theni, recuguizM also ttie valué oí pr.iteciiou wui'h tlie tarlff oft'eia to all who will manufacture calicó wittm the United State, aud siarts his linie iactory, Th cftlico manufactured In thií llttle bu'MinTlTdflT than in Engl.nd. No .,?"'¦ for trantp„itation; ai.d the m beei That l.ttle in.H tho he Ö?' } 'ra for the teighborhood. ÖtbL S i foilmcd uiter Lbia. lüer UüW Now, the we.k who cannot , ge-, employinent in-ioor-; an, ' f "udo, re ekillful, but uot strog "J ' Matnvhile, the farmer fii.dWi6 S for the simpltr pi-i.:uc-lon tk gerW2 thecEfle, Hriih hích l,e L8..„ ?ri Uit hnds a greiter advantS " oi whicb eau consume fruitf „„, ,, tt bles etc. s . tbat be can n ,,„'¦? rf ¦varied produo'ion whlch is tk. "''¦" te. oiagrteultuiMl wealth. n ïvSt InduBtries bero inausur,;S V5rt, tbe mili comes tlie raten irade- tends toijroducdliHbi iD1 otL thecoDSumptiou and distri-llc"W; Rrowihand prosperity. m"ittkwi An cbjection Urged to tblsthe bcKiuriing, at, least, tbe 'fon B H manufacture eau b. sold éhe 5a ?iï nat ye. and the f„reign maS'1 2 willing to tbe cornKrd ,"" ï tbe wool in exchango. True LT 3 manufacurcr cannot taíe th. toi5 tne vegetable, tbe V8' " toes, nor can he afd tobíj!' every.hinj; ma a? bon ,?' y S cneaper than ,„ E„X"d' rJi be "$ tb, anieles mo-tle Ir I itOn f"SJ poses iu the Ameriífn r JhDsed fors I cm buy here waeons, carts ana . ' I cbeaperthan 'in EUilnd. fS,,"'"," a srr.ali item i„ the wel] t?„fH of the Americn farmer aní P' bo!4 niture fs at least 10 per' ,em T Iu1 So are dock, and -atchítln." L M ware, and the compon glass d 3 pUiuer honsewifc- all these ala i-h T Every manufacrured anic e Is CK Every cnanufacured article is cheaper (2 in the Imtd States tMn U 'S 36us aga Then 90 per cew. WerV2 abroad, now lss than 10 per cent n farmer may weil fullovr the leadof suk perience. u


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