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I atsume that thera ara a great tn Democrats here. I si, becaaij! mission is not merely to cail the rlgltaj but finners to rep nance. [Penewed eèa and laughter. ] I want to say to yon thore is nottr.os; in this world half to iin tial as fair and good government, and tka is uothÍDg that briugs prosperitriiteji. jl Rpublicin party has torced good joveil ment upon the Democmts te the A twentv-nve jear- It has made them pl porous aeaiost tbeir wili iv tre ,1 creal nmsionary aud evanpelizicg I [Roarsof luighter. ] Weeimncinat time -1 000,000 of r.lock mea aud att-aa time liberty U he sme Dumbert.! white Dearcrats. [L ud cher. j „„„;.. ter.] Webave glvea tlie Democnts p"osperous homes agnmst tüeir pnrt't. ws have given ttiein splendid indusit nmt thcir nbjes'lon. We have givtintem coj. tmted liresides whilo thty prottstnl tm it. But we like tbem too well to soii uq lnto toe bad diys of Denioerjcy. My Democratie friends, you bh to iiuve a tree ballot, and you em& help it. Yq are goius w triö you i count, and you caonuC help it ISe ate ;¦ log to dignif y your labor, a d yVu canta "help it. Vo are Roia tj inake yoii protjxfl ous. and jon caMiot help it. We aregoJ to hareycunudus ries protected int-lllgeal(I and cuccessiuiiy, aud you canuot htlp n.1 You need uoi [notest agamst it. Wears go-l iDg to give you four years more oí ipiemüdl American politics. Quit kickine 'must it. Take tne good luings tbis Eepobiicm party offers t you. We're goine to tm jra horizonral prösperity at langüterj, where every unn is prosperous accordlng to hu dessr;s. UVre io give you akorizoDtiil ballot, vihere every cnizen votes íliit But we ffon'c give you a horizotrai tanS, wnich niBiustuat all Amencaaiidustrieiin flat just alikp. Now, my fellow-cltizen?, thrreneverwiii Cimpugn uiore pitstiaut with trr ¦pleudi.1 issues thau ibis. It would te u aconishing tiiing for The RepjbUcinsof 'a ol l iiupeiiaUtate of Ohio to besita e dr i single ius'unt what tbeir duty aud missii is to be. I kuow nere I aai speakmg; ! know whoin I am addr. ssins. I uow M I am steakioe to a liMer;y-)ovins, Guá-Ieil ing comj unity of men aü'l womeo. Ih old, fplt-ndid state of (Iddinsis, Vde 'M Chae! It is tlie -tate where Grant aud rn Sheridan were born; It is the state ol ai sainte ' oii'i disingalshed Garüeld, tbefnij of J .mes G. Blaiuc. [Ljud aud entbnni cheeis.] Sow, gentlemen, time ií Étiort. loe t of eltctian is app'oichicg rapidh. I look upon tbis raaíiiiurent dumo $uA and while wit essiug otlier lar-;e dem in-M tions, Demoera'-.c s well ai RrpuWiM it has seemed to ma tbat tö oid-Jm party bitteruess h:is absolutely pase( away. I want ttia youcL üemocracy t share In tbe tl'.ries of thepstaii4themtu-i W'liy, tuy Democratie Irieuds, open jn froiü. door mil 1 t the sunstine of god goverrnneot stream uto it. AíplíOM Uive us tour }ears ninie of tbe same an goyernmeut we have had, ai d sonsbine m pro-peritv shnll tdejtn over every lanBiM KÜd every plowshare tbroujhout y I sr.,te. Wear8t:ri; pi-ople, and staod u ' the inidst ot a most rrnrve! us asd ui eiKmpl.d prösperity. V h-TeagM'.past. We have no slavervon 'he soiluf t?ert'Pa:J lc. We liave a -u id currencT. M"J commerce to ex'euded that iö 4 um whiteiinif every sea. „„j.B Wa huve fiel is all glad anJ sitoi :Ê neath t .e gl -rii'S t,t tais splïi:aii w dav. Throwini? a-ide everythiug oí P" f hip, aud rem m-.erlog efcryimui ol ïw ism.lookinz back wltli reverencs upon grea names of our hi-tory, f,r.v0"r0"!, for mv sake, for G.d's .uV, let uS r-mej thattfaeresiands, lypUybm 'üese, '"fSj the party, man wüo is cirryU.g the torch of clvilizition.theQmn wtiom have this dav be-n proud W booor, ümBiaiue. [Euthusias ie ebee'S. ]


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