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THATDONTLIE! . . The Boyal Baking Powder Co. try to give the Inference tlmt their powder cont ains more Crcain Tarlar and thnt iis Leavenlng I'owcr is rre:iter than niiy oilicr made. Hg stalcd in their advertlseruent on the " Cotnparatlve Worth of Baktn? Powders," exhibited by black Unes. Our name was ruentioned in eonneci ion wiili one uf our cheiiper branda, made of different raaterlals as thé trade might demand. Our Creara Tartar brnd of Andrew's JPearl was omitted, evidenüy for a very Rood reason, judging trom tlie relaiive merftfl of Ahdkbw's ' Pearl " and the Royal. as clearly demonstrared by tlie Government Chemist, Dr. Peteu Cou,ikr of the Department of Agrfeáltttre, at Washfngrton, froua samples received by him trom dealere wlm furnishecl the samples f rom tlieir stocks on tiand In open mai'ket. S hoving cxccss of CreiunTsrtsr tn Andrews' FtD fill 5T D Q ' AM Al VOIO - -v. f" v, U. f. Dept of Agficultuhe. i , S ¦ - - Washington D. C, ilarch lu, 1883. f C. E. Andrkwb & Co.- Gentlfimon : I received by tt expres- f'roin Thos. Lydon and .T. V. Harkins & Co., 7t r' '"' " Grand Ave., Mihvankee. and HarperBros., ChicaS ES ¦-"' I!1 i5""1'!'1 ot' Andrews' Pearl and Roya] Bak¦ p' j I ïiijr Powdere. The cans were in good conditlon E ¦ wben received a'.d tliuseiils unbroken. I thul apon ¦ssa. Wtt H annlysis th.-it Andrews' Pearl Bakisg Powder conr- B I B tains aboutfour anda nalf H}) peí cent, inore O ¦ I B B cream larlar titan tlie Koyal Baking Powder, tt 8 I uf B and proportionatcly larjjer perceiitage j Oí S I! ol cartoonlc a-i! vas, and 1 find it to ie H free from aluin, and atiy iiijiirioiii miI oaSB R S'nce:x'ly yours, hBH peter collier, BJ 5'':' mBV U. S. Chemist, üept. oí' Agriculture. Gorauieiit Cbemist Coilier's Ánalysis as to tke Leavenii Qnalities. andrews' pearlsMbIbVbVBbHHBbbHbbHBbH ROYAL ÍHBBHBI Xo wonder the Royal Co. omitted Andrews' Pearl from their " Comparativo List," as Government Chemist Colllpr'a ánalysis shows conclusively two things: lst, That Andrews' Pearl contalns more Cream Tarlar tlian the Royal, as show n by the cute abo ve ; 2d, That the Leavenlng Power of Andrews' l'e.irl ia greater than tlie Royal, as shown ]y tlie two black Unes above. CaALLBITQB. We will rsve the Iíoj-al Co. or nuy one else ?1.000 or $5.000 if tliey can prove by any fair mutual test that Andrews' Pearl Baklng Powder does, or ever cl i cl , contain alum or any iñjnrious substances, and this challenge is open forever. Andrews' Pearl Baking Powtler 3 sastained by a testimonial as to tspiirityund slrengUi by tlie only genuino commissioned Government cliemist, sueli as the Royal Co. never have published. TRv IT. AXIiREWS & CO., 287, 289 & 291 E. Water St, Mflwankee. 45 Michigan Ave., Chicago.


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