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Muskegon Chronicle : The Buckeye state proves to be no ilead liead in the enterprise. Bay City Tribune : The democjats are striving hard to console themselves, but tlieir vhtstUngbai alonesome, grave-yard tone. Tlie East Suginaw Hcrald lias gonc nto the pyramid business : OIIIO. MAINE. OREGON. VERMONT. Xext montli this pyramid will increase to twenly-two states. Speaking of the recent ovation to Mr. Blaine ia that city, the Lunsing Republican retnarks : The personal appearanoe of Mr. Blaine, Gen. Fremont, and Gen. Alger, reeeived nothing but favorable coinment. Three cleaner, brighter looking men neverstood up before a Michigan audieiice. Newaygo Republican says : The hotel men of Michigan do not enthuse over Josiah V. Begole. Democrats and republicaus alike will do all in their power to defeat his election. He did not look alter their rights, now they will see to it that he gets his reward. Josey's vetocs will give him as much trouble as Cleveland1 have liini. The Ingham Co. News, publislied at Mason, leuuras Uu following fact : One of the first duties of the republican leaders in Ohio, unpleasant and disgraccful though its necessity was, was procurIpgtbfl arrest and dispersement, on the eve of the election, of the gangs or repeaters which democraey had imported trom Chicago, Maryland and elsewhere. Democratie southern methods seem to h oroopiDjt "orthward. One of the enthusiastic meetings of the democraey is thus spoken of by the Marshall Statesman The democratie party of this city is a secret organization, for it hides even its political meetings. A farmer walked around the city for an hour Wednesday evening, trying to get a trace of some demoerat who kuew where Pennington and Loud were to speak. He didn't succeed, for the meeting wasn't held. They couldn't get enough together to form a respectable audience. The Detroit Tost tells the story in a few brief sentences : The republican party announees ts principies so clearly that no man can fall to understand them. it is tesponsible for the fiuancial system as it exists, the best the world ever saw. It is the futlier of protection to the manufacturar and to the laborer. It believes in human ltberty, mil ahvays dares to defend the poorest subject. Who eau teil liovv the democratie party stands on any subject - escept it be tree trade and free whisky ? Thorc is another aspirant in the lieldaecording to the Midland Sun : And now comes another presiilential candidate in the Held in the person ot Win. J. Klsworth, of Pennsylvania, wliom the new party calling itself the American Politieal Alliance, has noininated. The motto of the new party is "Americans to rule America." There is quite a state organization of this party in Saginaw, and tliere are several inembers here in Midland. What a presidential campuigu we are liaving this year. The Battle Creek Journal explains the jroliibition movemeut : It is not strictly true that the man who votes the "third party" ticket throwsaway lis vote. His vote isthrown for St. John, jut it is landed as a vote for Cleveland and free whisky - something worse than thrown away. The interest of the democrats in prohibition is great, but it is neasured by the desire to keep prohibionists at work only until after election. Mr Leíate, of Kansas, beingasked if Mr. J. B. Finch was working things into the lands of the democrats, sald that every nch of liim worked for that result. The Gratiot Journal refersto the purificatiou gradttally going ou in the ranks of the republican party : We notice that a certain Mrs. Martha Strlckland of St. Johns is riguring considerably in the fusión politics of that county. !s thistbe same person of Leo Miller, freeove fame ? If so, that accounts for it. Tlie signs of the times betoken the near ipproach of the inillenium, as all the ei anks, soreheads, free lovers, etc., etc., are getting into one political bed; thus nirifyiiig the grand old republican party, is it were, for more extended future use'ulness.


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