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WJiat s the use of the Cltisetil League? To help to enforce the municipal and state laws wliich we already have. It is not au advocate of prohibltton or of Miiy party which blinclly gropea after the uuattainable. It is practical, not utopian. The laws we now have are generally acknowledged to be right and fair to all, yct they are not faithfully enforecd. Students aud minors are made dronk; conlirnied drunkards are supplied wit tl that which hurries them to an awful fate, boys are taught to jjamblc, and men lose at cards what their families need; on Sundaysn stream of men, students and boys, goes into the back doors of saloons, there to pass the day in revcliy- all thisshoold be ttopped. Itisnot elaimed that Ann Arbor is worse In this respect than other citiesof its size in the country. We believe it to be much better than the average. Yet when we take into consideration the fact that we have put in our care every year some two thousand students, the responsibility for their welfare ought to be so thoroiiglily impressed upon us as to keep us ever vigilant. They are away from home restraiuts, and the state of our city's morala at sueh a time in their lite will have a greater impress upon their character tlian what is gotten in the schools or in after lite. So we owe it not only to tlieui but to oursclves that Ann Arbor shall bc better than other eities, for in proportion as the city is clean and healtliy in tone, more and more students will be sent herc by their parents. Many boys of fconlui have been ruiued here, henee inaiiy others are kept trom coininj. We do not need new and more strict laws until those wc have can be enforced. But we hail any movemeut which helps to make observed those now on the stalu te books. Do you want southern supreniacy again in lliis nnlion ? Jf not cast your vote againsl it, and for Gapt. E. P. Allen, a brave soldier, a clear-headed, larqe-bmined man,whobdicves in the right wJterever it is fovnd.


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